(Minghui.org) Early on New Year’s Day, Mrs. Chen, a Falun Dafa practitioner in Melbourne, received a present from Allan, her neighbor in the same apartment building, a special present that she wished for, for two years.

Mrs. Chen used to suffer a torturous disease for years, but it was gone after she practiced Falun Dafa. After personally benefiting from Falun Dafa, Mrs. Chen has not only striven to follow the guiding principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance herself, but also uses every opportunity to clarify the truth. She’s helped Chinese colleagues and friends quit the Communist organizations they joined.

Almost all her colleagues and friends have quit Communist organizations, but her neighbor Allan (nickname) was an exception. Allan is an intellectual in his forties. Ms. Chen cited examples of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) destructive nature but he refused to listen.

He joined the CCP in college where he served as the Secretary of the Youth League (a CCP organization). He moved to Australia years ago, had two children, but was divorced. Allan is a nice neighbor. His two boys, ten-year-old Dabao and six-year-old Xiaobao, call Mrs. Chen grandma, and often play in her apartment.

When Mrs. Chen clarified the truth to him and suggested he quit the Communist organizations he joined, Allen smiled but remained silent. He later said that he hadn’t paid the membership fee for years, so he was no longer part of it. Mrs. Chen explained that it only counted as quitting when he renounced his vow to give his life for the Party.

As Mrs. Chen clarified the truth to Allan further he said, “The CCP is good. Socialism is good. I suggest you quit Falun Dafa.” Mrs. Chen explained that Falun Dafa saved her life. He replied, “You can practice Falun Dafa if you want to. Why do you tell others to quit the Communist organizations?”

Allan was good at arguing. When Mrs. Chen suggested he read How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World, he suggested she read Mao’s Anthology. He praised the CCP for doing a great job controlling the pandemic in China, and he criticized Western governments’ policies. He even came to Mrs. Chen’s apartment and argued with her whenever he had time.

She was worried about him and shared her concerns with other Falun Dafa practitioners. They suggested she send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the negative factors controlling Allan’s mind, and beg Master to help her.

Mrs. Chen followed their advice. When she talked with Allan again, he wasn’t as assertive as before, but still refused to quit the Communist organizations.

One day before Christmas, Dabao and Xiaobao came to play in Mrs. Chen’s home. They began arguing. Allan usually shielded Xiaobao, but this time he scolded him. Xiaobao turned to Mrs. Chen in tears, and asked if he could sleep-over in her apartment that night. Mrs. Chen agreed.

Mrs. Chen told Xiaobao at bedtime, “Honey, could you go to bed? Grandma needs to read a book.” Xiaobao did as she asked.

While Mrs. Chen was asleep she heard Xiaobao trying to get out of bed. She hurried to turn on the light, and asked, “Why didn’t you wake me up? I could turn on the light for you.” Xiaobao replied, “You don’t need to Grandma. I can see. The book on your desk is shining.”

She asked, “Which book?” “The book you read. You said that the words in the book shine with gold light. It’s true. I’ll tell daddy what you said is true.”

A few days later, Mrs. Chen noticed that Allan changed. She realized that Master arranged for Allan’s son to tell him the truth. She was so grateful for Master’s compassion!

As the clock sounded the first chime in 2022, Mrs. Chen heard her door bell. She opened the door, and there stood Allan holding two glasses. He smiled and said, “Happy New Year!” Mrs. Chen wished him a Happy New Year but explained that she doesn’t drink alcohol.

He said, “How about I give you another present? Quitting the CCP? Do you like that better?” Mrs. Chen was thrilled to hear it! “Thank you! I like this present. I like it. It’s the best present you could give me!”

Allan told her how he had been deceived by the CCP, and slid into degenerated morality. He said he used to have a happy family, but couldn’t resist temptation when he visited China. When he had an affair his ex-wife couldn’t forgive him.

Allan said, “As Xiaobao told me, I will follow traditional values. I want to quit the CCP. I hope my ex will forgive me and give our children a warm family again. Thank you, Auntie! Thank you Falun Dafa’s Master!”