(Minghui.org) I had a misunderstanding in the past about cultivation practice. From Master’s teachings [Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa], I learned that Dafa disciples were chosen a long time ago in remote ages, and throughout human history they have established mighty virtue to prepare for today’s role as Dafa disciples. I felt that my understanding was further confirmed after the persecution started in July 1999 and Dafa disciples were able to pull through over the past two decades. Therefore, regardless of my performance, as long as I stay on the track of cultivation, I am a Dafa disciple and there is no question about it. 

I recently read an article on Minghui titled “Some Thoughts on Who Can Be Called Dafa Disciples” and I was shocked. My understanding right now is that Dafa disciples are forged through the solid efforts of assisting Master during the Fa-rectification period, instead of merely being chosen to be Dafa disciples. The arrangement of being a Dafa disciple was just a precondition, and whether one can truly become a Dafa disciple depends on how he or she does in cultivation practice. 

This is similar to college education. After the hard work in high school and a selective enrollment process, one is admitted to a college. Can he then be considered a real college student? As I see it, he may have the title of “college student,” but whether he is up to the standard of college students depends on whether he can complete the college curriculum and earn a college degree with a satisfactory performance. Suppose one does not work hard and just fools around in college. The grades would be poor and he may even flunk tests, which could even lead to expulsion from campus. That is, if one cannot earn their diploma in the end for this or that reason, he or she cannot be called a college graduate. 

Not Attached to Online and Independent Media

Our cultivation practice is similar to attending college and earning a degree. With enormous sacrifice and hardship, compassionate Master has provided everything needed for us to become Dafa disciples and pass vicious tests imposed on us by the old forces in order to earn the title of Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciples. But whether one can walk well the path and fulfill the mission is uncertain. That requires us to genuinely cultivate in Dafa, and save sentient beings and fulfill our vows while validating the Fa. If one is unable to look within upon encountering tribulations, constantly improve oneself according to the Fa, and make the best use of time saving people, how could one still be called a Dafa disciple?

I recently read “Regarding Online and Independent Media Channels (With a Comment from Master)” and was very moved. As practitioners in mainland China, we may not know how difficult it is for overseas practitioners to establish and maintain news media through the years. Without the hard work and devotion of overseas practitioners, those media channels would not have existed or come this far. Plus, these overseas media have played a great role in saving people. This is something that all practitioners, especially practitioners in mainland China, should appreciate. After all, these media have helped save sentient beings, including Chinese people.

Nonetheless, some practitioners who run these media channels were found to have some issues, which I believe are probably exacerbated by loopholes among practitioners who follow those media channels. Some practitioners are very attached to these media. They even became loyal fans of certain hosts or hostesses. Some even unwittingly use a program host’s words to guide his or her own cultivation and saving sentient beings. By doing that, they treat those words almost like Fa without noticing it. 

Solid Cultivation

Genuine practitioners can always understand the Fa based on Fa principles. With true enlightenment from the Fa, they can feel the wonder and sacredness of cultivation, as well as the tremendous compassion of Master. With clear guidance from Master and Dafa, these practitioners pay little attention to things of this everyday world. As a result, they remain undisturbed by things in everyday society. In contrast, those practitioners who do not cultivate genuinely are unable to achieve this state. Manipulated by human notions, they are fooling around among practitioners. Knowing that everyday people’s videos are not suitable for practitioners to watch, they turned to online and independent media run by practitioners. Despite all kinds of excuses they may come up with to follow practitioner-run media channels, they are demonstrating their attachments to human notions. 

In fact, online and independent media is a platform for some overseas practitioners to clarify the facts and save people, and they are not meant for practitioners. Practitioners are saved by Master and the Fa. We practitioners in China can find any information and resources needed on Minghui.org. We should not waste time watching online and independent media or treat ourselves as everyday people. 

In other words, all practitioners should visit Minghui.org when time permits, because Minghui is like a home for us. There we can find the Fa-rectification momentum. Besides our daily Fa-study, doing the exercises, and sending forth righteous thoughts, Master has also prepared everything we need, including our Fa implements in that home. Every day, we can study the Fa and return to our home (Minghui) to enrich ourselves, before going out again with new Fa implements to assist Master in saving people.

Based on the current situation, most practitioners in China should be able to access Minghui. The real question becomes if one understands the importance of visiting Minghui and actually does that on a regular basis. 

Cherishing Opportunities

All of the issues mentioned above are related to our human notions. They also happened because we did not cherish the opportunity of Fa-rectification period cultivation. I did not attend Master’s lectures myself. But in one dream, I saw a scene where Master gave the first lecture session at the Fifth Middle School in Changchun City, Jilin Province. 

It was a large classroom filled with people and the podium was empty. Then Master appeared, tall and compassionate. He then walked toward the podium, step by step. I could see that each step was solid, firm, and stable – steps that could change the universe’s history (I could only describe the scene this way since my true feelings were beyond words). I could sense the entire universe shaking at the moment, as beings across the cosmos were watching this historic moment...

Upon waking up from the dream, I knew it was encouragement from Master. Meanwhile, at my level, I could feel that Fa-rectification is extremely difficult and that we Dafa disciples must cherish it. But, very often, I did not not do well enough; I failed to discipline myself as a practitioner, and I still harbored many human notions. The problem is, without meeting the standard of a Dafa disciple, how can I be truly considered a Dafa disciple?

Several days ago, I and several other local practitioners watched the video of Master’s lecture to practitioners in Australia. Again and again, Master explained to us the Fa principles with patience and compassion. The teachings from Master are very clear. But how many practitioners can truly understand that? How many practitioners stay firm with righteous thoughts and eliminate our attachments? As I was watching the video, I felt that saving us was so difficult. In fact, no matter how patient and compassionate Master is, some of us are still unwilling to change ourselves and let go of attachments. 

Part of the difficulty comes from our lack of faith in Master. If we do not cherish what Master has provided and still call ourselves “Dafa disciples” without being diligent, we should probably rethink our mindset. Do we truly want to be Dafa disciples? We have suffered so much in history for today, and Master has endured tremendously sending us to the college classroom; shouldn’t we put all our effort and heart into fulfilling our mission?

The above are my personal opinions. Please point out anywhere inappropriate. 

This article only represents the author’s current understanding, meant for sharing among practitioners to “Compare with one another in study, in cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)

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