(Minghui.org) Since the Minghui website published “Practitioners in Mainland China, Please Stop Online Fa Study (With a Comment from Master),” many practitioners have been able to immediately dissolve their online Fa study groups, stop studying the Fa online and stop using the relevant software. However, some practitioners are still doing as they please by finding all sorts of excuses. They are still continuing to study online. I am really worried for these practitioners.

Under the circumstance that Master has already made this issue clear, if these practitioners still do not correct themselves, the situation will become serious. As a Dafa practitioner, there should be no question about following what Master said. Those practitioners who are still stubbornly insisting on their own opinions: I hope that you can calm down and think rationally about the reason you’re so attached to studying the Fa online, that you cannot let it go? What are you trying to protect?

Maybe some practitioners will say that the situation of their online Fa study is not like the situation that is mentioned in that article, thinking they have been doing it righteously. Just one article may not be able to account for all possible scenarios clearly. Even if your online Fa study situation is not like the one mentioned in that article, there may still be other situations that are not so healthy as well; it’s just that we ourselves may not realize it. Even if there is no unhealthy situation now, it does not mean that such situations will not surface in the future. As to whether these software applications can be used or not, Master is the clearest about the situation. Whether practitioners write articles about these situations or not, Master is very clear about the whole situation.

Group Fa study is a way of cultivation that Master has left to us. It is also to continue in the future. Therefore, whether the path we take is righteous or not is very important. The method that we use to study the Fa as a group is thus very important. Face-to-face group Fa study is a way that was set by Master, so we should not change it according to our own liking. The evil Party has been persecuting Dafa for so many years. Face-to-face group Fa study has played an important role in aiding Dafa practitioners to be able to weather through thick and thin all these years and form one body. I still remember during the initial days of the persecution, the Ministry of Public Security was quick to announce six things that were disallowed, which included Dafa practitioners studying the Fa face-to-face and doing the exercises. Why did the evil want to ban these? In-person group Fa study has an important effect in helping practitioners improve their cultivation state as one body; the evil is very clear about this.

We can also see the difference in the regions where group Fa study has been conducted well or not. The difference between the practitioners who persisted long term in group Fa study and those who do not participate in group Fa study can also be seen. In general, the regions which persisted well in their group Fa study are the regions that did the three things better. In these regions, the practitioners are also able to form one body and their cultivation environment is relatively more open and relaxed. The practitioners who frequently participate in group Fa study are generally in a better cultivation state as a whole than those practitioners who do not. Many of the practitioners who do not participate in group Fa study cannot only catch up with the progress of Fa-rectification, they are also unable to do the three things well. Some of them gradually become more like ordinary people; some even give up cultivation.

The environment that Dafa practitioners form during group Fa study is very important. However, the effect that can be achieved from face-to-face group Fa study is hard to be truly achieved online.

During group Fa study, the practitioners’ xinxing and physical states change simultaneously. All these are only possible with Master’s empowerment.

Master has talked about our energy field when we do the exercises in a group:

“...above the exercise site is a shield on which there is a big Falun. A large fashen guards the site above the shield. This site is not an ordinary site, and neither is it a site for an ordinary qigong practice—it is a site for cultivation practice. Many of our people with supernormal abilities have seen that this Falun Dafa site is shielded by a red light so it is red all around.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun)

Similarly, the scene of our group Fa study is also very grand and solemn in other dimensions. There is also a very strong energy field that is purifying Dafa practitioners. Can online group Fa study achieve such an effect? Because online Fa study is not affirmed by Master, He and the righteous Gods may not protect and strengthen us in other dimensions, especially after Minghui published this practitioner’s sharing with Master’s comments about it.

“...Neither heaven nor earth canblock my road of Fa-rectificationBut disciples’ human hearts can”(“Troubles,” Hong Yin III)

Master clearly pointed out that practitioners should not use these software applications. I think that may also be because the Fa-rectification progress has advanced to this stage. The many things that happen in the mundane world are actually a reflection of the happenings in high-level dimensions. These software applications also correspond to certain elements in cosmic bodies. If we do not let go of these software applications, isn’t that also disturbing Master’s Fa-rectification, making it more difficult for Master to rectify the dimensions that correspond to these software applications?

Master said,

“If you, as my student, truly want to “help Master rectify the Fa,” then you should concern yourself only with how to best fulfill what Master wants.” (“What Does It Mean to “Help Master Rectify the Fa”?,” The Essentials of Diligent Progress III)

Stop using those software applications and stop studying the Fa online. These are what Master wants. We can only abide by Master’s requirements unconditionally. This is true cultivation and truly “helping Master rectify the Fa.”

[Editor’s Note: This article only represents the author’s understanding in their current cultivation state meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare with one another in study, in cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)]

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