(Minghui.org) When I entered junior high school, freckles began to appear on my forehead. It didn't bother me and given my family's financial situation, I didn't seek any treatment.

More and more freckles appeared, and when I went to college, they spread to my cheeks. I was already introverted, and my freckly face made me self-conscious. I went to see dermatologists and tried several medications, but nothing helped.

After I started to work, the freckles continued to get more pronounced. Worrying about my appearance, I checked with every dermatologist in town. My income was spent on both traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine. There was little improvement. 

My aunt has practiced Falun Dafa for many years. She would come to town and tell me about the goodness of Dafa and how she benefited from it. I listened and knew from my heart that Dafa is good but did not start to cultivate Dafa until my father died unexpectedly. My sister became depressed over the loss of our father and it affected her physically. 

She was unwell and had to see a doctor who prescribed medicine. The medicine did not work and my aunt suggested she learn Falun Dafa and she taught her the exercises. My sister's discomfort began to subside after she began to practice Falun Dafa. People also told my sister that she looked prettier than ever. So my sister suggested I also practice Dafa. I began to read the Dafa books my aunt gave me and l then started to do the exercises. 

I have been cultivating Dafa on and off with little effort for the past few years. Then, during the COVID pandemic, I had more time at home and spent it studying the Fa. Soon after, the freckles on my face began to itch. I thought it was a good thing since I was cultivating more diligently.

Then I noticed my freckles were fading and flaking off. The skin underneath was healthy and clear. Soon, most of the freckles were gone. It was amazing! People commented on my good looks.

Now I am more confident. Dafa cured me of my excessive freckles and improved my appearance. As a disciple, I sincerely thank Dafa and Master for his great compassion. 

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