(Minghui.org) In 2010, Jason, a young man from the U.S. became acquainted with James while they worked in Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq. James is from East Africa. The two men quickly struck up a friendship.

A year later James left Iraq and returned to East Africa. Two years later Jason returned to the U.S. As time passed, they lost contact with their coworkers in Iraq but Jason and James continued to keep in touch on the Internet.

One day in 2020, James told Jason some bad news. His mother was hospitalized due to high blood pressure. She was not able to talk or walk and her condition was deteriorating. James was devastated. Jason suggested James read the book Zhuan Falun to his mother. Jason began to practice Falun Dafa in 2017, and he frequently told James about the book, but James never took it to heart.

This time, James accepted his friend’s suggestion. Instead of waiting for the book to come in the mail, he ran to the local shop and printed the first lecture of Zhuan Falun. A few hours after reading the first lecture, James’ mother could get out of bed and walk. Soon after, she was able to go home. Two days after returning home, she completely recovered and said she never felt so energetic.

James quickly photocopied the other lectures in the book and gave them to his mother. He also made copies for himself. After than, he began to practice Falun Dafa. He also told friends and family about his mother’s amazing recovery and many of them began to read Zhuan Falun.

After reading Zhuan Falun local people wrote down their thoughts on pieces of paper and gave them to James to tell Falun Dafa’s founder, Mr. Li Hongzhi, and other people about their experiences. They thanked Falun Dafa for bringing them what they feel are miracles. Every note tells a story of how one individual spurred a family or even a community to become better. James received many notes, but this report only includes some he received from January to June 2021.

Falun Dafa Is the True Way

Date: January 10, 2021Age: 41

The writer said, “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance explains the characteristics of Dafa in a way everyone can understand. I now know the cycle of life, its infinity and how mankind is made up of different substances that I simply didn’t know about. It is good to know where we came from because you can know where you are going. Falun Dafa is the true Way.”

Date: February 1, 2021Age: 18

The writer said, “I was in Kampala one month back when I found so many of my brothers reading this book with a blue cover called Zhuan Falun. I asked them what the book was all about and they said I should try it so now I have gotten one and have started to enjoy it. I did not know where the world started from, now I know from the first chapter of the book. Whoever is passing on such good ministries should continue, thanks very much.”

Date: February 7, 2021Age: 29

This person wrote, “I just read two chapters from this book but I feel when I finish it, I will already be a leader to my life because I will know where I am heading and what to do for my future. It has taught me how to trust my consciousness and be obedient to others and myself, thanks to Dafa, the inventor of these concepts.”

Date: February 10, 2021

This person wrote, “From the day I got to know about the book, all I wanted was to become a better person spiritually. I know Falun Dafa is powerful, that it would integrate all qualities of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance and work on them altogether. Through this book, I’ve learned that one must put their character at the heart of these characteristics (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance). Meanwhile, my character has been changing over time in that I’ve started treating people around me well.”

Date: February 17, 2021Age: 22

Susan wrote, “My name is Susan. I was inspired to read this book of Zhuan Falun because my sister has really changed her life to a better person. She has even started to gain good physical appearance and good manners. She no longer has bad manners of speaking vulgar words to people, she gives everyone respect, so I want to change, like her. She says Dafa chapters changed her life.”

Date: March 6, 2021Age: 25

Jane wrote, “I, Jane Mario, love this book because it has made me turn into a better person. Now, I am born again in the concepts of Falun Dafa, thanks to this book.”

No Longer Addicted to Alcohol

Date: March 10, 2021Age: 36

Muwata wrote, “My name is Muwata. I was an ardent addict to alcohol. I could not go a day without drinking alcohol, but my life changed when I was given the Zhuan Falun book. I have read it and still reading it so that I turn my spiritual life around. I am spreading this message to the rest of my friends. They themselves will be witness to the goodness of Falun Dafa.”

Date: March 12, 2021Age: 40

This person wrote, “I am really taken by this book because it is truly inspirational to one’s life. Because it makes one’s life complete and you start feeling you are not alone in bad times and good times. I learn how to forgive others.”

Bottom left corner: “Give thanks and prayers to Master Li.”

Positive Changes

Date: March 18, 2021

The writer said, “I have always sought enlightenment but from wrong places. I was originally practicing other ways but when my friend introduced me to Zhuan Falun, I was starting to see positive changes. I appreciate the creator’s power, how the world was created in its vastness and everything in it. I am surely on the right path and looking forward to grow in knowledge everyday.”

Date: March 29, 2021

This person wrote, “Allow me to thank you for blessing my spirit with such lifting spiritual texts that were sent to us. Honestly speaking, I didn’t know they would transform my inner person that much but I am grateful they did.”

Date: April 1, 2021Age: 32

The writer said, “Am truly grateful to the person who invented this book of Falun Dafa. It has changed many lives including mine to better communities. We now have faith in becoming the truthful practitioners of Zhuan Falun in future.” 

My Soul Is at Ease

Date: April 1, 2021Age: 40

The writer said, “I love this book because it has changed my life into a good person. I used to have a lot of anger but it has taught me how to be calm and think before reacting. I now have peace and I feel my soul is at ease.”

Date: April 1, 2021Age: 28

This person wrote, “This book has helped me realize there is more power beyond human existence. I was an alcoholic but ever since I started reading this book and practicing the exercises, I have been able to beat addiction and my body was totally changed. I feel a lot of energy and am now able to do a lot of things that I have never tried before.”

Date: April 5, 2021Age: 29

This person wrote, “My concept I have gotten from this book is that it reaches my heart in a way that my behaviors have changed. These days I am so social with people like neighbors and friends. I have had this ability to control my anger over others, so thanks to Zhuan Falun.”

Date: April 5, 2021

This person wrote, “I woke up to a strange morning not knowing what my journey would be like. I am this stone-cold non believer, but things took a surprise turn when I met a friend with a big volume of a book with a blue binding. He told me it contains spiritual truths of the greatness of Zhuan Falun. He offered the book to me to read for myself. I am now moving steps ahead in enlightenment.”

Date: April 5, 2021Age: 30

The writer said, “Greetings everyone! This book has helped me to discover myself every day. I was kidnapped by Kony people when I was a child. It was my worst experience. I went through a lot but reading this book has really helped me to forget all the trauma I went through. I would really love to learn more about Zhuan Falun.”

Date: April 16, 2021Age: 27

This person wrote, “I really love reading different books but this book is a life changing story. It really change one’s life to another one. It teaches one how to be calm in different life moment and difficulties. Thanks to Zhuan Falun.”

Date: April 22, 2021Age: 25

The writer said, “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good and so good. We are now having our hearts being compassion by these beautiful words from this book. Our lives are now having hopes mercied by our real nature of creations. One can think you might have no peace in your own nature of creativity but once you read this book, you get to know your true nature has its own compassion and origin.”

Date: April 22, 2021Age: 32

Katumba wrote, “I, Katumba, have been inspired to read this book by my brother because he wants me to improve my ways of living in the community. I have been so notorious, a disgrace to the community and my family but now I even want to go back to school if at all I get a sponsor to take me back to school. This book has really helped me change.”

Date: April 22, 2021Age: 37 

The writer said, “Thanks to Zhuan Falun for making my life have hope again and creating a lightening in my life because my heart was filled with misery and hopeless emotions. When you read this book, you get enlightened in a way one can’t imagine.”

Date: April 23, 2021

This person wrote, “I would like to send my heart-felt greetings to everyone who has been part of spreading the ZhuanFalun spiritual knowledge and assisting us advance the knowledge. The spiritual practice will put us in a better position, to fully know the wonders of Li Hongzhi and further help us not to be deceived by the devil like before our conversion. Our minds will be strengthened along the journey of knowing the most high. Thanks.”

Date: April 23, 2021

The writer said, “On our journey to daily practice gives that undivided commitment to strengthen our rather fragile minds. We are trying the best not to go off the spiritual ground that we have embarked on no matter how rough the road my get.” 

“There has to be trust and faith because everything takes time to nurture. We willingly got into this path and no one coerced us. We therefore thank all of you that have made it possible.”

Date: April 24, 2021Age: 38

The writer said, “I was inspired by my sister to read this book of Zhuan Falun. But really this book is a life changing print. It rescues people’s lives and hearts to a safer platform. Thanks to Mr. Li, the Founder.”

Date: April 28, 2021Age: 20

Mary wrote, “I am Mary. I was inspired to read this book because of my big brother who has now reforming to better person to our family. He has restored truthfulness and obedience to mum and dad and us because he has always been a stubborn person but ever since he started reading this blue cover book called Zhuan Falun, he has changed, really changed. Thanks to this book.”

Date: April 28, 2021Age: 27

This person wrote, “Zhuan Falun is a book that has made me realize that this world always has a second chance if one decides to read this book. It makes one befriend his or her enemies. This book is a spiritual talent to our lives. Our Dafa, real for real. Our lives are changing slowly by slowly to better people.”

Date: May 28, 2021Age: 23

Sarah wrote, “I, Sarah, am proud to be a practitioner ever since I started to read this book, my life is so straight and I now see a way where I am going. Am now a respectful woman of our family and community at large. My soul is full of compassion. I feel so good.”

Date: May 28, 2021Age: 42

This person wrote, “My family is proud of me because I have managed to change to a better person of the whole community at large. I have managed to let go of drugs in a strange manner, but because of this book I have managed. I read chapter by chapter and all of a sudden, I gain courage to do good things.”

Date: June 2, 2021 Age: 35

The writer said, “Ever since I started reading Zhuan Falun, my life changed a lot because I was a drug addict which was going to take my life. Am now a better person in society. Thanks to Zhuan Falun.”

Peaceful like Never Before

Date: June 2, 2021Age: 28

In their letter, this person wrote, “I have been reading this book for the past two weeks and the feeling is just amazing. I had a problem of over worrying and thinking but ever since I started doing the Falun Dafa practice, my mind is so settled and I stopped over thinking. Now I feel so peaceful like never before.”

And, “Why do I want the book of Falun Dafa (Zhuan Falun)- Point 1, I personally have learned that there is someone who created virtual things like, time & space that I did not know about, known as “Dafa.”Point 2, The book has made me gain greater spiritual heights in a way that nobody knows except the ones we read it with.Point 3, I have learned that miracles can happen again in this human life, if am to improve my character and conduct and thinking.

And, “Why do I want the book of Zhuan Falun?- This book has made me realize that the world still has some spiritual energy that it can offer to its human beings like us through practicing the Dafa exercise.The book has cleansed my mind that I now feel at home like I have someone to lean on spiritually. Thanks to this book that am able to get a home of which I didn’t have due to bad behaviors so am changed.”

And, “Why do I want the book of Zhuan Falun?- Ever since I started reading this book and practicing Falun Dafa, it has brought peace in my mind and have courage to meeting my change of life socially and academically.There is a way it relaxes my thoughts and minds spiritually.I really love this kind of change it has brought to my life. I really missed the way I feel right now. It’s awesome for sure.”