(Minghui.org) To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, Adeline Lum, an Australian citizen from Malaysia, sent the founder of Falun Dafa, Master Li, best wishes for the holiday! She said, “I am very grateful to Master. He saved me twice and gave me the most wonderful thing in this world: Falun Dafa. Master made me healthy and turned me into a person who thinks of others. The only way I can repay Master is to practice cultivation well, work hard in clarifying the truth to people, and help Master save sentient beings.

Ms. Adeline Lum wishes Master Li Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

Beginning to Practice

Ms. Lum, who worked as an actuarial accountant in Malaysia, moved to Australia with her husband after they married. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had surgery to remove half of her thyroid. Since then, she often felt unwell. Her husband took her to see either Chinese or Western medicine doctors every week.

She began to practice Falun Dafa in September 2004, after her older sister, who lives in Malaysia, suggested that she try it. Adeline said, “I was overjoyed after reading Zhuan Falun. I said I wanted to practice, and we found the practice site at the famous tourist spot Darling Harbor in central Sydney. I felt wonderful the first time I did the exercises.”

She continued, “My three daughters were three, seven, and thirteen years old then. They naturally followed me in doing the exercises after they saw how my health improved. They also read Zhuan Falun with me. I took them to the Minghui school to read the teachings and do the exercises on weekends when I saw how eager they were to practice cultivation. My children would write on cards they gave to me on Mother’s day or on my birthday, “Thank you Mum for taking us to learn Falun Dafa! Practicing has helped us become better children. This is the most wonderful thing you have given us in this world.”

Adeline said, “Dafa purified my body. I eliminated my quick temper, and this and other changes at home show how wonderful Dafa is. Although my husband is not a practitioner, he is very supportive of me going out to clarify the truth. I arrange my time to return home to cook and do housework. I keep the house clean and tidy and thus my husband always feels happy and fortunate. He is always smiling and never complains when I go out to tell people about Dafa. He sometimes drives me to Fa study or to truth clarification activities.”

Making Efforts To Save Sentient Beings

Three months after she started to practice, Adeline learned that Dafa was being brutally suppressed in China. She did not hesitate to go out and tell people about the ongoing atrocities and to collect signatures to stop the persecution. She went out five days a week and usually spoke to Westerners.

She said, “I try my best to awaken their compassion and conscience. I tell them that practitioners’ organs are removed by force by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and sold for a profit, so that they understand the evil nature of the CCP. I also tell them of the beauty of Falun Dafa. People often thank me and say they will tell their friends and family about the persecution. Some ask me for information to pass on to their family and friends. I truly feel happy for them.”

Adeline does not speak Chinese fluently but she has a wish. She hopes to clarify the truth directly to Chinese citizens. Last year, she was unable to go out to clarify the truth to people, as Sydney was placed under lockdown due to escalating COVID-19 cases. She heard of a way to clarify the truth to people in China through prerecorded messages. She did not have to speak and she felt this suited her situation.

When she made the first phone call, she asked the person at the other end after he finished listening to the prerecorded information, “Do you want to quit the CCP?” He replied, “Yes.” He said he was a Communist Party member and wanted to renounce his membership.

Adeline said, “I felt very encouraged by the first phone call. I felt that Master was helping me to clarify the truth to Chinese people directly. From that day on, I have been making phone calls twice a day for around five hours. I sincerely want to help Chinese people understand the truth.”

Adeline’s sincerity and kindness touched many people. Last month she helped more than 60 people quit the CCP.

She said, “I don’t want anyone to miss out on this opportunity to learn the truth. I will continue to make phone calls even if I can only help one person a day. I don’t feel disheartened when the call doesn’t go through or the person hangs up. I will not give up. I will continue to do this with righteous thoughts. I must save these people. In my heart I keep telling them: ‘I want to pull you up and save you! When I have this thought, most times people will pick up the phone and quit the CCP.”

Adeline said, “I can now talk to Chinese people and clarify the truth to them thoroughly just like I am speaking to a loved one. But there are times when they don’t want to hear what I say. When this happens I become anxious, and sometimes I weep for them. When people hang up after listening halfway, I really feel sorry for them and quickly reflect on myself. Why didn’t they finish listening? After I find my attachments, I quickly let them go. Master sees my heart and helps me get them to renounce the Party. My first thought is, ‘Thank you Master’.”

Happy and at Peace Every Day

Before Adeline began practicing she had a good job and a happy family, but she was not happy or healthy. She now says that she has found physical and mental well being through practicing Falun Dafa. She is joyous, at peace, and grateful every day.

She said, “I don’t have words to express my gratitude to Master. He has given me the best! No one in this world can give me this. No money can buy this. Things bothered me or made me unhappy in the past, but now I can use the teachings of Dafa to find my problems. When I change myself, I become very peaceful and comfortable. Master transformed my entire person. Now, I only want to listen to Master’s words, cultivate myself well, and do well in saving sentient beings.”