(Minghui.org) I have practiced Falun Dafa for 19 years. When I first started to do the sitting meditation exercise, I could not sit in the half-lotus position, and my leg stuck up quite high. However, as I felt that cultivating is a very grand and serious matter, on the first day when the practitioner taught me how to do the exercises, I did not dare to move. While meditating, I felt that my leg was lowering itself, and one hour later, my leg was already in the half-lotus position. Although my legs felt very painful, I endured the pain. This was my initial understanding of one of the Fa principles – Forbearance.

Now, I understand that the scope of Forbearance entails much more, and is not limited as I first thought. Take for example, sometimes when I studied the Fa, I received a message on my mobile phone, and I wanted to see who sent the message. Sometimes, when I checked it out, my concentration would be affected, Studying the Fa without assimilating into the Fa is not only an act of disrespect towards Master and the Fa, it also affects my understanding of the Fa principles.

There are also the differences in my understanding with other people, including practitioners where we may have different opinions. The issue is whether I can stand in the perspective of the other party to look at the problem or I can only stand on my own limited perspective to look at the problem. If I cannot jump out from my own perspective, and hold on to my own logic, I would not have achieved Forbearance.

Cultivating When Making Phone Calls

Master arranged for me to make phone calls on the international rescue platform and clarify the truth to people working in law enforcement in China. My husband would often hear me clarifying the truth to the police officers. Whenever I raised my voice, became anxious or impatient, he said, “So awful to listen to! So awful to listen to!” I would immediately become aware of the wrongness, correct my attitude, and talk calmly instead. In the end, the police officer who did not want to listen to my truth-clarifications changed his attitude and was willing to listen to me complete my truth-clarification talk. Many times when I make phone calls with my husband listening in, I would take note of my behavior and attitude. For that, the other party would listen to me complete my truth-clarification.

I looked within as to why I only cared about my husband’s feelings instead of the people I was trying to save. I found that I was quite selfish. This is also a display of irresponsibility towards the sentient beings. From another point of view, only taking note of my behavior and attitude when someone is there and relaxing myself when no one is there is also a show of cunning behavior. Actually, even when no one is there, Master and all the divine beings are still watching!

Another show of my lack of Forbearance is that I would always deal with matters based on my own opinion instead of taking into consideration the opinion and understandings of other practitioners. This is actually a display of selfishness too.

Master said,

“Defending and protecting what one desires is a manifestation of emotion and selfishness, so it is the hardest thing to stop doing. You should treat everyone compassionately and look for causes in yourself when encountering any problem. Even if others badmouth us or hit us, we should all look within ourselves—“Was it caused by my being wrong in some regard?” (Teachings at the Conference in Australia)

Now, that I think of it, I am really guilty of not following Master’s teachings, and truly considering others’ opinion and thoughts, and becoming a being who puts others before myself. This is also an attachment that I need to get rid of.

Clarifying the Truth and Saving Sentient Beings

When making phone calls on the international rescue platform, clarifying the truth to people working in law enforcement, the grass-roots level of people that we talk to are officers in police stations. Once, I called a police officer working in one of the police stations in Jilin City, he listened for a total of 48 minutes. I also gave him the websites to read truth-clarifying information and asked him to release the practitioner which they illegally detained. However, he said that that was not under his control.

This police officer listened to a lot of facts about Dafa. I had wanted to let him listen to a broadcast, but he was not interested in listening to a recording. He wanted to talk to me in person. He also asked if I'd be rewarded by my employer if he stayed on the call with me longer. I told him that we pay for making these phone calls with our money just in the hopes that he would be safe.

I also further clarified the truth by telling him about Acts 35 and 36 of the Constitution, Act 300 of the criminal law and No. 50 Announcement in the Notice of the General Administration of Press and Publication, the stone with the hidden words in Guizhou, and so on.

He said that everything I just told him was fake news. How come he would not know about it, since he lives in China? I wanted to play the recordings as evidence to let him listen, but he just would not listen to them. Then, I said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has always been best at getting rid of the people who have helped them after they ceased to be useful, so I asked him to make a wise choice. Later, he said that it was already very late and he wanted to go to sleep, so we ended our conversation. During the 40 minutes of clarifying the truth to him, the police officer listened quietly, so I believe that a lot of the evil beings and matters that were controlling him from behind had already been eliminated.

Understanding the Truth

There was another time when an officer from a police station in Jilin City listened to me for 5 minutes and 37 seconds. I introduced myself by saying that my surname is Xie and I am from Taipei. He asked me if the pineapples were sold out. I said that many countries bought the pineapples so they were already sold out. As these pineapples are all locally produced, they are very sweet and tasty. One must be a blessed person to have the chance to enjoy such tasty pineapples, and he agreed with what I said.

I thought that he is also a righteous person, so I gave him the link to a website and asked him to watch the three main media outlets. I also introduced to him in detail that if there are important things happening, he must read The Epoch Times, as the reports are truthful. The New Tang Dynasty Television’s programs are very good, as they are full of positive energy. The moral values of people in the modern era are degenerating due to the lack of positive energy. This is especially important since the viruses nowadays are all due to negative energy, and they specifically look for people like him.

Ancient doctors have this saying that if one is full of righteous energy, the evil will not be able to disturb him. If he does not have the time, he can listen to the broadcasts from the Sound of Hope. He thanked me for introducing these media outlets to him! I also told him about quitting the CCP and its youth organizations on The Epoch Time’s Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party website. He agreed to do so. I saw that he understood the truth, and I remembered a fellow practitioner’s suggestion to strike while the iron is hot. Therefore, I immediately suggested that it would be more convenient if I directly helped him to quit, and he agreed. He said that he is a member of the Party and I asked him to remember that day’s date and the pen name that he used to quit. He said that he had already memorized all of it.

Another time, I called a person from a police station in Jilin City too. After clarifying the truth about Dafa for about 3 minutes, I wanted to give him the websites, but he said that he could not remember them or write them down as he was in the restroom. He wanted me to call him back 5 minutes later. Five minutes later, when I called again, he listened for 14 minutes and 54 seconds. When I was telling him about the websites, he said, “Making a report? Please continue.” In the end, he wrote down the websites and said that he already understood. He also asked me questions, such as how many phone calls do I have to make every day and how I got his number. I said that the police station’s phone number is open to the public, and especially those who have persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners before, The Minghui website will post their contact numbers, their designation and their names online. After understanding the truth, this officer quickly quit the CCP organizations.

There was another officer with the surname Wang who listened to the truth for about five minutes. He had already understood the truth and said that he wanted to quit the CCP together with another male and female officer. I asked if both of them also wanted to quit and if they were members of the Party. He answered yes, so I helped the three quit the CCP. I asked him to remember that day’s date and name, gave him the reference number and website and asked him to visit the Global Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party website to check the certificate number for their quitting, so that they can use it later should they need to go overseas.

These police officers will quit the CCP because of the persistence of fellow practitioners who make rescue phone calls on the platform. I feel that the Fa rectification is at its ending stage and many sentient beings are all desperately hoping to be saved. During this phase, I must do even better in the three things, cultivate well and get rid of all attachments and bad thoughts so that I can do a better job in completing the historic mission of assisting Master in the rectification of Fa and saving sentient beings.

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