(Minghui.org) I read a Falun Dafa practitioner’s sharing article “Try Your Best to Visit the Minghui Website” (available only in Chinese). Thus, I would like to share my experience when visiting the Minghui website, and breaking through the difficulty of becoming computer literate.

Importance of Computer Literacy

I am in my 60s and have only a third grade education. Thus, I could have been called computer illiterate. Many years ago, I read a Minghui article titled, “From a Farmer's Hoe to a Computer Mouse.” I really admired the author of this article, and was thinking that maybe someday I could use a computer mouse with my hand instead of holding a hoe. My wish came true!

I returned home in 2012, after a year and three months of imprisonment for my faith in Falun Dafa. My son, who doesn’t practice Dafa, bought me a used laptop. He helped me install the anti-censorship software Freegate, and set up an email account for me. I then began learning how to visit the Minghui website by using my computer.

I wrote down each step, from turning on the computer, creating a password, and much more. This helped me a lot since it is easy for me to forget these steps.

The Minghui website opened my eyes given its amazing content. It helped me find the gaps in my cultivation by reading practitioners’ sharing articles, and comparing them with myself. My understanding on the Fa and sharing at our Fa study site is limited. However, this issue does not exist when visiting the Minghui website.

After reading more Minghui articles, I was more at peace, as the indoctrination by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that had gripped me before was also greatly diminished. In the meantime, I got to know about the Fa rectification process in various countries, and their lessons learned.

I can now upload the lists of people who want to quit the CCP, and immediately expose the evil’s persecution of fellow practitioners on any given day. This helps to lighten the burden on other practitioners who used to have to do this for me.

It’s not easy to upload the name lists of people who quit the CCP and its youth organizations. Since I hadn’t learned how to do it properly, I once accidentally erased 100s of names that I had typed into the computer, so I had to re-enter them. It was very frustrating, but with time I improved in using the computer. This process was also a process of cultivation.

A technically savvy practitioner then helped me reinstall the operating system as required by the Minghui website to improve security. I have benefited a lot by reading Minghui sharing articles every day, and shared my experience with local practitioners. I suggested that those of similar age to mine should buy a computer. If they learn to use it, they could read Minghui articles, and upload lists of people quitting the CCP at home instead of passing the task to others.

Several elderly practitioners did buy computers to get online. One practitioner bought a computer and printer to print truth clarification messages on currency bills. Through sharing their experiences and importance of visiting the Minghui website, many practitioners in our area now know how to visit Minghui on computers, tablets, and cell phones. Thus, we only need to make a few copies of the Minghui Weekly and it greatly saves Dafa’s resources.

I have been browsing the internet for almost ten years now. After I learned how to use the computer to go online, I worked with practitioner Meifang (a pseudonym) and successfully completed two Dafa projects.

Suing Jiang

The first project was to sue Jiang Zemin.

I received an email regarding suing Jiang Zemin in 2015. This was such a big thing at the time. I then saw related articles published on the Minghui website. Practitioners shared our understandings on this issue. Some thought that we should keep up with the process of Fa rectification and file criminal complaints against Jiang. Some said we should wait and see what happens. Some were afraid of suing Jiang, fearing retaliation.

While most practitioners said we should file criminal complaints and sue Jiang, no one started to do it. I knew that this chance is given to Dafa practitioners to build our mighty virtue, and is also considered our historical mission. The main purpose of suing Jiang is to expose the evil and help save people, so it is very important.

I started to write my criminal complaint letter against Jiang Zemin, but many days passed and I still had no clue on how to write it. Then interference came. My wife and I started to experience sickness karma, and my grandson was admitted to a hospital with a high fever.

After the illness symptoms subsided, I started to try and write the criminal complaint letter again. This time, some sample complaint letters were available on the Minghui website. It took me two weeks to finish the first draft. It was relatively long as it was from my family of five. I wrote every night until very late.

I printed a copy and read it at our Fa study group. Meifang then offered to help improve the layout and correct my many typos. Eventually, the first criminal complaint suing Jiang in our area was filed.

Other practitioners then completed over a dozen criminal complaint letters against Jiang and filed them. Usually practitioners gave me their drafts and I went to the Minghui website to check and confirm some of the dates and process of the persecution. I verified the details with fellow practitioners, then Meifang made the layout and format look more professional. It was then saved on a USB drive and printed out.

We helped practitioners through the entire process of writing their compliant letters. All they needed to do on their own was go to the post office and mail the complaint. All of the complaint letters prepared by us were issued receipts. The purpose of suing Jiang is to save people. We didn’t include any attacking remarks, and at the end of the letter we wrote that no matter how brutal the persecution is, we have no grudges or hatred towards the perpetrators. We wish that they would understand the truth and have a beautiful future.

The police officers all read our complaints after they were returned to our local police stations. The police just visited us as a formality. I also gave the complaint letters to the residential community director. Therefore, practitioners who sued Jiang in our area were not harassed much by the authorities.

Collecting Names of Perpetrators Involved in the Persecution

The second project I worked on was in 2017, This project was to collect information on people involved in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners, and report them to the Minghui website. This was very difficult, but we knew we had to do it.

There were Minghui reports on how to collect persecutors’ information. One morning, I followed this method and searched through Baidu, the Chinese search engine, and found the list and photos of those working in the local court. I took a photo with my cell phone and started to collate the list of people working in the public security and judiciary.

Practitioners also sent me some names of those in public security, including their ID numbers, home addresses, and phone numbers. This strengthened my determination to work on this.

For safety reasons, a practitioner told me to use DynaWeb and search on Google. This was very time consuming however, and it took practitioners and myself a whole year to collect and sort out the persecution status of practitioners in this city and the five districts. We then reported it to the Minghui website..

Master Helped Me

It wasn’t that difficult for me to learn how to use a computer to get online, although it might have seemed difficult at the time. As long as we have the wish and strong will, we will gradually become very good at it. Master will always help us.

I was surfing the Internet one time when suddenly the monitor went blank and I couldn’t turn off the computer. I didn’t know what to do. Then, Master led my hand to press three keys on the keypad, after which it returned back to normal.

Another time I was collecting information about responsible personnel involved in the persecution. When I found their photos, I accidentally clicked the right button on the mouse, and a small page popped up showing a pair of scissors. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the scissors and miraculously copied and pasted the information.

Words can’t express my gratitude to Master for his being there when I needed help. Of course, this may seem a piece of cake for those with computer know-how, but as an older practitioner, I deeply felt the wisdom to do this was given by Dafa.

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