A Stern Warning

Some individuals speak publicly on social media about the conflicts that arise in Dafa cultivation, seriously going against Dafa disciples’ historic missions, desecrating the solemnity and sanctity of the vows made to the Gods that Dafa disciples signed with their lives, damaging the hope of the world’s people for salvation. These individuals often turn the attachments they have in their xinxing into discontent and look for people to vent to, and then some people actually go along with them and goad them on—those with similar realms of mind really do flock together.

These individuals aren’t tormented by the shame of not having done well while they were in China, or of even enlightening in an evil direction and joining the ranks of the dark side. They don’t take it as a lesson and thoroughly repent their past mistakes, uncover their shortcomings, and become more diligent. Instead, they slack off and, after coming overseas, are still having a bad impact. It’s mostly these individuals who are causing trouble among practitioners. What’s more, some weren’t diligent to begin with and were full of attachments, so they already did poorly in mainland China, and after they came overseas, they’re still the same, never holding themselves to the Fa. Yet they’ve started social media channels, and with all their human attachments, they say all kinds of rubbish, seriously sabotaging Dafa disciples’ efforts to save people. Of those who pander to them in the comments, most are trolls of the “50-cent Army” as well as CCP spies, and a few are people who call themselves practitioners but who don’t truly cultivate.

The final moment that will determine whether or not Dafa disciples can fulfill their own missions isn’t far off. As for where you will end up, you’d better look out for yourself! Dafa disciples live in this world so as to cultivate themselves well and do a good job in fulfilling the historic mission of assisting Master in saving people; today’s human society still exists precisely because it’s been left for Dafa to save people. Are you still not clear on this?! Let go of your discontent; that is your attachment. Watch what you say. When among practitioners, words that aren’t on the Fa are not worth being spoken by you. Complete your mission—that’s your only hope for a future. Only by taking the Fa as Teacher and not changing the heart you had in the beginning can Dafa disciples consummate!

Li Hongzhi
August 31, 2021

(Translation by Team Blue, subject to further improvement. Date of this version: September 1, 2021.)