(Minghui.org) Master gave three lectures in Guizhou City, Guiyang Province, from May to August 1993. I attended the second lecture halfway, and it was the last three days. However, my life went through a complete transformation despite listening to a mere three days of the lecture.

Living in Utter Despair

Troubled by Illness

Before I began my Falun Dafa journey, I was tormented by health issues, although I was only in my 30s. My body itched all the time due to gynecological diseases, my eyes were always swollen and in pain, and heart problems threatened to take away my life, and so on.

I had severe myopia and my eyes hurt and were swollen for long periods of time. I tried all forms of Chinese and Western medicines but none of them could treat my eye problems. I went to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Fujian, and other places to find a cure for my eyes. I met a folk doctor in Guizhou. The medication he prescribed was able to alleviate the discomfort, but if I stopped taking it or did not take it according to the times required, the pain would recur at once. It was agonizing! On top of that, I had to keep increasing the dosage as my body adapted to the medicine. My eye problem made me unable to lead a normal life.

My heart disease was even worse. When I had a relapse, I would be breathless and weak, and it felt as if I was going to die at any moment! I could have a heart attack at any time when the weather was fine, raining or when I got upset. If the symptoms were mild, I would be fine after taking pills. Therefore, I had to always carry the pills with me. If it was severe, the pills would not work and I needed to be rushed to the hospital to save my life!

I had a heart attack in March 1993 and was taken to the provincial hospital. I lost consciousness and the doctors took three days to bring me back to life. After staying in the hospital for a dozen days, I was forced to go home as I had no more money to pay the bills. I was so weak I could not climb the stairs to reach my apartment on the fifth floor. I climbed up slowly supported by a step ladder railing, stopping at every step.

Facing Debt from Business Losses

I started a clothing business in the middle of the 1980s. I was able to make some profits in the beginning, and things were comparatively smooth sailing.

Sales dropped significantly and I experienced a loss in the early 1990s. I could not sell the stock that I bought on account and I ended up owing my suppliers money. Later on, due to health problems, I was unable to manage my business. All I could do every day was seek treatment for my illness, buy and take medication.

Conflicts with My Husband

Due to differences in character and opinion, my husband and I often argued and fought over small things. After the birth of my daughter, the worst problem in our relationship was the cost of bringing up our child. My business was not making any money and I needed money to treat my illness. Our family of three became dependent on my husband’s wages he made as an ordinary police officer. Fights with my husband became more frequent and intense after our financial situation worsened. We hurt each other with unpleasant words!

My husband became silent when my business began to suffer losses and incur debts, increasing our economic pressure. He stopped arguing with me. It turned out that he wanted to part ways because I had no job, I was ill and the family needed money. I was hurt by his disregard for our relationship, and unwillingness to overcome difficulties together. 

I went to the temple alone looking for a quiet place to spend the rest of my life. However, I saw a scene that made me realize the temple was no pure land! Without a way out, I thought of dying to end all my miseries. Yet, I could not bear to leave my young daughter behind. If Master had not arranged for me to practice Dafa, I would have died several times!

Extraordinary Experiences 

In the later part of May 1993, I read in a newspaper that Master Li Hongzhi (Falun Dafa’s founder) would hold a class in Guizhou. I searched for it, but could not find further information!

I met Auntie Zhou in the park one morning in June. She said to me: “The first class had already ended. I switched to practicing Falun Dafa – she used to study other qigong practices. Hurry up, go to the class!” However, the second class was already in its last 3 days.

I rushed to the venue. The front seats were all taken up. I sat in a spot in the back 20 odd rows. Soon, all the seats in the hall were taken up. Those who came in late could only stand in empty spaces on the walkways and listen to the class.

Master went to the podium amid a round of applause. The whole place then became silent!

I dozed off right from the beginning when Master began to lecture and only woke up when he finished. Strange enough, I heard everything he said! Later on when reading Zhuan Falun, I knew it was because I suffered from a brain disease, I was on the verge of a breakdown, and absent-minded. I forgot things and spoke incoherently. I fell asleep as Master’s law body adjusted my brain. However, I had no problem with my hearing, and I did not miss a word.

After Master treated my brain, I was full of energy on the second and third day of class. I listened attentively, and until today, 28 years later, my mental health has been excellent!

When Master finished his lecture I woke up. A girl, probably five or six years old, who sat beside me said to her grandmother: “I saw Master become a giant Buddha on the stage! The Buddha’s body is dazzling, and it illuminated the whole podium. I saw colorful, golden, and shining Falun (law wheels) big and small spinning everywhere!”

After hearing the little girl narrate the beautiful scenes she saw with her celestial eye, I made up my mind to see Master after the class. I waited outside the hall and met a close friend. She was waiting for Master too! A few moments later, Master appeared and several students went up to him. They asked Master to autograph the book Falun Gong.

I quickly went up to Master after they left. Everyone called Master “Teacher Li” then. When I faced Master close up, I greeted him respectfully with “Master.” I said: “Master, I have waited for you for a long time! You are a living Buddha!” Master smiled.

On the second, and third day of class, due to my severe myopia, I could not see practitioners teaching the exercise movements on stage. Consequently, I went early to find a spot in the front row. We were taught the fifth exercise – the sitting meditation on the last day. I was not able to sit in the full lotus position. When I sat cross-legged my legs stuck up high, and I did not know how to do the hand gestures. As the practitioner demonstrated the movement on stage, Master came down and walked around the hall, rectifying the gestures of students one by one. As Master taught me the exercise movement, he said: “Remove your glasses when you do the exercises!” Since then, I have formed the habit of taking off my glasses before I did the exercises.

Life Totally Transformed After Practicing Dafa

Power of Dafa: Health Improved, Relationship with Husband Became Harmonious, Business Turned Prosperous

My life began to change from the moment I stepped into Master’s class.

I recovered from all my ailments, including my life-threatening heart disease, gynecological diseases, and so on. Since then I did not go to a hospital or take any medicine.

My husband was astonished when he saw how my well-being was transformed after attending the first day of class. He was even more amazed when I told him the extraordinary things that happened in class. Since then, for 28 years, my husband and I have never had another argument or fight. He also took on all the responsibility of the household chores. He supported me fully in my practice, and in reviving my business.

I changed after practicing Dafa, and so did my husband. All my husband’s coworkers knew that I practiced Falun Dafa, and I clarified the truth of Dafa to everyone. They know how my husband and I conduct ourselves, and everyone protects us – we are not suffering under the persecution. 

As my health improved, my family became harmonious, and I went through xinxing tests from time to time. My clothing business also began to improve. 

Xinxing Tests

I experienced xinxing tests when I went to Guangzhou to buy supplies for my business. When I went to the factory to buy clothes, my goods were taken away by competitors right under my eyes, although I had ordered them beforehand. Eight people lived in a house with three rooms and a living area, it was crowded and on top of that, people fought with each other over small matters. It was truly a test of my character in such an environment. I learned to forbear and not fight with others. I learned to give in, share living facilities and do dirty jobs such as unclog the toilet, sweep the bedrooms and living room. I was not able to study the teachings or do the exercises in the house and had to go outside to find a suitable place to do these things.

Improved Cultivation Environment

During my time in Guangzhou, I made progress in cultivation after passing through xinxing tests. One day, I said to Master in my heart: “Master, I want to find a better environment, so I am able to study the Fa, and do the exercises.” Indeed, Master arranged two young girls to be my housemates. The three of us rented a renovated place and it was very quiet. Every day, apart from going to the clothing market to get an understanding of the situation, I studied the Fa and did the exercises.

I was even more grateful when Master arranged for me to get in touch with local practitioners. My rented house was very close to a park where I found a practice site. Every morning I went to the park to do the exercises. After we got better acquainted, I joined the practitioners’ Fa-study group. There were a dozen people, and the practitioners were from all walks of life. There were pilots, artists, and so on. Everyone studied the Fa, did the exercises, and shared understandings. It was an unforgettable time!

Flourishing Business

I followed the Dafa principles. Although I suffered many hardships, I followed the Dafa principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. My business gradually picked up and flourished. I bought goods from Guangzhou, then sold them to small businesses all over the country. I also sold many well-known clothing brands which many businesses in my industry were afraid to do. My clothing business became number one in my city and had a good reputation. Master unlocked my wisdom. When I saw a batch of goods, I knew at once how I could sell it.

Indeed, my destiny was completely transformed after I practiced Dafa.

Dafa Saved My Daughter and My Husband

Daughter Returned to Life

My daughter and my husband had a car accident on June 22, 1999. My daughter’s brain was bleeding, while my husband had two broken ribs. My mind went blank when I heard the news. Soon, practitioners and several friends accompanied me to the scene. I saw shattered glass everywhere and my daughter’s shoes. It was raining and the liquor shop owner across the road told us that they had already been taken to the hospital. When we got there, my daughter had just come out from the emergency area. Her lips were purple, her legs cold and she was unconscious. Several practitioners knelt down at once and asked Master for help.

The mother of the person who hit my daughter was in her 70s. She knelt down asking for forgiveness. I pulled her up and said: “I practice Falun Dafa, My Master will save my daughter, don’t you worry!” I then spoke into my unconscious daughter’s ear: “Daughter, you had a car accident. It is a great tribulation, you are eliminating a lot of karma! Although you don’t practice Dafa, you are my daughter and support me in the practice, and you know Dafa is good. I will ask Master to save you!” As I prayed to Master, my daughter spit out mouthfuls of black-colored blood. Her purple lips turned to a normal color, and warmth returned to her legs.

Daughter Recovers Rapidly

My daughter was nine when I began to practice cultivation. She did not practice Dafa, but I would take her wherever I went. She believes in Dafa. After she had the accident, I had faith that Master would save my daughter, and she would recover.

I insisted on reading Zhuan Falun to her whether she was conscious or not, day or night. I read to her again and again. Even though the persecution began a month later, and TV, radio, and magazines outside the hospital continuously broadcasted news slandering Dafa, I still read Zhuan Falun to my daughter.

Everyone around her from patients to nurses, doctors, and others witnessed what happened to my daughter – from no hope of living to waking up. She got better day after day. All of them protected Dafa by remaining silent.

My daughter stayed in the hospital for four months. I read the Fa to her for four months. When we left, as we said goodbye, the deputy head said: “It is so strange. My grandmother has heart disease and I could not cure her illness. You said you recovered from heart disease after learning Falun Dafa. We saw you reading Dafa’s teachings to your daughter. She recovered so well during treatments, I cannot say it has anything to do with your reading Zhuan Falun to her. Although it is the truth, I cannot accept it.” The director also said: “My father is a veteran military doctor. There are many doctors in my family. I saw with my own eyes how you read Zhuan Falun to your child for four entire months. Your daughter had a brain hemorrhage. Now, she recovered and is able to go home! This is indeed an extraordinary phenomenon that modern science cannot explain.”

My daughter went back to school and got into a reputable university with entrance examination scores 30 marks above the required marks. Upon graduation, she took the TOEFL test and was short of 5 points to study overseas for free. Later on, she joined me in my clothing business and started her own company. My daughter is studious and motivated. She is now pursuing post-graduate studies at a university in Hong Kong.

I also said to my husband who was also in the car accident: “You will be fine! You are getting rid of karma too, it is a good thing!” I prepared a small tape player and let him listen to Master’s taped lectures. He recovered within a short period of time. Initially, he wanted to practice cultivation after our daughter went to the university as he was still working then, and my daughter just got into the second year of high school. Then, the persecution was launched.

Taking Care of Others While My Daughter Was in the Hospital

One day, as I was reading the Fa to my daughter, I heard a patient moaning in pain. The cleaner said the person was hit by a military car. The car hit two people in the accident. One of them died on the spot and the other victim was taken to the hospital. The driver left 5,000 yuan and drove off. He could not be found. The patient had not taken any food and was left alone.

I said to the cleaner: “I just bought breakfast and had no time to eat it yet. Please bring it over and give it to him.” The cleaner took the food and said: “You Falun Dafa practitioners are kind people!” From that day onwards until he was discharged, I brought food to the man every day. My husband even brought him noodles and other food. When those around us saw our actions, they praised us for our kindness and were touched. After the man recovered, the hospital raised money for him to buy a ticket home.

Helping Other Practitioners

Renting a House to Produce Dafa Informational Materials

Around 2000, I went to a materials production site with another practitioner. I observed that the practitioners ate potatoes every day. When I went home and made plans to send them money, news came that the site was discovered and can no longer operate. However, my business was just picking up then and needed money. I decided to rent a place and bought food to set up a new production site.

A practitioner came and said three practitioners had no place to stay and no money as well. They wanted to find a place to produce Dafa materials. I said I had everything prepared. We made large and small banners. Besides giving them to practitioners who needed them, several practitioners and I went out together to hang these banners.

Helping Practitioners in Times of Adversities

My daughter joined me in managing my business after graduating from the university. Soon she became her own boss and had her own clothing company.

One time, she dreamed of Master hinting: “Help practitioners who are unable to go home and are wandering around! Some practitioners could not find a job after being released from prison. My daughter took them in and arranged for them to stay at her home, and work in her company. At times, she took in many practitioners at the same time. One practitioner was severely tortured while in detention. Her legs were swollen and she could not take care of herself. My daughter first took her home and she recovered due to studying the Fa as well as doing the exercises. She then worked in my daughter’s company as a bookkeeper. She stayed there for three years.

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