(Minghui.org) I would like to share my experiences of clarifying the facts to save people from the CCP’s liesbecause I believe that many practitioners, regardless of their age, can benefit from this topic.

While visiting my sister-in-law, I talked to her about Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) over lunch. She told me that a Dafa practitioner tried to get a woman in her village to quit the Chinese Community Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

The woman asked, “I know the CCP is not good, but it pays me money every month. What does Falun Dafa give me?”

My sister-in-law said that the practitioner did not know how to respond to the question and eventually left. I told my sister-in-law that the money was not from the CCP but from hard working Chinese people. I also explained how Falun Dafa has benefited people.

I am very aware that many practitioners, including myself, regretted situations when we did not clarify the facts well. After I encounter difficult questions or remarks, I would think about how to answer them to the best of my ability. I prepared like this almost every day. I also discussed with fellow practitioners and exchanged ideas on how to best answer people’s questions.

Their experience sharing was invaluable, and I learned a lot from them. It would be a good idea for the groups of practitioners who clarify the facts well to compile a list of difficult questions to help other practitioners. Thorough preparation will yield better results.

We are given the important role of helping Master to save sentient beings, so I suggest that after Fa study in all regions, fellow practitioners earnestly discuss questions or comments that they have either already encountered or may encounter in the future. 

The reason for this preparation is to better clarify the facts and clear away any misconceptions people may have. When people are clear about things, they will be better equipped to make the right decision and quit the CCP. As Master Li said: “Dafa disciples are humankind's only hope for salvation.” (To the Fa Conference of Europe)

Let me share a list of questions that I have received from my experiences of clarifying the facts over the past decade. I am sure that other practitioners received many other questions, so this is not intended to be a comprehensive list.

1. If you don’t think the Communist Party is good, and believe foreign countries are better, why don’t you move there?2. If the Communist Party gives me money, I believe in the Communist Party.3. You are anti-CCP. The CCP gives you food and drink, but you say it is not good.4. You are a Falun Gong practitioner. If you say anything more, I will call the police.5. I know someone who got sick but did not take any medicine, refused to go to the hospital, and then died for delaying medical treatment.6. You are involved with foreign forces. How much do you get paid?7. I will quit the CCP if you give me money.8. Why does your Master live overseas?9. When you are persecuted, your Master doesn’t care about you, but you still believe in your faith.10. I believe in Jesus but will not quit the CCP. We do not engage in politics.11. The CCP will not collapse, and your group is not strong enough to make a difference.12. See how good life is now and how good the leadership of the CCP is? We live much better than before.13. You have been brainwashed. Why do you choose to suffer from restrictions and risk being arrested?14. I believe in no one else; I believe in only myself.15. The pandemic in the U.S. is very serious, while the CCP has controlled the pandemic in China very well.16. Don’t practice your faith when the CCP doesn’t let you. They will punish you if you don’t listen to them. You can never fight against the CCP. There is no chance for you to win.17. You are selfish. You only consider your belief and don’t consider the feelings of your family members. They worry about you all day long.18. Don’t talk to me about Falun Gong. Someone in my village was arrested and locked in a filthy place. I also heard that someone was persecuted to death.19. Falun Gong is good, but why do we need to learn it? So we can send people fliers secretly, and ask others to quit the Party in a low voice? 20. Practitioners have left their jobs behind and don’t care about their family. They also left their children and elderly parents unattended.21. What you said is too mysterious. Does it really help to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good?”22. Someone practiced Falun Gong, and her grandson almost burned to death.23. I heard some news about a Dafa practitioner. Her husband died, her children divorced, and she got uterine cancer.24. Why will quitting the CCP keep me safe? Why is it that saying, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” will keep me safe?

I have not provided responses to the above because many practitioners are very good at clarifying the facts. They have explained things so well that their words dissolved the evil elements controlling people and helped them understand the facts and receive blessings.

Additionally, Minghui.org often publishes valuable articles from fellow practitioners. As an example, “Saving Sentient Beings by Addressing Their Misconceptions” can be used as a reference.

Practitioners should not be attached to the results. As long as we clarify the facts with righteous thoughts, confidence, and use our abilities and wisdom granted to us by Master, we can help many people quit the CCP and its related organizations.

Let’s study the Fa well and work hard. Master will give us blessings and the wisdom to fulfill our vows to save people.

Editor Note: This article only represents the author’s understanding in their current cultivation state meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare with one another in study, in cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)

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