(Minghui.org) “I can now face my own shortcomings, and I’m no longer wed to self-blame, self-pity, resentment, jealousy, and other emotions. I have learned how to deal with difficulties calmly and think of others with kindness,” said Mrs. He Ying nine years after she started practicing Falun Dafa.

On July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute the spiritual practice. To maintain the persecution, the CCP began a nation-wide slander campaign to frame Falun Dafa. The lies caused many people, especially Chinese people, to have prejudice and misunderstandings about Dafa. However, many people did not buy into the CCP’s propaganda and learned the truth about the persecution. Some of them started practicing Falun Dafa—Mrs. He Ying is one of them.

Seeing a Different World

While growing up in China, He Ying had some unique abilities since she was young and her celestial eye was open. When she closed her eyes, she could see that all objects were in motion, and that they seemed to be made of loose, tiny grains that were moving.

When little He Ying closed her eyes, she could see the people in the paintings in her house were moving.

Little He Ying liked some of the things she could see with her celestial eye, but she was also afraid of seeing things in other dimensions. She did not tell her parents about this because she thought everyone could see what she saw.

Seeing Her Future

In her dreams, He Ying also saw her future—almost as though she were watching a TV program. Later, all the scenes she saw in her dreams came true. She even dreamed of her grown-up son when she was still a teenager.

One May when He Ying was a senior in high school, her grandmother passed away. She dreamed of her grandmother that night. In the dream, her grandmother was talking to a woman. He Ying felt that her grandmother was trying to tell her something.

He Ying’s grandmother told the woman, “Your son is not a good person, tell him to keep away from my granddaughter.” He Ying did not understand what her grandmother was talking about.

A few months later during summer vacation He Ying met a young man at a party, and he wanted to date her. She liked him, so she agreed. One day, He Ying went to the boy’s home. As soon as she entered she noticed a woman’s photo—this was the lady her grandmother talked to in her dream. The woman in the photo was the boy’s mother and she passed away around the same time as her grandmother.

But He Ying was so happy the boy she adored liked her that she didn’t take her grandmother’s words to heart. Instead, she kept dating the boy.

When summer vacation was over the boy returned to the U.S. He Ying was very sad but did not want to give him up. Trying to find him, she called her friends who knew him. They told her, “Don’t be silly, how can you be with him? He got a Taiwanese girl pregnant during summer vacation while he was dating you!”

Only then did He Ying remember what her grandmother said in her dream. She knew that her grandmother had foreseen what would happen. This incident made He Ying realize once again that other dimensions exist. She also learned that people’s destinies are arranged. 

Do Gods and Buddhas Exist?

Even though He Ying could see things that other people could not see, she was not sure if God or Buddha existed.

He Ying’s parents always had a Bodhisattva statue in their home. When she asked her parents about God and whether Buddha existed, they said, “Better to believe than not.”

Before she took college entrance exams He Ying began having terrible headaches and had to take lots of medications. One day her headache was so bad that she could not study anymore. She covered herself in a blanket and slept under the Bodhisattva statue.

He Ying dreamed of the Bodhisattva, who was very beautiful and stood on a large white cloud. The vase she held in her hand contained green grass. Bodhisattva removed the grass and began to speak. He Ying did not see Bodhisattva’s mouth move, but she could hear her. Bodhisattva talked to her for a long time.

This unusually vivid dream answered a question she had for many years. She wanted to tell her parents that, “Gods and Buddhas truly exist!”

Learning about Falun Dafa

He Ying did not do well on the college entrance exam. With her grandmother’s death, her failure in the exam, and breaking up with her boyfriend, He Ying felt she had hit rock bottom. He Ying wanted to learn piano to relax. Her father bought her a piano and found a piano teacher for her.

Her piano teacher was a Christian, and he took her to a church so she could listen to the music. He Ying felt that the church music was beautiful, and she had a yearning in her heart for the heavenly world. Her piano teacher gave her a Bible.

However, He Ying could not finish reading the Bible. She had difficulty understanding the stories and the western names. She did not understand what was talked about, so she stopped reading. 

Just a few days after she stopped reading the Bible, her mother asked her to read a large book of Buddhist scriptures. However, He Ying did not even finish reading one paragraph because there were many archaic words that she did not understand. 

After she stopped reading the scriptures, her mom’s friend brought a copy of Zhuan Falun and told her the book talked about real cultivation. He Ying said, “I don’t want to read any more books! No more! I don’t understand the Bible or the Buddhist scriptures. I won’t read any more religious books!”

The lady told He Ying that the book was straightforward and handed it to her.

Although He Ying did not read the book, the family’s babysitter took the book and read it. She started practicing Falun Dafa. He Ying witnessed some amazing things that happened to the babysitter. One time, the babysitter accidentally burned herself while ironing clothes. However, the blisters disappeared very quickly. The babysitter said to He Ying, “Dafa is amazing!” 

The babysitter’s experience aroused He Ying’s curiosity. She thought, “If the babysitter read it, then I should be able to read it too.” She read Zhuan Falun and found it easy to understand. He Ying agreed with Dafa’s principles and told her father, “There is nothing wrong with practicing Falun Dafa. There is nothing wrong with being a good person.”

But her father responded coldly, “Are you having another headache?” He refused to talk about Falun Dafa. He Ying wrote her father a letter telling him she finally found the true meaning of her life in Falun Dafa’s principles. Her father did not read her letter, but her mother and sister read it and were moved to tears.

Twists and Turns on the Path to Obtaining the Fa

Soon after, He Ying’s family’s application for immigration to Canada was approved. The family was busy applying for passports and moving. He Ying postponed her plan to learn Falun Dafa. 

After her family moved to Canada, He Ying began having health problems. First, she had difficulty breathing. Then she felt tired after walking only a few steps and she could hear the sound of chains when she walked as if her legs were tied with iron chains. She became breathless and needed to hold onto something to avoid falling if she walked a short distance.

She also began experiencing insomnia. She had cold feet and frequently had to go to the washroom at night. Her insomnia affected He Ying’s life significantly. She tried sleeping pills, but they did not work. She also could not drive because she fell asleep behind the wheel. 

He Ying did not tell her parents about her health issues because the entire family had various health problems at that time. Her sister’s health was awful and she did not want to add to her parents’ troubles.

Time to Practice Cultivation

In 2012, He Ying returned to visit China. The lady who introduced her to Falun Dafa told her, “When one person practices the whole family benefits.” He Ying suddenly wanted to cultivate very much. She thought, “I want to cultivate. What is the meaning of a person’s life? Anyway, one can do nothing without good health.” 

So He Ying started to learn the exercises. As soon as she did the first exercise, she could suddenly breathe easily. Years later, He Ying is still excited when she recalls that moment, “I always felt my lungs were like a balloon without air. As soon as I did the exercises I could feel my lungs filling with air! I could breathe! I wanted to shout: I can breathe now!”

Ten days later, He Ying had to return to Canada and the practitioner urged her to find a local practice site in Vancouver. 

Withdrawal from the CCP Brings Happiness

The practitioner told He Ying about quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations, so she quit the CCP online as soon as she returned home. She dreamed that two dark black clouds floated away from her dimension. On the third day, He Ying woke up giggling. She said, “I was so happy in my dreams and giggled in my sleep like a baby. I have not giggled like this for a long time. Quitting the CCP can really make one happy and feel free.”

Benefiting Physically and Mentally

Soon after she returned to Vancouver, He Ying found a practice site. 

One night, He Ying told her mother, “I will remain forever young.” Just after she said that she felt a hot current go from the top of her head to her toes. Her left shoulder always hurt. After she felt the current of warm air go through her body, she immediately felt very comfortable. He Ying felt someone was behind and turned around. She saw Master smiling at her and then he disappeared.

She attended an experience sharing conference in New York. The day before, He Ying suddenly felt pain in her stomach. She vomited and spat out a lymph-like mass of flesh. He Ying said, “Since then, I felt what it meant to be full after a meal.” Her stomach problems disappeared afterwards.

In addition, she had no energy in the past and could not stand for a long time. She became energetic and cheerful after she practiced Falun Dafa.

He Ying had other amazing experiences after she began practicing. When she attended the experience-sharing conference in Los Angeles, they watched the stage through a large overhead TV. He Ying said, “While Master was giving the lecture, I no longer saw the TV. I only saw a transparent Falun spinning where the TV had been. I thought the Falun was so beautiful and suddenly realized there was a TV at that place.”

He Ying has now practiced Falun Dafa for nine years, and has experienced many positive changes. She never used to understand why people were so miserable. She did not know what people lived for or why they suffered so much.

She said, “After I practiced Falun Dafa, not only do I have clear answers to these questions, but I dare to face my own shortcomings and no longer indulge in self-blame, self-pity, resentment, grudges, jealousy, and other desires. Gradually, I learned how to deal with all issues calmly and think of others with kindness from the depths of my heart.” 

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