(Minghui.org) Recently, a new wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has been sweeping across the world, including mainland China.  

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of August 8, 2021, the total number of the infection cases worldwide has exceeded 202 million, and the death toll has exceeded 4.29 million.

Desperate Measures

In order to control the pandemic, many countries have implemented “vaccine passports” to force people to get vaccines. But such a practice also raised many concerns given the reasons below.

According to an official Israeli report on August 7, 90% of the Israeli adult population has completed the COVID-19 vaccination. There were 3,849 new cases of infections on August 6 alone, of which 324 (close to 10%) were severely ill. Among the 324 severely ill patients, 209 people have been vaccinated. Earlier reports also indicated that more than 70% of confirmed cases in Israel had received two shots. Such data shows that vaccines are of limited effectiveness in preventing the spread of the virus, infection, and severe illness.

A similar situation was observed in mainland China, where the spread of the virus from Nanjing City (in Jiangsu Province) and Zhangjiajie (in Hunan Province) to more than a dozen provinces has put people on edge again. However, unlike before, this time more than 90% of those infected had been fully vaccinated, but they were still infected with the Delta variant strain, some of whom were gravely ill. In this regard, some Chinese experts have admitted that the efficacy of vaccines is limited. 

The recent situation made virologists believe that the prevention of containment has failed. “In May, the Delta virus pandemic broke out in Guangzhou City [in Guangdong Province], and five generations of transmission occurred within ten days, and most of the patients had mild symptoms or were asymptomatic,” one of the experts explained. “In the beginning, we continued the methods of the past, but they did not work. In fact, the speed of the isolation of new patients is far behind the speed of the spread of the virus.” 

While the vaccine has a hard time stopping the spread of the virus, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities have continued to use the same draconian measures as before: sealing off neighborhoods and cities, as well as requiring health passes in public places, etc. Recently Beijing even vowed to “strictly defend the capital and keep it safe at all costs.” However, in the face of the untraceable, constantly mutating virus, such a political slogan is essentially wishful thinking.

Vaccine Side Effects Deserve Attention

News about the side effects caused by the vaccines has also emerged repeatedly both inside and outside of China. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as of June 4, there were 329,021 reports of adverse events after vaccination, including 5,888 deaths, 19,597 hospitalizations, 43,891 emergency room visits, 58,800 outpatient visits, 2,190 heart attacks, 1,087 myocarditis, 4,583 disabilities, 652 miscarriages, 15,052 severe allergic reactions, etc. Other symptoms include Bell’s palsy, thrombocytopenia, etc.

In an open letter posted on its website on May 25, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) mentioned the views of anti-vaccine epidemiologists, infectious disease experts, and microbiologists from around the world who are very concerned about the side effects of vaccines. The letter also listed severe headaches, nausea and vomiting, altered consciousness, altered speech, altered vision, hearing problems, different degrees of paralysis in different parts of the body, and loss of motor control, cerebral thrombosis, and other adverse effects. 

In mainland China, despite the cover-up by the CCP authorities, netizens have revealed that there have many cases of death, leukemia, dizziness, and other symptoms believed to have been caused by Covid-19 vaccines.

On August 3, a doctor of pharmacology named Tan Yadi pointed out the great harm of vaccines on Weibo (a Chinese microblogging website). She wrote, “How to prevent the COVID vaccines from being repeatedly injected to all people with the support of unconfirmed hypotheses? The current vaccine rush is absurd, completely unconventional with the lightning-speed approval and vaccination. However, with the mutation of the virus, an immune barrier cannot be formed at all.”

The spike protein, the main component of the vaccine, combines immunogenicity and toxicity in one, she explained. Each vaccination is equivalent to being poisoned once, and she is afraid people will be dead or disabled after repeated vaccination. 

She wrote, “Getting the first shot has already resulted in many women having irregular menstruation, men becoming impotent, and many elderly developing a myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, and others.” 

“If the virus is mutated and the vaccine gives up the clearing strategy, then the virus might take hostage of the vaccine and use it as a master key to enhance the invasion and infection,” she continued. “It is possible that ADE (Enhanced Antibody Dependence) may trigger a large-scale severe infection and a large-scale death. Please, everyone, start by yourself, reject the vaccine, and people involved in pushing the vaccine should be held accountable for crimes against humanity.”

The Cause of Plagues

Evidence shows that the vaccines and strong control measures developed by mankind in the face of the coronavirus (also known as the CCP virus, named after the Chinese Communist Party) have not been able to stop it. So it is time to take a moment to think about what the plague is really all about.

Across cultures, many people believe major events in the human world did not occur accidentally, including disasters and the cycle of human life (such as birth and death). In ancient China, in particular, faith in the harmony of heaven, earth, and mankind was well preserved. When people cherish virtue, there will be fewer disasters. If people have no moral values, there will be all kinds of disasters. This principle does not only apply to China, but also to the rest of the world.

Take pandemics for example. The World Health Organization has recorded more than two dozen major outbreaks across borders in the last 80 years, 60% of which occurred in this century, and eight of which occurred in the last decade. That means the last decade has been the most frequent decade ever for major epidemics, including the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in 2012, Ebola in 2014, H7N7 in 2016, malaria in 2017, African swine fever in 2019, and the current coronavirus.

The frequent occurrence of major epidemics is closely related to the sharp decline in human morality. The disasters, including the plague, could be a warning for the world to pay attention to morality and return to traditional values.

According to Chinese folklore, before major disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes, and wars, the netherworld often compiles a booklet recording the disaster type, location, and the people who would die. In other words, disasters target those whom the divine have deemed to have deviated from the traditional values. 

An ancient book titled “Dong Ling Xiao Zhi” recorded such a story: Zha Qian was a county magistrate in Henan Province in the late Qing dynasty. He was well-known for cracking down on thieves and maintaining order in his jurisdiction. One day after his retirement, he dreamed of two former colleagues who came to visit him. He wondered why they’d come since they had died long ago. The two men said, “We’re indeed dead, but we will all still be colleagues after you depart the human world. We’ve been extremely busy in the netherworld, so we’re thinking to ask you to help us.” 

Zha asked what they were busy dealing with, and they said they were making booklets to record people who would die of an upcoming disaster. Zha died early the following year and his family believed he was called to the netherworld to help make booklets. Not long after his death, the 1887 Yellow River flood struck in September 1887, killing at least 900,000 people with the highest death toll estimated to be more than 2 million. Peter Hough, a British political science professor, once said the flood was one of the deadliest natural disasters ever recorded.

The Coronavirus Is Targeting the Chinese Communist Party

Understanding that plagues are not coincidental, we should know that the CCP Virus pandemic that has ravaged the world in the past two years also came about for a reason. 

Countless evidence has shown that the CCP had covered up the disease and misled the world, allowing the virus to spread to essentially all nations in the world. In fact, the virus tends to follow wherever the CCP’s influence goes. 

Since the CCP is the largest threat to the world today, the best way to fend off the virus may not just be medical techniques. Rejecting the CCP, cherishing virtue, and listening to our conscience will also bring us blessings including health and safety.

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