(Minghui.org) A fellow Dafa practitioner recommended I listen to a Minghui.org radio program called “Remembering Master's Grace”. I thought it was a great idea. 

I had the fellow practitioner download the audio program for me, and my husband and I started listening to the program around dinner time.

The next morning, my husband, a non-practitioner, told me that he had a very clear dream: someone had squeezed out a lot of dirty stuff from his back. 

My husband is a smoker and he likes eating seafood and drinking alcohol. His back frequently itched and had dark spots. 

I was very happy when I heard that. I told him: “This is a good thing. My Master (Falun Dafa's founder) is helping you clean up your body.”

After listening to the audio program for several days, my husband came home one day and told me the following story: A homeless dog gave birth to puppies in the backyard of his workplace. 

The doorman didn’t like the noisiness so he threw stones at the puppies. My husband told the doorman not to hurt the puppies because they are also lives. 

I was so happy at his reaction and asked why he said those words. He said, “Your Master has talked about no killing. Those puppies are so little and I don’t want them to be killed by the doorman.” 

The doorman had hit street dogs before and I previously asked my husband to stop the doorman, but he refused. However, he changed this time around. 

His mind seemed to change too, which was the power of Dafa and Master’s great compassion. I also listened to “Remembering Master’s Grace” during my lunch break. 

I started Dafa cultivation in 2016, and I regretted missing the time when Master gave lectures in China, and I envied those Dafa practitioners who attended Master's lectures back then. 

However, by listening to this program over and over again, the sense of regret and envy were gone, as I felt I was there along with the other Dafa practitioners from all over the world and listening to Master’s lecture in person. 

We shared tears and laughter together, and we felt Master’s great compassion. Compassionate Master, I truly miss you, but you have fulfilled my wish!

I hope that people from all over the world can understand the truth, stay away from the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its lies, withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations they once joined, and eliminate/erase the mark of the CCP to have a bright future! 

Falun Dafa is a righteous law that guides one to cultivate one's heart to be a good person and to improve one's character. I hope more people who have a predestined relationship with Dafa can start Falun Dafa cultivation under the guidance of Master Li!

Thank you, Master!

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