(Minghui.org) On August 2, 2004, “Approaching Science,” a Chinese documentary program, reported on the existence of a large, mystical stone. Discovered in Pingtang County of Guizhou Province, the stone was around seven meters wide and three meters tall.

Six clearly formed Chinese characters are visible on its surface: “The Chinese Communist Party Will Perish.” The character for “perish” is large and prominent.

Hidden Character Stone discovered in Pingtang County, Guizhou, China

The stone was first discovered in June 2002 by Wang Guofu, a village Party secretary at the time. He had been part of the cleaning crew after the Duyun International Photography Exposition, which was held nearby.

The site of the stone’s discovery had been isolated and untouched by humans for centuries.

Three Rounds of Investigations by Geology Experts

Experts from the Guizhou University of Technology went to investigate the stone on August 13, 2003. The results of their geological appraisal determined that the boulder was formed from the dark-gray limestone of the Middle Permian Qixia Formation (about 270 million years ago). Paleontological fossils and bioclastics were peppered throughout the layers of the stone. With the passage of time, some bioclastics were exposed as the limestone weathered away.

Experts involved in this investigation from the School of Resources and Environmental Engineering (now the College of Resource and Environment Engineering) of the Guizhou University of Technology erected a stele in front of what they dubbed the “Hidden Character Stone.” It bears the conclusion of their appraisal, which states: “There is no trace of artificial carving, shaping, or etching. This stone is naturally formed. The mineral composition of the characters is calcite, whose chemical composition is calcium carbonate (CaCO3)...”

Stele with investigation appraisal by experts from Guizhou University of Technology

On September 2, 2003, experts from the Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration and Development of Guizhou Province also went to the site for inspection. In their report to the provincial government, they also concluded that the rock is a natural artifact. It was formed through geological processes, and as the experts concluded, a fortuitous arrangement of calcareous sponge fossils. No traces of any artificial carving, shaping, pasting, or filling was found around the characters on the boulder.

Their conclusion is largely consistent with the finding and conclusion by the Guizhou University of Technology.

As news about the Hidden Character Stone continued to spread far and wide, some people became skeptical of the results at the provincial level.

So, three months later, another expedition was formed at the behest of the Pingtang County Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Committee and the county administration. This 15-member group of eminent geological figures included Li Tingdong, deputy director of the Department of Earth Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; geologist Liu Baojun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; and professor Li Fenglin, a renowned expert in paleobiology from the China University of Geosciences. They went deep into the Zhangbu River Valley and conducted another meticulous investigation from December 5 to December 8, 2003.

Unanimous Conclusion: No Trace of Artifice

Experts in this latest expedition unanimously agreed that the characters on the Hidden Character Stone was part of the Permian Qixia Formation about 270 million years ago.

Although the probability of such evenly arranged characters is extremely small, it can be explained by geological sciences, especially by sedimentary geology. Still, this expedition was unable to find any signs of human alteration on the Hidden Character Stone by this expedition.

According to their appraisal, this boulder fell from the cliff of the Lanma River Valley 500 years ago and broke into two pieces upon impact. These pieces have since remained quietly in the vicinity of Taopo Village in Pingtang County, Guizhou Province.

The boulder broke into two pieces, with a gap between the two pieces wide enough for two people.

Academician Liu Baojun said, “What we see in Pingtang can be explained from a scientific point of view, but the probability of its occurrence is extremely low, and very rare, even to us professionals. Therefore, we need to protect this stone, study it, and make use of it.”

Bi Kongzhang, a professor at the Ministry of Land and Resources, said, “Our investigation party is composed of regional geologists, stratigraphy experts, geochemists, paleontologists, structural geologists, national park experts, planning experts, and well-known professors and scholars. It is very comprehensive to ensure the comprehensiveness and entirety of the investigation.”

Over a Hundred Media Outlets Covered These Investigations

Reporters from more than 20 media outlets, including People’s Daily, China Central Television, Guangming Daily, Science and Technology Daily, Travel Satellite TV, and China Radio International accompanied this latest expedition and reported on their scientific findings. These, in turn, were retransmitted by over 100 media outlets, including newspapers, TV stations, and digital news outlets, such People’s Daily Online, Sina.com, Dongfang.com, Sohu.com, Yahoo.com, and Xinhua.com.

A production team from the CCTV’s “Approaching Science” program visited Zhangbu County from June 22 to June 25, 2004 and made a special program titled “Revealing the Secret of Hidden Character Stone,” which aired on August 2. It ran many times on CCTV.

The rock became famous in the following years, attracting endless streams of visitors, and was later protected by bulletproof glass.

Entrance ticket to Zhangbu Township National Park in Pingtang County, Guizhou Province, bearing a picture of the stone

The Character “Perish” Erased From Chinese Reports

However, across all Chinese media outlets, not a single one repeated Hidden Character Stone’s full message. Much like the countrymen in “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” nobody dared to point out the obvious truth that the character “perish” was also on the rock.

Instead, the message they promote stops at “The Chinese Communist Party.”

But anyone who has seen the rock with their own eyes or photos of it would have a tacit understanding of the message contained within the characters. Six characters are neatly arranged on the surface of the rock, and there also seems to be a faint signature at the end.

An Act of Providence?

The words “Chinese Communist Party” shown on the rock are composed of several Chinese characters, including “China,” “production,” and “party,” which are in different styles.

The simplified characters used in China today came into being after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took power in 1949, and there was certainly no simplified character for “political party” 500 years ago. Yet, the character used for “party” on the rock was in simplified Chinese.

How could this be possible? How could any force half a century ago have predicted not just the creation of simplified characters but also the precise appearance of the simplified “party”? There must be some greater force at work.

Moreover, there is further nuance in the style of the characters. The characters for “China” and “production” used in the word “Chinese Communist Party” are written in traditional Chinese, not simplified.

To some viewers, this is a phenomenon rich in symbolism. The fact that “China” and “production” are in traditional Chinese signifies that these two nouns have “roots”—they will not perish, whereas the political party, specifically, was the noun destined for demise. This divide separates China and the Communist Party rhetorically, which corresponds to the reality that the CCP does not represent China and her people.

It’s really peculiar to find that the rock’s message is written in both traditional and simplified Chinese, which rarely happens in written Chinese communication.

One would have ample reason to attribute all this to a purposeful act by the divine, if they choose. In fact, history provides us with many examples of hints of divine will within the natural wonders of the world, and even a few examples of messages within rocks.

A Meteor Harbingers the First Emperor’s Death and Downfall

According to the Records of the Grand Historian: Annals of Qin Shi Huang, a large meteor fell in Dongjun, an eastern prefecture of the Qin empire, in 211 B.C.

The meteor’s landing shocked the local people, and they were even more surprised when they read the words inscribed on the meteor: The First Emperor will die and his land will be divided.

The First Emperor of Qin was equally shocked upon hearing this news. He sent an imperial censor to Dongjun to investigate the case. As no one confessed to the deed, all the people living near the meteor’s crash site, and the stone itself, were destroyed.

However, only a year later, the First Emperor of Qin indeed died during his fifth tour of Eastern China. Not long after his death, the Qin Dynasty fell apart into separate kingdoms. It’s small wonder people viewed the fall of this meteor as a sign of the divine’s will.

Choosing Your Own Future

The first sentence in Yinfu Jing of the Yellow Emperor, which is also the first line of the Chinese nation’s written records, states this: If one observes the way of heaven and acts by heaven’s principles, all that one needs to do shall be accomplished.

The ancients believed in harmony between man and nature; they also believed that good and evil are duly rewarded. Thousands of years of history have only proven them right.

Every page in history, including what we are experiencing at the moment, has been arranged according to divine will. However, whether an individual ultimately follows the way of heaven or not is his or her own choice.

The “Hidden Character Stone,” like the meteor foreshadowing the end of the Qin Dynasty, could very much be another divine signal. As more and more of the CCP’s crimes are revealed to the world, the prospect that it may be nearing its end slowly moves from a possibility to an inevitability.

But the CCP is not just an empty name. It is composed of tens of millions of adult members, as well as millions of teenagers and children within its Youth League and Young Pioneers. Upon vowing to dedicate their lives to the Party, each one of them has played a role in enabling the CCP to enact its will upon the world. Because of this, it is hard to imagine that they will not be implicated when the CCP falls.

There is a Chinese saying: “The divine resides three feet above one’s head.” Traditional beliefs indicate that when a vow is made, it is known to all of heaven and earth, and is binding. It’s therefore important for these people to cut their ties with the Party and avoid being implicated as one of its members. It is also important for people who may not be members, but support the CCP’s agendas, to realize the grave danger and harm they may bring to themselves.

The CCP has not only caused the unnatural deaths of more than 80 million Chinese over its seven decades of tyranny—it has also extended its influence to Western countries in recent years. Its subversive acts have shaken the cornerstone of traditional Western civilization that upholds faith, freedom of speech, human rights and ethics. The CCP, empowered by Wall Street, tech giants, corrupt politicians, and profit-seeking entrepreneurs, is trying to dominate the world by replacing the international world order with its own communist agenda.

The world is truly at a turning point today. Every government and every individual will have to make a choice: to defend faith, human rights, freedom, traditional values and ethics, or to appease the CCP and side with deception, brutality and corruption.

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