(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners in Paris gathered at La Place Saint-Michel and Place du Trocadero on August 8, 2021. They demonstrated the exercises, clarified the truth, exposed the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution and its forced live organ harvesting, and petitioned to help end the persecution.

After learning about the persecution of Falun Dafa and more about the practice itself, many people expressed their support and encouraged Falun Dafa practitioners. One passerby said, “We’ve never heard about Falun Dafa or about the persecution. It is a good thing that you are here today to tell us the truth.” Some people gave thumbs up and said encouraging words, such as, “Good job! Keep up the good work!”

Falun Dafa practitioners demonstrate the five exercises at Place du Trocadero.

Practitioners raise awareness about Falun Dafa at Place du Trocadero/

Passersby sign the petition to end the persecution of Falun Dafa in China.

Patrick Salomon, an electrical engineer, encountered Falun Dafa practitioners at La Place Saint-Michel. He said, “Forced live organ harvesting is not right. That is autocracy and tyranny. The CCP is targeting one’s divine side and I hope this will all end. I hope that you will succeed and I support the peaceful protesting. May God bless you all! God will punish the evil and stop the violence and tyranny.”

Cecilia Letao, who works as a concierge, was passing by Place du Trocadero with her husband. They stopped and chatted with Falun Dafa practitioners for a long time. Cecilia said sadly, “Where did human rights go? The CCP is doing as it pleases and there is absolutely no law or respect for its people. China has a splendid civilization, an outstanding nation, and its people are calm and respectful. It is not right for Chinese people to be suppressed and persecuted this way. What the CCP has done is very bad. In China, you cannot speak freely or do what you want and this is not right. I fully support you.”

Her husband remarked, “I respect the Chinese people from the bottom of my heart. They are the world’s oldest civilization. This persecution is a shame and people need to be aware of it.”

Practitioners raise awareness of Falun Dafa at La Place Saint-Michel

Wallid stopped and spoke with practitioners. He said, “The CCP is a dictatorship. They do not care about other people’s lives, only about their own power and interests. The communist regime kills innocent people. Everyone should have the right to live since Gods created them. We cannot be biased and judge anyone based on their religious beliefs. We need to extend a helping hand.”

After signing the petition, Kenza, a student majoring in economics, said, “People should be able to express themselves and have freedom. No one should suppress anyone, especially not Falun Dafa practitioners. There is no freedom in China and we hope that will change soon.”

Amezien is a salesperson. He spoke with practitioners and said, “Forced live organ harvesting needs to be stopped, and everyone needs to be aware of it. The governments of every country are all accomplices in this persecution.”

Jocelyn Peirello works in the tourism industry. She said, “The CCP is very powerful. It has a vast territory and a large population. There is no true democratic system and the power is in the hands of one person, so it has become an authoritarian regime where the CCP instills terror and uses surveillance. There are many things that we aren’t aware of that are happening in China right now, like the persecution of the Tibetans and Uyghurs. No other political party opposes the CCP, so if anyone disagrees and expresses ideas in opposition to the CCP regime, they will be persecuted and suppressed. So many people just choose to remain silent so they can live in peace.”

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