(Minghui.org) I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1993 and progressed from a factory worker to software developer with the wisdom bestowed upon me by Dafa. This is my story.

My First Encounter with Falun Dafa

My mother began to cultivate Falun Dafa and introduced me to it. I had previously come in contact with various kinds of qigong practices and so, initially, I did not take Dafa seriously.

I went to the park one morning and saw an elderly woman with a child; both were meditating under a tree. There was a Falun Dafa banner hanging on the tree. I saw the Taoist Tai Chi and Buddhist Swastika symbols on the banner and was curious.

My Misfortune Turns Out to Be a Blessing

While I was working in a factory, my fingers got trapped in the gears, and three of them were nearly crushed. I had to take some time off to recover. My mother brought home a friend who was in the military, and he re-introduced me to Dafa. I don’t remember the details, just that I was impressed by what he told me and decided to practice Falun Dafa myself.

There were no Falun Dafa books available in 1993. The practitioners who attended Master Li Hongzhi's Fa lectures taught the new practitioners the principles and the exercises from memory. We had a practice site where we did the exercises every night. Soon my fingers fully recovered, and I was able to go back to work.

The book Falun Gong was later published. When I first saw Master Li's photo, it seemed familiar to me. After I studied Master’s lectures, I felt Dafa was special and different from the qigong theories I had learned before. Many of the questions I had were answered in the book. Master taught the Fa using simple and easy-to-understand language, but I felt the principles were very profound.

Master held the seventh session of his Fa teachings in Mingfanggong Auditorium at Jilin University in Changchun in April 1994. I remember that I was excited as I rode my bicycle to attend the class on the first day. I finally could hear the great Fa in person! Master’s compassionate and clear voice was imprinted in my mind. During the class, he revealed the principles of the universe and answered all my questions about cultivation, such as about the celestial (or third) eye, the placement of the mysterious pass, the heavenly circuit, and the birth of the Immortal Infant. Those terms often appeared in ancient Buddhist and Taoist books, but the definitions were vague and confusing to me. Master explained everything to us openly and clearly.

Falun Dafa broadened my horizons, and my excitement and gratitude were beyond words. I was completely transformed into a different person; my body and soul were purified after the nine-day class. I was no longer lost! I understood the meaning of returning to my true self and had hope for my future. I also understood the seriousness of “no second discipline” and got rid of all my other religious and qigong books. I made up my mind to cultivate exclusively in Falun Dafa.

I also attended Master’s class at Feichi Ice Hockey Hall in Harbin. The more I listened to him lecture, the more I wanted to hear! That time remains a beautiful memory for me. I listened to Master’s Fa lecture tapes every day afterward, and every time I listened, I had new understandings. I felt the compassionate and peaceful energy field of Dafa, which made me happy.

The book Zhuan Falun was officially published in January 1995. Studying the Fa and practicing the exercises became my priority every day. Through cultivating Dafa, my body and mind are continuously purified. I no longer had any illnesses. I am in my 50s now, but I look much younger.

Dafa Opened Up My Wisdom

I was once not-so-smart and closed-minded, but all that changed. I was also able to get along well with others. I wasn’t a very bright student and often ranked near the bottom of my class. I got a job on a factory floor and did tiring and hard work. I often complained about being exhausted.

After I started to practice Falun Dafa, my xinxing improved, and I no longer complained about the work. My kindness and hard work earned me the respect of my colleagues and bosses. I also introduced Dafa to some people in the factory, including my team lead. Soon after he started to practice, one of my colleagues had his celestial eye opened.

I then worked in a pharmaceutical company as a warehouse administrator. Soon after that, the company brought in computers to manage the warehouse. The computer was new then and not popular, but I was curious about it. I started to learn computer skills by myself. Although I knew I was not smart and might not be able to understand everything well, I didn’t think much about it. When the software service provider came to service the computer, I watched and learned.

As my cultivation improved, Master gave me more wisdom. I learned a lot of computer skills within a few years. I could assemble a computer, install operating systems, and do network maintenance. My company no longer needed the software company to service the computers, since I was able to maintain the company’s operating systems myself. I also learned a lot of software development techniques and became the company’s IT director.

As the business grows, the company needs regular software upgrades and improvements to adapt to the increasingly competitive market and complex software requirements. I have developed hundreds of programs over the past 10 years, which has made the company efficient as well as saved a lot of R&D costs. In the pharmaceutical industry, my company ranks near the top. Many companies envy us for having a technical expert like me.

When I sometimes feel complacent about my achievements, my wife (who is also a practitioner) reminds me, “It is because you have cultivated Dafa. Master gave you wisdom.” I realize she is right. I’ve encountered problems developing software many times. But when I study the Fa with a calm mind and practice the exercises, I often get inspired and can connect the dots. It is just like Master said,

“Because you want to cultivate, we can open for you the most convenient door, and these things can therefore be done for you, but it’s limited only to true practitioners.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

I grew from a not-so-smart factory worker to a highly skilled software developer. I understand Master saw me truly cultivating the Fa and opened up my wisdom to validate the Fa. My colleagues in the company see that I am gifted and kind, and I have helped many people understand the truth about Dafa and withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), including managers, executives, and even the chairman of the company.

My outstanding performance at work and considerate behavior let them know that Falun Dafa practitioners are good people and that the CCP’s propaganda about Dafa is a lie. When CCP officials persecuted me, my colleagues were angry and called the CCP “bandits.” The chairman also actively participated in rescuing me.

Clarifying the Truth to the Public

In order to let the Chinese people understand the truth about Dafa and avoid the danger of being deceived by the CCP’s lies, practitioners used many methods to validate the Fa to save people. I learned all kinds of techniques to make truth-clarification materials and provide technical support to other practitioners.

Over the past few years, I have learned to maintain and repair different types of printers; use cell phones to spread the truth; compile and edit texts, pictures, audio, and video; as well as install and debug satellite dishes for fellow practitioners, relatives, and friends. New Tang Dynasty TV programs have helped enable many people to understand the evil nature of the CCP.

For a while, I drove colleagues to and from work to play the program “Divine Culture” for them. Many of them understood the truth and withdrew from the CCP as soon as I clarified the truth to them.

My wife’s hometown is in the countryside. We often go there to distribute truth-clarification materials. Due to our efforts over the past few years, many relatives have understood and quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Afterward, they even helped my wife and me by driving us at night, even to faraway places, and often helped us to distribute the materials if we did not have time. Those who understood the truth were also rewarded with good fortune. They earned enough to buy cars, and their children graduated from college and found good jobs.

To save people on a large scale, my wife, my sister (also a practitioner), and I cooperated to produce a large number of materials to distribute in the countryside. We improved ourselves during this process and became more and more cooperative and efficient. Each of us made good use of our strengths. For example, I am able to use computer techniques to edit and print all kinds of exquisite pictures, booklets, and so on. My sister is very thoughtful and bought a variety of suitable production and assembly materials. My wife has a great sense of direction and has been in charge of checking the online maps and deciding where to distribute the materials. We rarely got lost because of her skills.

We always returned home late after we distributed materials. Although it is difficult, we feel happy and fulfilled when we think that more people in the world can understand the truth of Dafa and be saved from the CCP’s deception.

Above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.

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