(Minghui.org) Recently, many employers have issued vaccine mandates, including my company. I was not sure about the effectiveness and safety of the China-made vaccines and decided not to get the shots.

Upon finding out my vaccination status, a company supervisor said to me: “You must go to so-and-so hospital to get a certificate stating why you cannot get vaccinated. Otherwise, we will be in big trouble.” He told me that the disciplinary committee is now closely monitoring the vaccination rate. 

I went to the said hospital to inquire about vaccine exemption. The hospital has set up a special working group to process exemption requests. The person in charge is the vice president of the hospital.

I explained to this vice president that I did not want to get the vaccines and asked him to issue an exemption certificate. He said that he absolutely could not do it. He pointed at a document and said, “This document lists clearly what exemptions are allowed. I can’t issue a certificate for anything not on the list. The disciplinary committee will verify every exemption certificate that we issue, and I will be held responsible for it.”

I asked him: “Who is responsible if something goes wrong after I am forced to get vaccinated?”

He replied: “Now officials across the country are trying to shift the blame, you know that... Our hospital is only in charge of vaccination, and we do not manage any vaccine-related consequences.”

It became clear to me that no government agencies or employers are held accountable for adverse effects of the vaccines: the hospitals are only in charge of giving people the shots; the pharmaceutical companies that produce the vaccines have been given impunity from the government; the local governments and employers claim they’re only following orders from higher-ups to mandate vaccines; and the central government, including the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is off the hook too because it’s forcing everyone to sign a waiver that says they got vaccinated “voluntarily” and agree to relieve the government of any responsibility should they suffer side effects. 

The vaccine recipients will thus be ultimately responsible for their own harm should there be any adverse effects.

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