(Minghui.org) My first encounter with the police occurred when I was on my way to visit another practitioner in September 2014. Two plainclothes police officers, who were waiting on the second floor of her building, arrested me. They forced me into a car parked behind the practitioner’s home. I had a purse containing a wallet and a cell phone. When the driver attempted to grab my bag, I held it tightly and didn’t let him take it. They drove me to the police station.

A director at the police station asked me, “Are you still persuading people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Youth League, and Young Pioneers? Just like last time, we won’t search your home today, but we must check your bag. We won’t grab it, just open it yourself.”

I tried to reason with him, “The police station is a place where justice is safeguarded and evil deeds are punished. Why do you arrest a woman who is nearly 80? Watch how your wives and children react when you tell them about this. What’s wrong with trying to be a good person by cultivating Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance? Furthermore, the purse is a personal belonging. Who gave you the right to check it? Do you allow others to check your personal belongings?”

The director immediately took out an ID card and showed it to me. I didn’t look at it. I kept thinking about how I could protect the things in my purse. I had some small memory cards in my wallet, and remembered a story about a practitioner who successfully protected a SIM card in the presence of the authorities.

I felt more righteous thoughts emerge just then. I smoothly removed the memory cards and the cell phone SIM card, and put them in my pocket, then gave my bag to an officer. They only found three amulets and a piece of paper. On the paper were the names of a few Dafa books and the dimensions of a book cover.

They didn’t release me, but took me to another police station where my fingerprints and photo were taken. I was not released until 7 p.m. that evening. I later wrote a solemn declaration that nullified my cooperation with the officer’s demands that day.

The next encounter was in January 2016. A female representative from our residential management office and a male police officer from the police station knocked on my door. I invited them to come in and sit on the sofa. They looked polite. I asked with a smile, “Why are you here?” The officer said, “We just came to ask if you are participating in suing Jiang Zemin?” I said, “Okay then, please show me your ID.” The officer looked for his ID in his pocket and said to the female, “Luckily I have it today.”

I remembered his name, then asked, “Who told you to come here today? Do you have a Letter of Authorization from the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate?” I learned to ask this from reading Minghui sharing articles. They said they did not.

I immediately told them, “Then I can’t cooperate with you. Furthermore, suing Jiang has nothing to do with your police station. I will remind you that as a law enforcement officer, you have to evaluate everything by the books. Have you heard that people who know the law and yet break the law are doubly guilty? There are many ancient stories about people quitting their official positions in order to not commit wrongdoing because they knew they would be subject to karmic retribution. Have you heard about that?”

Both of them listened to me attentively. The female representative cut in and asked, “Is it because you had some difficulties that you are suing Jiang? If so, the residential office can try to help out.” They left shortly after. That female representative later quit the CCP and its affiliates, while the police officer quit his job.

The police station notified me a third time in December 2016. With reinforcement from Master Li, and the encouragement of other Falun Dafa adherents, I overcame my attachment of fear, and went to clarify the truth to the officers in a dignified manner.

I told them it was illegal to interfere with suing Jiang and reminded them to no longer disturb me and my family. Otherwise, they would be responsible if anything unexpected happened to us. They totally changed their attitudes and wanted to drive me home. I politely refused their offer. They haven’t disturbed me since then.

I have interacted with CCP officials on three occasions. At first, I unconsciously cooperated with them to some degree due to my lack of righteous thoughts and unsteady mentality. But I gradually became clearer about Fa principles, had stronger righteous thoughts, and knew how to talk with them about Falun Dafa. I was then able to persuade them to stop doing wrong things so they would be saved. Everything I said and did happened under Master’s protection and reinforcement.

These encounters also reminded me that we Dafa practitioners must study the Fa more in order to stop the persecution and save more people. I also realized it was very important to read the sharing articles on the Minghui website and collaborate well with other practitioners.

Thank you to Master for you merciful protection. Thank you to fellow practitioners for your cooperation and righteous thoughts. Heshi.

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