(Minghui.org) As the Fa-rectification reaches the final stage, I have felt more and more that Master is using various situations to quickly expose our attachments. It is especially the case for those cunning and deeply hidden attachments that were not easily noticed. This helps us to be aware that we have attachments, find them, dig them out, discard them, and achieve enlightenment and improvement.

Master said, 

“I will certainly expose them all to you. The question is whether you will be able to overcome them when the time comes. When they are exposed and you find the attachments that shouldn’t be there, and you know clearly that they are attachments that shouldn’t be there, you should not cover them up and you must get rid of them. Whenever there is discord, I am trying to tell you that your attachment has been exposed.” (Teachings at the Conference in Canada)

Master compassionately watches over, helps, and guides Dafa practitioners in our cultivation. Each step of our improvement in cultivation is achieved with Master’s great care. There are no words to express my gratitude for Master’s tremendous efforts to save us.

I recently helped Ling (alias) edit her submission to the “World Falun Dafa Day Call for Papers.” She was moved to tears when listening to me read her finished article. She said, “I asked other practitioners in the past to help edit my submission for an article. They said my writing was too long, and would not help. You edited my writing very well. I have been practicing Falun Dafa for more than 20 years, and this is the first time I submitted an experience-sharing article to Minghui.” 

I said, “Don’t cry. Master arranged for me to help.” But I felt a little happy in my mind, thinking that others would not help, but I did it well. At that time, I did not feel that I had a attachment of showing off and zealotry. I then copied the article to a memory card and confirmed twice that the article was on the memory card.

Then, Mei (alias) brought me her manuscript and asked me to help edit it. Because of the tight schedule, I worked on the manuscript until 4:00 a.m. I then gave the edited article to Mei after breakfast. She read the article, and said it was pretty good. I then copied Mei’s article onto the same memory card so that both articles could be sent together to Minghui. However, when I opened the memory card to check this, I found that Ling’s article had disappeared. 

I was stunned. What happened? What was going on? This was the first time I encountered such a situation. I thought, “Nothing happens without reason,” and I looked inside. Recalling the whole process, I found that I had the attachment to zealotry and a show-off mentality. I thought I did what others could not do, and I was better than others – a demonic interference from my own mind. With Master’s help, I found this long standing, deeply hidden attachment. I corrected my thinking and then copied Ling’s article to the memory card again. I, again, checked twice to confirm that both articles were on the memory card. I felt relieved and waited for Chen (alias) to come and pick up the memory card to submit the articles.

However, the situation was not over yet. After Chen picked up the card, he found only Ling’s article on the card, and he submitted only her article. 

How could this happen? I looked inside again and realized that I also had the attachment to seeking fame, as well as seeking praise and appreciation from others. I wanted to hear good words from others. Otherwise, why did I tell Mei that I worked on her article overnight? Master asked us to treat fellow practitioners’ needs as our own, arranged for me to help, and gave me the capability to do so. What was there for me to show off about? I immediately worked on discarding this attachment.

I then copied Mei’s article to a memory card. Since I did not know where Chen lived, I went to another practitioner, Ding (alias), and asked him to submit the article. Ding carefully proofread the article again and again, corrected three typos, and then submitted the article. Watching Ding submit the article to Minghui, I felt relieved. 

At this moment, Master’s words echoed in my mind, “There cannot be one bit of error.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun

I was amazed. Master is watching over me and correcting me all the time! How much effort has Master put into Dafa practitioners’ improvement?! I came to a further understanding of the seriousness of cultivation. It really is that, “There cannot be one bit of error.”

Master watches over, helps, guides, and protects us in every step of our cultivation. We must cherish this great law of the universe and follow Master’s teaching in every one of our thoughts and deeds.

I am grateful for Master’s help and guidance! Thank you, Master! 

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