(Minghui.org) I began inquiring about Falun Dafa after seeing Shen Yun’s advertisement in early 2019. I began cultivating Falun Dafa in September of that same year.

The truth is that I held a mindset of curing my illness and wanted to know the reason why so many people all over the world are steadfastly cultivating Dafa.

The symptoms of illness that displayed in my body were quite odd. My right hip bone began experiencing unbearable pain in late 2018. Within two months, I started to wake up during the night from this excruciating pain. It became even worse, and the pain spread to my left leg. I was walking like a crippled person, and whenever I crossed the road, drivers would stop their car and wait for the “disabled person” to slowly cross the street.

My doctor recommended that I get anti-inflammatory shots and attend a high-intensity pilates class. But everything ended up in vain and my pain only worsened. I thought about Falun Dafa and how it might be able to cure my illness, and then I could live a renewed life. Therefore, I wanted to give Falun Dafa a try, and with a curious heart I got into contact with my local group practice site.

I was fortunate enough to get acquainted with veteran practitioners who have cultivated for more than 20 years, and they patiently explained the practice to me. I was able to slowly comprehend many Fa principles, and, in about ten days, my illness completely disappeared!

Thinking back to when I first began cultivating, although I did not comprehend the Fa much, I was often in tears thinking about how lucky I was to be immersed in the Fa. Master compassionately guided me all along, and has also been compassionately guiding tens of thousands of practitioners to return home.

Through studying the Fa and sharing my experiences with other practitioners, I knew that I had to clarify the truth and save sentient beings.

My husband is caucasian, has a gentle personality, and he supported my Falun Dafa cultivation. He always smiles and encouraged me when I went to distribute truth clarification flyers. We have a mixed raced daughter who is six years old. While reading Master’s lectures about mixed raced people, I felt remorseful for my daughter and wished for her to obtain the Fa.

My daughter had a high fever last month, and I had to stay home with her. I picked up the book Hong Yin and told my daughter that we should try reading it to learn some Chinese characters and poems. My daughter laid by my side quietly and recited many poems with me.

My daughter’s fever was gone the next day. She used to regularly have a fever for at least two or three days. I knew that this was Master and Dafa protecting my daughter!

We read more poems from Hong Yin on the second day. While reading the poem “The Enlightened” on the third day, my daughter was able to recite the last sentence:

“A century gone by, just I remain”

I was very surprised and encouraged that she had memorized this poem. It was only a matter of minutes before she was able to recite the poem fluently.

My daughter also memorized the poem “Nonexistence.” She was very attentive and sincere while reading Hong Yin. My heart was filled with gratitude. I felt very grateful to compassionate Master for using many different ways to guide us to cultivate Dafa.

I read Zhuan Falun every day and tried my best to read Master’s other lectures. To better assimilate into the Fa and abide by the standards for Dafa disciples, I have memorized Lunyu and poems from Hong Yin.

I admired the wisdom and courage of practitioners in China while reading Minghui Weekly. I also felt ashamed of myself for not doing better in the more relaxed environment overseas. I need to listen to Master and clarify the truth more often.

When I saw how practitioners in Taiwan hung up pictures of how Dafa has spread worldwide, I decided to do the same thing by printing out two big posters and hanging them outside our window. One poster was to tell people to stay away from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), while the other poster was a group picture of Taiwan’s practitioners wearing the yellow exercise uniforms while doing the meditation exercise. The picture looked very majestic and solemn and was accompanied by the three words, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and a Dafa weblink at the bottom of the poster. It has attracted the attention of many people and some even took photos. I believe that this will attract more people to learn Falun Dafa and walk the path of cultivation.

I need to cultivate diligently as a latecomer and follow Master and Dafa in order to return to my true origin.

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