(Minghui.org) For the past few months, I sent forth righteous thoughts to support fellow practitioners whose cases of persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) were reported on the Minghui website. I feel the evil has been eliminated in large quantities, and meanwhile my own dimensions were also purified.

I had a symptom of fierce coughing, as I was eliminating karma for a period of time. So I stopped sending forth righteous thoughts for fellow practitioners for a while, and just concentrated on sending forth righteous thoughts for myself. After my illness karma was eliminated, I got busy with summer clothes shopping and indulged myself for a few days, driven by my attachment. Then a stern voice suddenly sounded in my ears, “You are stuck in an attachment and have forgotten everything. Don’t you remember that you are sending forth righteous thoughts every day for the persecuted practitioners?!” I was extremely ashamed and knew this was Master’s warning.

I started to send forth righteous thoughts for the persecuted practitioners again. After a while, I realized we should really target “zeroing-out” the evil, as it has almost no power now. The remaining evil jumped out with the CCP’s “zero-out” campaign against Falun Gong practitioners in order for us to discover them and completely eliminate them. There is absolutely no need to fear the evil, and we absolutely should not give the evil any chance to persecute practitioners and ruin people’s chances of salvation. The evil really came out to be eliminated by our righteous thoughts.

Eliminating the last evil is the task Master assigned to us, and we must do it well. If I didn’t send forth righteous thoughts well one day, I felt that my dimensions became very messy. It is because the evil assigned to me to eliminate was not completely eliminated, and instead played a bad role.

During the CCP’s so-called “zero-out” campaign against Falun Gong practitioners, the local CCP officials came to my husband for his cooperation in April 2021. My husband firmly refused them. My husband is not currently cultivating, but his righteous attitude towards the Fa and Master has not changed at all. Sometimes he even pointed out my shortcomings in cultivation based on the Fa. After my husband was harassed by the CCP, I realized that I forgot to send forth righteous thoughts to help my husband find his way back to cultivation. I started to send forth righteous thoughts for him, and those officials never came to him again.

I understand that every time there is a persecution movement against Dafa practitioners in the human world, we should treat it with righteous thoughts. We are Dafa practitioners and are the most righteous beings created by Dafa in the cosmos. We should have righteous thoughts, instead of negative or unrighteous thinking.

I recalled that I insisted on sending forth righteous thoughts every hour during the 2008 Olympic Games, and as a result I saw my righteous thoughts covering the entire industrial district where I lived. No practitioner in our district was persecuted at that time.

Every time I sent forth righteous thoughts well, Master encouraged me. Once I dreamed that I was walking with fellow practitioners on the road with lotus lanterns floating overhead in the air. I walked in front with a big lotus hand sign. A lotus lantern floated in front of me to illuminate the way forward. I walked straight and steady while some practitioners behind me walked in a wobbly manner.

I would like to remind fellow practitioners once again to pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts and firmly eliminating the evil. It is Dafa practitioners’ responsibility to help sentient beings understand the truth (without disruption from the evil) and have the opportunity to be saved. There are currently so many cases of persecution on the Minghui website every day that it is absolutely atrocious, and cannot be numbly accepted by practitioners.

The above are my personal understandings, please kindly point out anything that is not in accordance with the Fa. 

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