(Minghui.org) I have looked up some policies and guidelines related to the vaccination requirements in China. The following is what I found and my thoughts on the issue.

Guidelines from National Health Commission and Education Ministry

The National Health Commission (NHC) is the top heath agency in China and it supervises the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC).

The Ministry of Education directs essentially all activities related to students, including vaccinations.

National Health Commission

Here is an article on the position from NHC. The title of the article is “The National Health Commission Again Confirms COVID-19 Vaccination Is Voluntary” and the link is: https://www.ccdi.gov.cn/yaowen/202107/t20210716_246297.html

The article wrote,

“Recently many lower level government agencies have issued policies to bar unvaccinated people from going outside, shopping in stores, seeking care in the hospital, or working as street vendors, etc. There is even suspension of pay for public employees. This has caused much discontent when the COVID-19 vaccination is meant as a prevention measure to protect citizens from infection. So exactly, what has happened?

“From the China CDC under NHC, our reporters have learned that the principles for the COVID-19 vaccination are ‘informed-agree-voluntarily’ - meaning that individuals should be allowed to make an informed decision to agree to the vaccines voluntarily.

“In fact, in response to the forced COVID-19 vaccination, the NHC has paid attention to it all along. During the State Council’s Press Conference on Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism on April 11 this year, it raised the issue that some local governments have used ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach in enforcing vaccination. Such actions must be absolutely corrected.”

This article indicates that 1) COVID-19 vaccination is voluntary and cannot be mandatory; 2) Enforcing through mandates or threats is wrong, violates the vaccination policy and it is also against the law.

Notice from Education Ministry

Here is a notice titled “Another Urgent Notice from the Ministry of Education on Enhancement of Pandemic Prevention and Control” and the link is: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/zYY8hY9S87rn54j1WPjMXg

The notice wrote, “Under the premise that guardians and students are ‘informed, agree, and voluntarily’... offer vaccination to students under the age of 18.”

Details on Vaccination of Minors

Vaccination of minors need consent from themselves and their guardians.

In addition, minors must be accompanied by guardians during vaccination. Legal guardians only include parents and grandparents according to China’s laws. If other relatives would like to serve as guardians, they must produce a letter of authorization from the minor’s parents.

During the vaccination, the guardian must produce documents to prove their identity. Government-issued ID card or household registration booklet is accepted proof. More importantly, the guardian must present a signed waiver form.

From these requirements, one can see a minor’s guardians, especially parents, play a critical role in protecting the minor.

Overlord Clause in the Waiver Form

A waiver form must be signed before the vaccination, but the fine print in there contains what some media outlets call overlord clauses.

Two typical clauses: First, vaccination cannot guarantee complete immunity from COVID-19 infection. Secondly, recipient of the vaccine is responsible for all potential side effects.

Treating Ordinary Citizens as Guinea Pigs

Typically, putting a new medicine on the market requires three phases of clinical trials and at least five years. The time could be longer for vaccines from research, development, to commercialization. But for COVID-19, the vaccines came out in about a year and were granted emergency use authorization (EUA) in China and many other countries. Such EUA often relieves drug companies of any liability from side effects when customers are usually allowed to sue drug companies for side effects arising from drugs that have gained full approval. People who receive EUA vaccines are often called volunteers, when in reality they are essentially guinea pigs.

Furthermore, the virus keeps mutating and right now there are delta and delta plus. The efficacy of the vaccines has dropped from 90% to 60%. The performance of Chinese-made vaccines is even poorer and some experts said that the efficacy is only 50-70% even for fully vaccinated people.

Moreover, the current vaccines were developed in response to the early type of virus, and they have very limited effect on the variants today.


From information listed above, we can see that the CCP claims the vaccination is voluntary on the paper (such as those CDC policies) but that in reality many local governments have been mandating vaccinations. These agencies also tried to shift the blame to each other, leaving ordinary citizens as victims.

For example, both NHC and Education Ministry claim that vaccinations should be voluntary, so they are “innocent” for lower governments’ mandates. The lower governments, however, often cited orders from above to justify their vaccination mandates, implying they should not be held responsible for any possible side effects.

Overlord clauses in the waiver form is one more layer of “protection” for the CCP regime to ensure consumers have no places to file complaints.

In addition, the CCP’s “policies” are often intentionally vague in language, leaving room for lower level governments to interpret however they want.

From what we know, many people who work in the government, hospitals, or drug companies have actually urged their families or friends to not get vaccinated. Of course, many employers and agencies have also been mandating vaccination in order to secure their own power or positions.

I personally feel that above vaccination information mentioned can help us clarify the truth. Just like the pandemic last year provided an opportunity for people to recognize the CCP’s cover-up and misinformation, the vaccination situation in China now is another chance to help people see through the CCP’s corrupt system. Moreover, knowledge of those policies may also help protect little Dafa disciples, who may face vaccination mandates at school.

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