(Minghui.org) One day 18 years ago, Xiao Ying, a young lady from China, carried her less than one-year-old baby daughter into the Chinese Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark, to process some paperwork for the baby’s passport. After she submitted the materials, the embassy administrator asked, “What does your husband do for a living?” She replied, “The one who is sitting outside is my husband.” Then, seeing materials that defame Falun Dafa displayed in the embassy hall, Xiao Ying said, “This information is not true. You still dare to display this here?”

The “one sitting outside” that Xiao Ying was referring to are Falun Dafa practitioners, who meditate daily outside the Chinese Embassy in Copenhagen. These practitioners are there to quietly appeal for an end to the persecution of Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong). Among them is Xiao Ying’s husband, Mr. Zhu Xuezhi. 

Eighteen years have passed. Now, every working day, Falun Dafa practitioners still continue to express their silent appeal outside the embassy. Why have Mr. Zhu and the other Falun Dafa practitioners chosen to meditate in front of the Chinese Embassy? What have they experienced during these 18 years?

Mr. Zhu Xuezhi appeals in front of the Chinese Embassy for the persecution of Falun Gong to end.

Making the Choice

Going back in time to the start of this century, Mr. Zhu was a successful entrepreneur. When he came to Denmark to expand his business, he contacted local Falun Dafa practitioners. At that time, news about the cruel persecution of Falun Dafa in China kept coming in and overseas practitioners often visited the Chinese embassies in their respective countries to appeal for a stop to the persecution of Falun Gong and to show support for their fellow practitioners in China. 

At that time, Mr. Zhu was worried and hesitated. He shared, “The moment I walked to the Chinese Embassy and joined the appeal, would be the equivalent of my announcing to the whole world that I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. For that, my company in China would be confiscated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). However, if I didn’t go, I would not feel at ease. Falun Dafa is so good and the practitioners in China are facing a cruel persecution.” As he hesitated initially, he did not take that step.

That night, Mr. Zhu felt really bad. He just couldn’t achieve peace of mind and felt so uneasy so that he couldn’t sleep. “Falun Dafa practitioners live by the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance to cultivate themselves and become good people, which benefits everyone. However, the CCP employed all sorts of cruel methods to persecute the Falun Dafa practitioners in China, destroying the kindness in human nature. If I do not stand up and tell people the truth, am I still fit to be a cultivator?” As these thoughts entered his mind, he became clear.

When he was once again informed about an upcoming activity at the Chinese Embassy, without any hesitation Mr. Zhu decided to go and participate. He said, “No matter what happens, I should go.” He was very calm in his heart as he felt that he was just following the direction of kindness.

The endless night continued, and the evil persecution was still going on. The practitioners decided to head to the Chinese Embassy and let their appeal to stop the persecution of Falun Dafa be heard. 

In the spring of 2003, the Falun Dafa practitioners in Denmark started their peaceful protest in front of the Chinese Embassy for an hour every day. Since then, people can see Mr. Zhu and the other practitioners meditate in front of the Chinese Embassy almost every day.

Tour Guide: “This Is One Of Denmark’s Tourist Attractions”

Mr. Zhu said, “The embassy is the place where people can learn the truth about Falun Dafa. The people from the Chinese Embassy can also see the kindness and tenacious determination of cultivators of Falun Dafa. Through so many years, the surrounding residents, Danes, and Chinese who come to the embassy to settle matters are all able to see, too. They all get the chance to know more about what Falun Dafa, this group of cultivators, is all about.”

People gradually changed from “Do not know” and “Not sure about it” to “I know about it” and “What can I do for you?” There have been many touching stories over these past 18 years. The previous few years were a peak period, with many Chinese people traveling overseas. Many people came to the embassy every day. Sometimes, big buses full of Chinese tourists visited the Chinese Embassy.

Mr. Zhu recalled that there was once a tour guide who came by and said, “I specifically brought these people (Chinese tourists) over to let them see that there are cultivators of Falun Dafa overseas.” Mr. Zhu was deeply moved and said, “Yes, we are here because of kind thoughts, and so that kindhearted people will get to see hope. In other countries, students from China understood the truth through the practitioners who protested in front of their Chinese Embassy, and some ultimately joined in to cultivate.”

Practitioners recently made a banner with the Chinese words “Quit the CCP and its Affiliated Organizations to Attain Safety and Peace.” Mr. Zhu said, “Opportunities are given to everyone, including the staff from the embassy. Our protest is not directed at them. Life is precious so we hope that they can make the correct choice.”

“I Only Trust Falun Dafa Practitioners”

Mr. Zhu also said, “As long as we are here, we will remind people that the CCP is still persecuting Falun Dafa. Day after day, year after year, I believe that sincerity and kindness can dissolve all the elements that are incorrect.”

An official from Tianjin, who used to work for the 610 Office, had access to information about the Falun Dafa practitioners that were persecuted within the area that he was in charge of. There was also information about Mr. Zhu: Due to his practicing Falun Dafa, Mr. Zhu’s three companies were closed down, his assets were frozen, and all his employees were fired. However, there was no record of him breaking the law.

Later, this official became a witness and had the chance to come overseas to testify to the crimes that have been committed by the CCP and the 610 Office. As this official knew the evil nature of the CCP, which kills people to silence them, and which has special agents throughout the whole world, he was very frightened and worried. When he was invited to Denmark to participate in a human rights meeting, he said, “I only trust Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhu. I hope that he can come and receive me at the airport.” When people know the truth, they will no longer be deceived by the lies and will make the correct choice.

Member of a Human Rights Group: "I Want to Question the Chinese Embassy"

One day, a human rights activist stopped by to take some materials and asked many questions. “How long have you all been here?” “Is there anyone from the embassy who comes out to question you all and show concern about the problem that Falun Dafa is facing?” After learning more about the situation, this woman became angry. When she heard about the persecution of Falun Dafa and the CCP’s crime of forced organ harvesting from illegally detained Falun Dafa practitioners, she was even more alarmed. She said, “I will write a letter to the Chinese Embassy today to question them as to why they do not come out and listen to the voices of these people. Why has forced organ harvesting taken place, and why has it not been stopped?!”

There were also some people who work near the Chinese Embassy who pass by the practitioners every day. Many of them stopped to take the materials and after reading them, they came over the next day to learn more. After that, whenever they pass the practitioners, they put their palms together in a gesture of respect or give a thumbs up to express their support for the practitioners.

“If the Persecution Does Not Stop, We Will Not Stop!”

There are kindergartens, schools, small parks, and libraries near the Chinese Embassy in Copenhagen. Therefore, many students pass by the practitioners every day. Some are in kindergartens while some are secondary or primary school students. The lower primary school students are led by their teachers. As they pass the embassy, the teachers explain to them that these are Falun Dafa practitioners and the reason that they are here is because of the evil deeds of the CCP in persecuting Falun Gong. They also repeat the words on the banner “Falun Dafa is good.” Some even greet the practitioners in Chinese.

“Sometimes when they see that we have closed our eyes to meditate, students who were laughing and joking around will immediately become quiet when they come up to us and they walk by quietly. These kids are very sensitive and very pure.” Mr. Zhu was very moved. “It has been 18 years. The kindergarten students are now reaching the age to enter university. Every year, there will be new children who are starting to enter kindergartens and grade schools. So many people have gotten to know ‘Falun Dafa is good’ here and the scene of Falun Dafa practitioners quietly meditating has been imprinted on their memories.”

It has not been easy to persist for 18 years. When asked, “Have you ever thought of quitting? Have you ever questioned whether all this is worth it?” Mr. Zhu replies, “Even if it is just to see these kids, you will feel that it is worth it. To put it accurately, I do feel lonely at times, especially when there is only me. However, often at these times, there will be people who ask questions or give a warm hello and give me the thumbs up.” Mr. Zhu added, “I don’t think about it too much. Our initial thought was: If the persecution does not stop, we will not stop.”

Eighteen years’ time is almost a generation. Mr. Zhu Xuezhi and Xiao Ying’s daughter, whose passport application was rejected because her parents practice Falun Dafa, became a baby without a nationality 18 years ago. Now, as she is about to graduate from high school, she is a young woman. Mr. Zhu said that, although he lost money and assets, he has lived his life to the fullest. This is because all Falun Dafa practitioners firmly believe that we all have the freedom to believe, freedom is priceless, the persecution must be stopped, and conscience will return.

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