(Minghui.org) When the Shanghai police harassed Ms. Wu Xiaojie for her faith in Falun Gong, they also arrested two more Falun Gong practitioners who were there caring for her, as she was incapacitated. Ms. Wu Yuqin (with no relation to Ms. Wu Xiaojie) and Ms. Wang Yanyu have been held in a detention center for over two weeks and their current situation isn’t clear.

Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is a spiritual discipline that has been persecuted by the Chinese communist regime since 1999.

Ms. Wu Xiaojie became bedridden after a car accident years ago. She felt so hopeless that she often thought about committing suicide. Her life changed after she began to practice Falun Gong in 2012. She soon recovered and was able to live a normal life. In 2019, however, her husband suddenly passed away and his family demanded she sell their house to give them a share of his estate. She was traumatized and lost her ability to take care of herself.

With her son still studying in college, the bedridden Ms. Wu, who couldn’t walk or even move her neck, relied on local Falun Gong practitioners to get her some food, and sometimes she ate once every three days. Unable to wash dishes, she could only struggle to clean one with a napkin and use it next time.

Despite her situation, the local residential committee and officers from the Ganquan Police Station forcibly collected her blood sample in April 2021. Two months later, the police confiscated all her Falun Gong books and left her door unlocked so that they could come in at anytime.

When Ms. Wu Yuqin and Ms. Wang went to visit Ms. Wu Xiaojie and help her clean her bedpan on June 28, 2021, someone suddenly knocked on the door, asking for Ms. Wu Xiaojie’s signature on a package. Ms. Wu never ordered a package, but her two guests opened the door. Nearly ten officers forced their way in. Without a search warrant, they took away all the Falun Gong books that the two visiting practitioners had given to Ms. Wu and her music player for Falun Gong exercise music. Ms. Wu Yuqin and Ms. Wang were then arrested and taken to the Putuo Detention Center.

After 11:30 p.m. that night, two officers returned to harass Ms. Wu Xiaojie and asked her to sign the search warrant. She refused to comply.

Around the same time, officers of the Yichuan Police Station harassed Ms. Wu Yuqin’s husband, Mr. Qian Shengli, and asked him to sign a document but without providing any information about it. He refused to sign as well.

Ms. Wang’s latest arrest came just two weeks after she was released from a previous detention. A native of Jilin Province, she was on the run to avoid persecution for her faith, but she was arrested at Kunshan Train Station in Shanghai after the police searched her bag and found Falun Gong books in it. She was held at the Putuo Detention Center for half a month and then Changning Detention Center for another half-month.

Perpetrators’ contact information:
Li Zhaojun (李兆军), head of Ganquan Police Station: +86-21-22048250, +86-21-56051745
Yichuan Police Station: +86-21-22048200, +86-22048226, +86-21-56093166Putuo Detention Center: +86-21-22049922, +86-21-22049932

(More perpetrators’ contact information is available in the original Chinese article.)

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