(Minghui.org) A non-Chinese local practitioner recently took a picture of us doing the exercises at our practice site. He commented that every one of us looked really serious, even a bit sad, and that applied to every single practitioner there. He passed his observations to the site coordinator, who told me about it with a serious tone of voice. 

The comment was truthful. My child came to our exercise site a few years ago and then told me, “You looked sad and angry.” I did not think much about it then and soon forgot about it. But this time I had to take the observation seriously. When we are doing the exercises, we are supposed to “maintain a serene expression on the face.” (“Chapter II Illustrations and Explanations of the Exercise Movements,” The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection

The expression on my face has been the opposite of what Master requires of us and seems to have become worse over the years. 

Master said:

“Another situation is called “unknowingly practicing an evil cultivation way.” What is unknowingly practicing an evil cultivation way? It is when someone does an evil practice without realizing it. This problem is very common and simply too widespread. As I said the other day, many people practice qigong with wrong thoughts on their minds. Though they are practicing a standing exercise there with their hands and legs shaking from fatigue, their minds are not at rest. One is thinking, “Prices are going up. I have to go shopping after finishing the exercises. If I don’t hurry up, things will be more expensive.” Another person thinks, “The workplace is now allocating housing. Will I get a unit? The person in charge of allocating housing is always at odds with me.” The more this person thinks about it, the angrier he becomes, “He won’t assign me a unit for sure. How should I fight him...” All kinds of thoughts crop up. As I said earlier, they make comments from family issues to state affairs. When they get to the parts that anger them, the more they talk, the more upset they become.” (Lecture Five, Zhuan Falun)

I had not really met any of the requirements set by Master. While doing the exercises, my mind was always active, thinking about all sorts of things, including angry thoughts sometimes. It was not surprising that my facial expression was never one of serenity. Thankfully, I was alerted to the problem. Master has always said it is good for us to do exercises at an exercise site. 

The site coordinator said, “We should all be smiling.” He certainly smiles all the time and always does the exercises every day. A non-Chinese practitioner once told him that he carried good energy and it felt good to be around him. I had done so badly in comparison. 

I had strayed from Dafa's requirements without realizing it. Not long ago I had wondered why I wasn’t reaping the benefits of the exercises and why I lacked enough strength in my hands to even open a bottle. Worse still, I did not look within for the cause, but instead felt doubt about Master and Dafa. I was so glad that the issue had come up now and had given me a chance to make amends. 

Master said: 

“It doesn't matter that you fell down, it doesn't matter! Quickly get up!” (“Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”)

I now always remind myself to “maintain a serene expression on the face.” I need to be smiling, whether I am doing the exercises or washing the dishes. While sitting in front of my computer, I sometimes touch my face to check that I am wearing a smile. When in front of a mirror, I make sure to compose myself into a smile. I take every opportunity to radiate good energy.

I would like to remind my fellow practitioners: are you maintaining a serene expression on your face and smiling now?

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