(Minghui.org) Master said,

“Every single thing that makes up creation, wherever it may be in the universe, is alive and has thinking, and whatever it does, no matter the level that it exists at, is an embodiment of the Way of the universe.” (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun)

The existence of life is beyond what we see with the naked eye. Divine beings are also not limited to Buddhas sitting on a lotus flower seat, or Taoists holding horsetail whisks. There are many other types of life existence that we are unaware of.

Karma and Attachments

I have experienced physical discomfort for the past one and a half years. It did not significantly affect my daily life, nor did I consider it a test of life and death. Nonetheless, I knew it was not right to keep it this way. But no matter how much I wanted get rid of it, the situation did not improve.

Master said,

“In other dimensions everything is alive, and karma is no exception.” (The Sixth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I now have a better understanding of this sentence. In the past, due to human notions, I only thought karma was like bacteria or other types of microorganisms. Because of those thoughts, my understanding of the Fa was limited to that level.

We can see the power of the Fa once we overcome our human notions. Otherwise, those vicious elements far exceed human thoughts and can affect us.

We need to recognize that those thoughts are not us, even on the most microscopic level. When talking to practitioner Mei several days ago, I asked, “Several practitioners who passed away in our areas had begun to practice Dafa before the persecution started in 1999 – just like you, how could they not overcome the test?” One of them was quite young and Mei knew her well.

“My understanding is that, as the Fa-rectification continues, more and more places are cleaned up. The vicious elements have fewer and fewer places to stay,” she said, “They may hide in Dafa disciples’ attachments and human notions.”

I nodded. This shows the importance of personal cultivation.

“It is easier said than done. It could be critical and difficult at the final stage. In fact, things will work out if we follow Master’s Fa and focus on solid cultivation,” she explained.

I also agree with this. After all, attachments and karma are the manifestation of vicious beings. How can we acknowledge them? This is what Master said,

“Born Anew

As the Righteous Fa spreads,Untold fiends try to impede,Yet sentient beings      do still gain salvation,And human notions change,The degenerate things purged,Brightness now shines forth.”(Hong Yin)

Interference from Old Forces

Master said,

“The old forces are in essence gigantic trials and tribulations that accompany you at all times, focused on whether in Fa-rectification Dafa disciples are able to step forward.” (“Be Clearheaded,” The Essentials of Diligent Progress III)

These words helped me better understand the relationship of the old forces and tribulations. In fact, there are all kinds of existence of life. Cultivation is not sitting on the couch drinking tea. Rather, we have to overcome various challenges. The more tribulations we overcome, the faster we can move forward. This is what we Dafa disciples should do.

Master has told us that there is always a path for us Dafa disciples. We should not acknowledge the old forces at all. By then, the seemingly difficult tribulations are essentially nothing. This is how we oppose the old forces with actions. We can then see the power of Dafa.

I did not realize this in the past because I was blocked by karma and the old forces. I have come to understand that Master has been looking after us all this time. Only by overcoming all human notions can we walk toward the divine.

There are such experiences in many experience-sharing articles. That is, when a practitioner lets go of complaints or resentment, someone who has not been in contact for a long time suddenly calls, and longstanding conflicts are then resolved. How did the message suddenly get through? Once someone opens up their mind, instead of being limited by human notions, he or she will come to a better understanding and remain diligent in cultivation.

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