(Minghui.org) Udumbara flowers have been seen in bloom in different cities in Texas recently. Falun Dafa practitioners who have seen these tiny flowers have felt blessed and full of hope.

Udumbara flowers have neither leaves nor petals and are as delicate as silk. Each flower stands and blooms individually in a different formation each time.

In the spiritual community, the udumbara flower is regarded as something very auspicious and is often referred to as a heavenly flower. According to Buddhist scriptures, the udumbara is a sacred flower from Buddhas' realms. It is said to bloom only once every 3,000 years, and its appearance at this time in human history indicates that the Holy King who turns the wheel is in the human world.

Udumbara flowers are believed to only bloom when there is great virtue in the world.

Udumbara flowers

Falun Dafa practitioners believe that the appearance of these flowers means that the heavens are revealing a secret to the human world. Ever since the spread of Falun Dafa, udumbara flowers have been seen in bloom in every country and region. This is a hint that Falun Dafa is saving sentient beings and that this once in a millennia opportunity should not be missed.

Shen Yun Performing Arts performed a dance piece called “The Udumbara’s Bloom” and many audience members expressed their insights and feelings after watching the dance.

Javier Biosca, a well-known economist, said that he enjoyed watching the dance piece about the flowers. He understood from his faith that this is the time when God returns to the world to save mankind again. He said the udumbara flower is a miracle and it is a signal left to us by God.

The CEO of the Longdingpuli Co., Ltd. in Taiwan also felt something very spiritual in the dance performance. She said that the Holy King who turns the wheel has arrived in the world and everything in Shen Yun felt very real to her.

Nanetter Forteza, an American audience member, said she started to cry when she saw the dance piece “The Udumbara’s Bloom.” She said the beauty of the dance was rooted deeply into her heart and the performance was full of Gods and Buddhas’ compassion to mankind.

Erin Redgrave, an American audience member, believed the performance was a sign for people to wake up. He believed it was a divine signal sent to us and we need to follow that path.

Lynn Pentz, an American audience member, said that udumbara flowers have already bloomed worldwide, just as portrayed in Shen Yun. This is a sign that the Holy King is here, and the divine is really here.

Below is a poem that describes blooming udumbara flowers:

Celestial flowers bloom everywhereThe Creator is now here to save sentient beingsDafa spreads to save peopleOnly by respecting Gods and Divine will there be peace

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