(Minghui.org) In early 2021, my sister, a practitioner, said that the Epoch Times newspaper outside a store was often stolen. {We know the Chinese consulate hired some people to steal them, to not to let people know the truth.) She wanted me to work with her on a shift to watch the paper outside the store. I then started watching over the paper and clarified the truth in front of this store once a week.

Once, two women, one in her 20s and the other in her 60s rolled up a stack of papers and ran away. I walked up to them, held the newspapers, and said to them with a smile but also with dignity, “I’m sorry, but these newspapers were all paid for by Falun Gong practitioners. It’s not good for you to take so many at once and waste them. You know people say there are spiritual beings three feet above one’s head so it is not good to take away the paper in this way.”

The young girl ran away immediately. I continued to talk to the older woman, “Traditional Chinese principle holds that doing good will be rewarded and doing bad will be punished.” She said awkwardly, “I am taking these for my neighbors.” I said, “You can only take one copy. After you read it, you can pass it on to the neighbors.” I then told her, “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pays people to steal the newspapers informing people of the truth. It will meet its doom. People who help the evil do bad things will also take the responsibility by themselves.” I told her more about good is rewarded, and evil meets with evil.

Then, I told her the truth about Falun Gong, including the staged Tiananmen self-immolation incident. I also shared my experiences of the significant changes in my body and mind after I practicing Falun Gong. In the end, I said, “I believe you are also a kind person. Please do not take more than one paper in the future and please tell people the truth that I just told you.” Finally, she thanked me, seeming to feel embarrassed.

Once, I met with a couple who went up directly to the paper shelf, quickly took the newspapers, and ran away. I came up and held the newspapers after greeting them. I talked to them with kindness and compassion. I think they could feel that Dafa practitioners were genuinely doing them good when stopping their bad deeds. At the same time, I also spoke with seriousness to let them feel the dignity of Falun Dafa.

Maintain the State of Cultivating as if I Were Just Starting

To save time, I directly came from work without lunch. Once, I thought about eating something, so I walked a few steps away and looked at the window menu posted outside of a snack bar. It was only a few steps past the newspapers. However, when I turned around, all the newspapers were gone! At once, regret flashed into my mind. I realized I should not have left the newspapers unwatched.

When I got home, I couldn’t calm down. I knew it happened because my mind was not pure, and I had loopholes. I was frustrated and felt regret. For so many years, no matter where I clarified the truth, I always stayed there for the whole morning, afternoon, or evening. I never walked around, and I had never thought of going to eat or drink when I clarified the truth. Then, why did I wander around this time.

I looked inward. I realized that my cultivation state was out of order, and I developed an attachment to comfort. I then realized I recently also developed the attachment of zealotry because I could distribute truth-clarification materials very well. I was satisfied, and thus developed the attachment of zealotry.

But, then I thought, “Even if I have a problem with my practice, I will correct myself by following Dafa. I do not allow the old forces to take advantage of this loophole.” I started to send forth righteous thoughts for a long time to cleanse myself.

After sending forth righteous thoughts, I thought, “I must get the newspapers back. Whoever took the newspapers may have retribution and must realize that stealing the Epoch Times was a bad thing. I hoped the retribution would help the person realize that it was a bad thing and would not steal the newspapers again.”

Master said, 

“...When disciples have ample righteous thoughts,Master has the power to turn back the tide.”(“The Master-Disciple Bond,” Hong Yin II)

Master also told us disciples that righteous thoughts are powerful. A miracle happened. The next day, my sister called to say that it turned out the store manager had taken the newspapers, and that he had brought them back. Dafa is really amazing. I realized Master is always beside us. 

From then on, I was no longer absent-minded when I watched over newspapers and always maintained a mindset as if I was just starting. The effect of saving people became better. The store owner no longer attempted to take away our papers, he even started to put other truth-clarification materials on its newspaper shelves.

However, a few days later, probably due to the pressure from the Chinese consulate, the store owner changed his mind again. He removed the newspaper shelves and posted a notice that “The contents of the leaflets and newspapers have nothing to do with this store.” 

In those days, I could feel the evil atmosphere in the other dimension every day. I was not moved at all. I knew it was a test of my righteous thoughts. I discussed the situation with my sister.

We memorized what Master has said, 

“Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in springRighteous thoughts can save the people in this world”(“The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos,” Hong Yin II)

We reminded each other to maintain the compassion of a practitioner, no matter what was happening. No matter what people said to us, we just smiled and replied kindly.

We figured out a way to solve the issue of no shelves. We placed the paper on a box and put the materials in plastic bags. It became more convenient for people to get them.

Coincidentally, my daughter was working in a shopping mall. Because of the CCP virus (COVID-19) epidemic, the stores had many extra plastic shopping bags of good quality. They sold these bags at low prices to the staff. My daughter happened to buy many of these bags, and the size was just right for the truth-clarification materials. When my daughter, a non-practitioner, saw the best use of the bags, she was happy and told me she could buy as many as I need.

Clarify the Truth with Wisdom

In the process of distributing truth-clarifying materials, I did not waste any material. I never randomly gave them out. Instead, I only gave it out to people who accepted the truth about Falun Gong.

There is a Chinese language school near this store, and almost all of the students are from mainland China. So I met with many young Chinese students.

Once a student from China sat on the railing next to me, waiting for a friend. I handed him informational materials, and he said he didn’t want them. Showing him the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and The Ultimate Goal of Communism, I said, “These two books cover the recent history of the CCP. I do not want you to do anything after you read them. As a student, you will benefit from reading the books. After you learn more and know more truth, you can make sound judgments when you encounter things.” He said, “That makes sense. I will take them.” He wanted to pay me. I said, “The books are free. Please pass them to your friends after you read them.” He said, “Thank you, Auntie!” 

On a long weekend, a young man in his 20s came up to me and asked for books and truth-clarifying materials. I said, “Young man, you are also taking a few days off, right?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Listen to me and take a whole day to read these books, and you will understand the nature of the CCP.”

Another time, I saw a girl and two boys sorting out their purchases in front of the store. As soon as I saw their excitement, I knew they were newcomers. So I went up to them and asked, “Hey kids, how long have you been in Japan?” They said, “20 days.” They also told me they were preparing to attend the language school nearby.”

I said, “Since you have come overseas, you should read more of the truth that you could not have access to in China.” They all agreed. I told them I had been in Japan for more than 20 years, and they could come and ask for help if they have any difficulties every Monday afternoon. I told them I would help them as much as I could. They were very touched. They all took the Dafa informational materials and thanked me.

A few days ago, a young man in his 20s played with his cell phone, waiting for his mother. I went up to greet him and gave him the truth materials. Without looking up, he said, “No. Thanks.” I thought that anyone from the mainland who can say thanks is kind. I would usually tell them the truth.

Since he was focusing on his cell phone, it suddenly occurred to me that I could share with him a truth-clarification video. So, I took out my phone and opened a link to truth-clarification videos on my phone. He took my phone and watched the video until his mother finished her grocery shopping.

I realized that as long as we have a pure heart to save people, Master will bring sentient beings to us to hear the truth. Master will also give us wisdom under different situations.

Eliminate Notions and Attachment

When I started distributing the “Nine Commentaries” and “The Ultimate Goal of Communism,” I was able to give out three copies of various books each time, in addition to the newspaper. 

One day, I saw I had six copies of the Nine Commentaries and six copies of The Ultimate Goal of Communism at home. I thought to myself, “How can I leave these books at home when it’s so urgent to save people? I will take them all with me. As a result, all 12 books were distributed that day. From that day on, I broke my notion of being satisfied with three copies each time and took as many as possible with me.

I also realized that we cannot have any notions when we clarify the truth. Once I saw an older woman on crutches and in worn clothes. She looked dirty so I subconsciously took a few steps to the side. But I immediately realized that it was not compassionate and felt very guilty. I walked back to where I stood right away.

At that moment, the older woman came up straight to me. She felt into her pockets, took out some money, and put it into my pocket. I was surprised and declined again and again, but she insisted and left without saying a word. I could not give it back to her. I knew it was an encouragement to eliminate my attachment to judging people by their appearance.

I work in the morning and distribute truth-clarifying materials in the afternoon. In order to save time, I had to bring the materials to work and carry them to the store. On my way, I have to pass two staircases which are under construction.

One day I said to my daughter, “I had some pain in my shoulder lately. Probably the box of materials is too heavy for me to carry every day.” My grandson heard it and said, “Grandma, when you think the weight of the box is nothing, you won’t feel the weight anymore.” I suddenly realized I had a notion and thus removed it. I felt again the wonderfulness of cultivation.

It was like what Master said, “You know, it’s just like the layers of an onion being peeled off one by one until eventually the core is reached.” (Teachings at the Conference in New Zealand)

I will remember what Master told us in prior teachings and treat all people with compassion. 

I feel sorry in my heart for those people who do not know the truth yet. I knew I saved too few people. To save people, we have to cultivate ourselves well, and we have to stay diligent to cultivate ourselves. At the same time, I am glad that I have this opportunity to watch over the Epoch Times newspaper and tell people the truth.

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