(Minghui.org) Ms. Jin, who is a senior Falun Dafa practitioner, was imprisoned for her belief, and local practitioners were trying to get her released.

Her family members are also Dafa practitioners. When I went to her home, both her daughters Lian and Bei were there. After I informed them of my intent to help get their mother released, they told me that she had been illegally sentenced to a five-year prison term and was incarcerated in prison a few hundreds miles away. A little over a year had passed since then, and they had no idea of her present situation.

Lian agreed to go with me to see her in the prison, but Bei did not. I asked Bei to go outside and discuss the matter. We talked, and at past nine p.m., we agreed that she would come with us to the prison to seek their mother’s release.

Lian came to see me the next day, and said that she would demand her mother’s release the following day. She also said that she had already hired a cab, and would leave at five a.m. Two more family members would join us, making it five of us.

I was caught off guard. When I asked her what she had planned, she said there was no plan. This was my first time in any efforts to rescue fellow practitioners, and wondered how to go about this.

Master said,

“The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts.” (“Drive Out Interference,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I had a thought that with the help of Master and the Fa, I must strengthen my righteous thoughts, help Lian build up her confidence, and strengthen her righteous energy.

Master Was Beside Us

I was able to contact a few practitioners, and asked them to help us send forth righteous thoughts. The next day, we took the cab and headed for the prison.

We’d been sending forth righteous thoughts on our way there. When we arrived at the prison, we sent righteous thoughts, casting out a powerful word - “Eliminate,” to cover the entire prison, and leaving the old forces with no chance to interfere with us. At the same time, we asked for Master Li’s help so we could take Ms. Jin home.

A few people came out from the courtyard. They held shovels and checked on the rain around the prison. They saw us, and asked why we were there. Lian and Bei said they wanted to take their mother home. I said that I came for my aunt. They looked at us and one of them said “day dreaming,” and then they left.

The prison was in the middle of nowhere. There were no roads, or any place we could buy some food. It was already afternoon, and we couldn’t get into the prison, nor see Ms. Jin. Two practitioners went out to get some food for us, before heading home. Lian, Bei and myself stayed.

It was a rainy day, and we had no place to go. We squatted on a grassy area in the rain to eat. We had stayed in the rain in front of the prison entrance for about five hours. The security guard was moved and opened the security room to let us go inside. We took the opportunity to clarify the facts to him.

He told us that he’d read Zhuan Falun, the main teachings of Falun Dafa, a few times, but didn’t want to start practicing. He also said that Dafa practitioners from outside of China keep calling the prison.

We told him that Master Li Hongzhi, Falun Dafa’s founder, asks us to be considerate of others in all situations. We also told him that Dafa has helped people recover from their illnesses, and kept them fit. We told him our experiences of how each of us has benefited from the practice.

One of us talked, while the others sent forth righteous thoughts. We experienced a wonderful feeling, and felt that Master was right beside us. Under Master’s protection, we worked well with one another. We had no fear, only a wish for the security guard to learn the truth. We told him that practitioners are good people, who haven’t committed any crime. Whoever persecutes us would suffer retribution. Protecting practitioners would bring one virtue and a bright future.

As we continued talking to him, his consciousness seemed to awaken. He said, “Let me call my supervisor to see what he says.” But his supervisor didn’t say anything. We pushed the guard to call his supervisor again, and after he called several times, his supervisor finally agreed to let us see Ms. Jin.

Working on the Release

Ms. Jin was doing well and she still had strong righteous thoughts. We wanted to help her return home right away, but we couldn’t see anyone in charge for the whole day. So we decided to stay in the nearby city for the night.

The next day, we went back to the prison. We waited in the courtyard, until a security guard came and told us to leave. We didn’t listen to him, and went into the courtyard. We still didn’t see anyone in charge, but we continued to talk to whomever we ran into.

Since we were there the day before, they all knew why we were there. No matter who we met, we tried to awaken their conscience, and asked them if they could help us.

We met prisoners, workers, and police officers. We told all of them that practitioners are good people, and didn’t commit any crimes. We also asked for their help to get Ms. Jin released.

Some replied, “Sorry but I can’t help.” Some just smiled at us. We stayed there all day talking to everyone we met. We headed back to the city in the evening to stay overnight again.

On the third day, we went back to demand Ms. Jin’s release. It wasn’t until I made several calls through this security guard that we finally got to see the person in charge.

At first, Lian and Bei, Ms. Jin’s family members, went to talk with him, so I waited outside. After a while, I went and stood by the door to listen in on their conversation. I heard that there was a slight confrontation between Lian and the person in charge.

I said to them, “Please don’t get upset. Think about it, who doesn’t have parents, or elderly ones in their family? This elderly lady is held in this prison, her daughter is worried about her. This elderly lady was in poor health and needed her children to take care of her, but since she started practicing Falun Dafa she became independent, and could even give her children a hand in their day-to-day lives. It is true that her children are worried about her being held in here? She’s a wonderful person. Please release her!”

The person in charge said that Ms. Jin was being held because she made informational materials about Falun Dafa. Bei responded right away, “What came out of the propaganda machine [TV, radio and newspapers] were all lies to defame Dafa. All she did was to tell people the truth.”

The person listened quietly. We worked together to awake his conscience, and sent forth righteous thoughts. Then he left.

When he came back a while later, he said, “Please go home. We’ll discuss this and then give you a call.”

All Practitioners Working Together

After we returned home, the coordinator asked practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts. Some wrote truth-clarification letters, while others made phone calls. Ms. Jin’s family members kept calling the prison, and went there every few days to demand her release. I put together truth-clarification letters, helped find relevant information, and kept track on the progress of this matter.

We felt a very powerful righteous field, since almost every local practitioner participated in this rescue effort. After 20 days, we were notified by the prison to come and get Ms. Jin.

The day we went to pick her up was a glorious, sunny day. Four practitioners went, including her two family members. The person in charge of the prison came out to receive us. He looked very seriously at first. Then when he saw me he smiled.

He told a guard to fetch Ms. Jin, collect her belongings and get her paperwork done. He also wrote a note and told us to pass it on to our local police station.

We just ignored it, and threw it away later. Nobody from the police station asked us for anything, nor did we have any interference after that.

On our way out of the prison, I looked up, and saw people upstairs, downstairs, in the hallway, and courtyard smiling at us. Some of them also gave us the thumbs-up.

Through rescuing this practitioner, we managed to work and improve together as one body. It has been over ten years since then. I couldn’t remember all of the details, but I tried to write down all that I remembered.

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