(Minghui.org) It has been 23 years since I began to cultivate in Falun Dafa at 14 years old. I’ve been through hardship, happiness and bitterness, but most of all I feel joyful for returning to my original, true self through cultivation.

Overcoming Difficulties With Master’s Encouragement

Two years prior to the persecution of Falun Dafa was the happiest time of my life. After the persecution started, there was one year my father was illegally sentenced to prison and my mother was taken to a forced labor camp. My younger brother had just graduated from high school and was about to start college. I was home alone.

My parents were dismissed from work because they refused to give up their belief in Falun Dafa. Therefore, we had no source of income. However, every time when I went to visit my parents, or when it came time for my brother to submit his tuition fee, we had the wherewithal to pay the fee. When the time had come, there was always someone paying off their debt to us. I knew it was Master painstakingly arranging it this way, and also because my parents helped others in the past.

My home was where a group of practitioners met to study the Fa. When my parents weren’t around, there were still people coming to attend Fa-study, and we always kept it open.

My neighbor was a new practitioner who had very limited education. At the beginning when she came to my home, I didn’t want her there, as she read too slowly. Then, I let go of my ego and taught her how to read, word by word. One time, we spent two hours studying two pages in Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa.

At night, when I was sleeping, I dreamed I was doing the standing exercises in my backyard. Suddenly the East lit up, heavenly maidens appeared, casting flowers and accompanied by heavenly music. After I awoke, I knew that Master was encouraging me for doing the right thing. Master’s encouragement always inspired me to do well and not fall behind.

Rescuing a Practitioner

Ms. Jin, whom I knew very well, was arrested. After I learned what happened, I spoke with her family to get more information. The police told her family that they would detain her for five days, so her family members went home to wait for her release. However, five days later, she was secretly taken to a municipal brainwashing center instead.

After sharing with fellow practitioners, we reached a consensus to send forth righteous thoughts for her around the clock. Then, I visited her family members. I discussed with her niece and nephew, and we decided to visit her at the brainwashing center.

In the car, her family members’ righteous thoughts inspired me. Her nephew said, “This time we shouldn’t have her sign any documents, nor should we.” He went on to say, “We are to obtain Dafa later on, so we shouldn’t leave any regrets for ourselves. We definitely won’t put down our signatures, but we’ll still get her back.”

After we arrived at the brainwashing center past 6 p.m., we walked through all the electronic doors. That was when a vicious-looking man entered the building. A woman also came down from upstairs. Three of us (including Ms. Jin’s nephew and niece) kept talking to her while I sent forth righteous thoughts nonstop.

She said she would arrange for Ms. Jin to come down. When we saw Ms. Jin, we did a quick sharing to encourage each other. After we returned home, we realized that we forgot to bring her back with us. Thus, we felt we hadn't finished our task. We went to the local appeals office the next day to report how police officers had arrested an elderly woman and asked that they release her.

We caused quite a stir at the appeals office. In the end, one staff member had to say, “We don’t deal with your matter here. You have to talk to so-and-so from the Political and Legal Affairs Committee.” We found out that this person was in charge of persecuting Ms. Jin.

We went to talk to him right away and explained the intent of our visit. We demanded Ms. Jin’s release, but he kept shirking his responsibility. After I came back home, I found his phone number and gave it to Ms. Jin’s niece. I asked her to make calls and send text messages frequently. Meanwhile, I sent materials to every complaints agency and called the provincial governor hotline to put more pressure on those involved.

About three weeks later, after the three family members discussed with each other, they felt they couldn’t wait at home anymore and had to go to the brainwashing center to demand her release.

After they made a big stir at the brainwashing center, they successfully brought Ms. Jin home without signing anything. During the process, I made a breakthrough in letting go of my fear and was able to step forward, even though I feel I did very little.

All I did was send forth righteous thoughts and go with them once to the brainwashing center. The outcome resulted from our forming one body and continually sending forth righteous thoughts. This success has also strengthened the righteous thoughts of other practitioners in our area.

Using My Divine Pen to Eliminate Evil Specters

The first time I came across a practitioner’s experience-sharing article that mentioned a “divine pen,” I felt I also had one. I finally put it to use after many years.

There was a mass arrest of Dafa practitioners in our area. All the coordinators, practitioners who participated in Dafa projects, and those with technical backgrounds were arrested. The environment was horrifying. After twelve days, the event still hadn’t been reported to the outside. I couldn’t wait any longer and felt I should do something quickly to expose the persecution. But then my fear flared up.

I thought to myself: I’m not very literate; can I really take this on? Also nobody had stepped forward yet, so why should I? In the battle between my fear and righteous thoughts, the latter gained the upper hand. Although I wasn’t well-educated, I had a divine pen bestowed upon me by Master!

My thinking changed. For things I didn’t know, I could learn. Since nobody took this on, it was my turn to step forward. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have this opportunity. When I realized I should do something but didn’t act on it, how could I be worthy of the title of a Dafa practitioner?

Since then, I have used my pen to validate Dafa. At the beginning, I didn’t know how to write, so I went to the Minghui website to download every article related to writing. I read every one of them and learned a great deal. I learned to collect materials, compile them into articles, and submit them to the Minghui website.

Some articles were published, and some were not. I also made fliers, truth-clarification stickers, and brochures. Articles exposing the persecution requires that we shock the evil, be compassionate to sentient beings, and leave out any personal feelings and notions.

After I made my submissions and the edited articles were returned to me, I reviewed the revisions made by Minghui editors closely to understand each change. I also downloaded persecution articles about cases across the country to check for similar cases. I also learned to nail down the key points and capture highlights that catch people’s attention.

When family members of persecuted practitioners began to hire upstanding lawyers, I followed their cases and reported on them in a timely manner. I expose local perpetrators and their words and actions to our local citizens in order to assist with rescuing practitioners and save people working in the police, procuratorate and legal departments from committing evil.

Exposing Perpetrators’ Crimes and Overcoming Fear

I exposed the crimes of the team leader of our local Domestic Security police. He was arrogant and vicious, and he has killed, caused to be disabled, and wounded several practitioners in our area.

He claimed that he was the one who beat a certain practitioner to death. I started by writing an article of about 3,000 words to expose his crimes, which was used by fellow practitioners to make fliers and stickers and spread them widely.

After that, he was quiet for a while. But the next year, domestic security police arrested about a dozen practitioners, one of whom was persecuted to death.

I shared my understandings of the situation with other practitioners and suggested we change our way of thinking. I suggested that we shouldn’t only write things regarding how he persecuted practitioners, as he wasn’t scared of exposure. He was only scared about losing his post. So, I felt we should expose how he had broken the law and charge him from there.

Fellow practitioners used their own networks and were able to collect a few facts in this regard. After I submitted the article, I traveled to his hometown to distribute the materials.

We reported on him online, mailed letters to every relevant department, and anonymously charged him with a crime. He was soon demoted and transferred out of his current position. Since then, we haven’t come across anything bad related to him from the Minghui website.

In the process of writing articles, sometimes when I came across scenes of practitioners being cruelly persecuted, I couldn’t hold back my tears. When I saw the perpetrators’ evil actions, I couldn’t help but develop hatred toward them. Fear also held me back; I worried whether I would also be persecuted and subjected to the same torture.

The call of the divine pen, however, made me wipe away my tears. My compassion come forth. I got over my fear and carried on with my mission so as not to let Master down.

I couldn’t have achieved a single step toward maturity without being cleansed by Dafa and Master’s guidance.

Many young practitioners have become lost amid the persecution, but Master has never given up on us. Each day is an opportunity, and when a day goes by it will never come back. What we lose is ours to regret forever.

Our beings came for the Fa, and Master is waiting for us to mature. Let’s strive forward together and return to our true home!

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