(Minghui.org) In March I wanted to visit my mother-in-law who lives in a small town in another province. I had to take one train to the capital city of my province, another to the capital of my mother-in-law's province, and another one to her town.

From past experience, I knew that security guards are usually on the lookout for Falun Dafa practitioners, so I didn’t carry any Dafa books and made sure my cell phone had no Dafa information on it.

Before I left home, I thought that I shouldn't let the agent at the gate search me, even though I wasn't carrying any Dafa books or materials. It might do the person harm to check me. So I sent righteous thoughts to clear any evil at the checkpoints and keep the scanner from reading my identification (ID) card. I also thought that, with Master next to me, no one was permitted to scrutinize me.

I swiped my ID card at the train station, and no bells went off. I changed trains at my provincial capital, then at her provincial capital, and arrived at my destination with no one questioning me.

I stayed at my mother-in-law’s home for a few days. I spent time with her and relaxed but was a bit lax in my cultivation.

The day I left to return home, I quickly sent righteous thoughts on the way to the station. However, when I swiped my ID card, the machine beeped and the security guard asked for my ID. “Why are you are still doing this?” I asked.

“What do you mean? What have you done?” he replied.

“I didn't do anything improper,” I said. “No one checked me when I came here, so why are you still checking?” “It is more strict now,” he said.

A uniformed agent told me to follow him and bring my luggage. I told him no one had checked me on my way there. He said, “It is our job.” He told me to open my luggage and handbag but only glanced at them superficially. I told him that I knew it was his job, but he should not believe everything he saw on TV.

Given this experience, I truly felt that Dafa disciples’ righteous thoughts are effective at preventing evil interference.

While I was doing the exercises later I thought: “The evil Party officers use the date on Dafa practitioners' ID cards to persecute them, but we are Dafa practitioners and cannot acknowledge anything the Party does. By sending righteous thoughts when we enter a station, we passively acknowledge their marking on our cards. We should remove all the marks they have made.”

I suggest all Dafa disciples send righteous thoughts to clear the marks the police have made on their IDs.

Editor’s note: This article represents the author’s personal understanding at present to share with fellow practitioners. Practitioners should “Compare with one another in study, in cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)

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