(Minghui.org) An article published on the Minghui website a few days ago mentioned some problems in the cultivation state of practitioners who are equipment or IT technicians (who help other practitioners produce truth-clarification materials). While I believe these practitioners need to address the issues that were cited, in the meantime, I want to discuss this issue from a different angle. In my view, the problem with the technicians’ individual cultivation issues may reflect the problems of the practitioners in the area as a whole. 

Diligent practitioners all know that a day is short and passes quickly. This is a big problem for the practitioners who help with maintaining and repairing our equipment. With cultivators anxiously waiting for the repairs to be finished, the technicians often work past midnight. To be able to calm down and study Fa well before they do any work is a test for them. 

As fellow practitioners, have we thought about reminding the technical practitioners to study the Fa well instead of hoping they will quickly fix our problems? Have we thought of helping them send righteous thoughts to compensate for their deficiencies in getting rid of the evil due to the time shortage? 

I feel that practitioners in my area have an attitude of looking down on the technician practitioners. This is a bit hypocritical. On the one hand, one needs their help to fix problems, so one behaves cordially and in a friendly manner toward them; on the other hand, one is judgmental when one sees their deficiencies. Aren't these issues due to attachment to jealousy and being contemptuous of others?

Technical practitioners come into contact with many people. If everyone looked at things this way, wouldn't it reflect a problem for us as a whole? The issue should not be any different because the practitioners do technical things. Their problems also reflect our own problems in cultivation. This is exactly where we need to improve ourselves. 

To truly help the technical practitioners, we need to find our own deficiencies and communicate with them in good faith.

Taking Action

I witnessed serious problems with some technical practitioners and knew I needed to talk with them as soon as possible. After several communications, some practitioners were a bit impatient. I continued to communicate with them for their sake when my xinxing was good, and they finally accepted my advice. 

There were times when my xinxing was not good and I felt upset by the practitioner's argumentative words, so I stopped talking. Later, when I realized my deficiency, the practitioner also found where her problems were. 

As to some people having a stronger attachment to fear, I feel it is related to the surrounding practitioners.

Importance of Safety 

Practitioners who are technicians often travel among practitioners to do maintenance. Many local practitioners, young or old, have not paid attention to cell phone safety for years. A technical practitioner told me many years ago that she wondered if she was wrong in insisting on mobile phone security, because none of the elderly practitioners paid attention to it. Everyone felt she was being overly cautious when she repeatedly reminded them. She doubted herself and asked me if those practitioners cultivated better, and had a better understanding of what was right or not.

I did not have a very good understanding of the Fa at the time and I hesitated. But I suggested to her that we not seek a high level, we just do what we need to do in our realm. We need to be responsible for ourselves and fellow practitioners, and should not do things on a whim without careful thinking. That would not be acting according to the Fa. She agreed, so she maintained her thought and kept emphasizing the importance of safety. 

Reminder Not Taken Seriously

A technical practitioner told me that she reminded another practitioner to take care of cell phone security before she went to her home to help her. The fellow practitioner agreed she would. But when the technician spent some time with the practitioner, she found the practitioner's cell phone lying next to a chair and the battery had not been removed. 

Attracting Attention

One practitioner called out the technical practitioner's name on seeing her and has done so for years. This behavior worried the technician. 

Giving Encouragement

Technical practitioners also have various tribulations, be it with their family or physical problems. They often don't share with people and just endure them on their own. I once asked a technician, after receiving a hint from Master, and found that her family had a problem. We talked about the issue and I gave her some encouragement. 

Making Aware of and Sharing Problems

After seeing some of the technical practitioners' deficiencies, I feel they are not their problems alone, because we, as one body, need to improve our xinxing. We need to think from the point of view of others, be unified, and take other practitioners' problems as our problems. The technicians' problems interfere with our saving people as a whole. If every one of us assumes responsibility for the group, I believe the cultivation state of the technicians will definitely improve. 

If local practitioners aren't sure what to do, they should start with something basic. To protect the technical practitioners and be considerate, we should all pay attention to safety when using cell phones. 

If financially feasible, one could upgrade one's computer to save technicians time and trouble. By appropriately helping the technical practitioners when we send righteous thoughts, we may help them reduce the pressure when their xinxing is interfered with by the evil. 

Most importantly, we need to look for our own deficiencies first when we see problems with a technician, and then discuss it with them kindly and with good intentions. 

Editor's note: This article represents the author's own understanding at present. If is for fellow practitioners' reference and mutual improvement.

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