(Minghui.org) I left my hometown and lived with my son for many years. I didn’t have much in savings. The price of a two-bedroom condo in my hometown is 200,000 yuan, but we don’t even have 50,000 yuan. If I wanted to buy one, I'd have to borrow money. So we hesitated to buy a condo in our hometown.

One day my son was very rude to me, so I didn’t want to live with him any longer. I planned to return to my hometown to buy a condo to avoid seeing him again. I called around and was able to borrow 200,000 yuan. The money would be available whenever I needed it, and a sister already brought me 25,000 yuan in cash.

It was Friday, and I planned to return to my hometown on Sunday to buy a condo. However, on Saturday morning when I got up to do the exercises as usual, I couldn’t stand very well. I didn’t continue to try to stand and went back to sleep instead. I couldn’t get up until noon. Two practitioners came by in the afternoon and sent forth righteous thoughts for me. I learned later that they came again that night and sent forth righteous thoughts for me from downstairs. But I didn’t get better.

I heard my son say to my husband, “Could it be possible that borrowing money to buy a condo made her sick?” I was also thinking about it: since I started practicing Falun Dafa, regardless of my cultivation state, I never stopped doing the exercises. I had to look within: Why would I want to buy a condo? I have attachments to reputation, showing off, and fighting. The more attachments I had, the heavier my body was, as Master has said: “… material and mental phenomena are the same in nature.” (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I then decided not to buy a condo, but I worried that my family might say I was always changing my mind. However, when I talked to my son and husband, both of them agreed with me. In my mind I thanked Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) and decided not to buy a condo. I calmed down and called around to tell people that I no longer needed to borrow money. I returned the 25,000 yuan to my sister.

I felt a sense of relief. I sat down and did the sitting meditation. After I finished the hand signs, when my hands were in the reinforcing position, energy suddenly penetrated my arms. I enlightened that the illusion of sickness was over. Indeed, it was as if nothing had happened; I felt very light and could move very well.

I understand that if I have sickness karma, I need to look inward for loopholes and catch up quickly. This way, it didn’t take me long to overcome the tribulation. However, if I still insisted that I was correct instead of looking within, regardless of how many fellow practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts for me, and regardless of how much effort I used trying to force myself to do the exercises, there wouldn’t be much improvement.

Everything happens for a reason. We must find our loopholes and fix them; in this way, the evil old forces won’t have an excuse to persecute us.

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