(Minghui.org) I am a resident of Shandong Province and I have been practicing Falun Gong since 1996.

During the massive suppression against Falun Gong in China, many practitioners have been abused including forced organ harvesting. Master Li (founder of Falun Gong) said, “Live organ harvesting has been commonplace in many hospitals across China. It was a directive straight from the evil.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the New York Fa Conference Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Dafa’s Spreading”)

Here I would like to share an incident that I encountered four years ago that shows forced organ harvesting does exist. 

A Secret

At that time I lived in a community of Jinan City, Shandong Province. One day, I saw an old man in his 60s outside my apartment building. He looked skinny and pale, like a retired government official. When I saw him, he was checking a dumpster to see if he could get some cardboard. 

I greeted him and we began to talk. He was indeed a retired government official. Coming from another city, he stayed at his son’s place. He seemed to be a nice person. 

“I was released from hospital recently and I am bored staying inside,” he said. So he thought he would pick up some cardboard and sell it. 

“But people who live in this community are wealthy in general. Is your son okay?” I asked.
“Because of my surgery, he has spent lots of money,” the man replied. 

“You are a retired government official. Aren't your medical expenses covered by insurance?” I was surprised and asked.
“Not everything. For the operation I received, only part of it could be reimbursed,” he explained. 

“Why not? Which hospital did you go to?” I asked. 
“Qianfoshan Hospital and it was a heart transplant. My son spent over 400,000 yuan on it. This cannot be reimbursed,” he continued. 

“I heard heart transplant is pretty easy nowadays. I knew several years ago people had to wait a long time because of the difficulty finding a matching organ,” I said. 

“Ugh! Society is too dark now. There are clearly labeled price tags for all kinds of organs. It's all shameful deeds!” He sighed. 
“Have you heard about live organ harvesting? Like those from Falun Gong practitioners?” I asked. 

He was nervous. After looking around and making sure no one else was around, he lowered his voice and said, “It’s a secret. Those people [from the hospital] told my son to never tell anything about this.” Then his tears started to fall.
“Had I known this earlier, I would not have had such a sinful operation even if I had to die!” He cried out. 

At that moment, I was almost certain this man’s organ was from a Falun Gong practitioner. Also in tears, I held his hands and said, “I know you are a kind person...” We cried together. 

Continuing on that topic, I told him what Falun Gong is and how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had harmed Chinese people during numerous political campaigns. I also talked about organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in many hospitals. 

“I already knew the Party was no good, but did not know it’s so evil. It is horrible!” he said. He then quit all CCP organizations. 

Blood Sampling at a Detention Center

This conversation also reminded me of an incident I had experienced several years before. 

Because of telling someone on the street about Falun Gong and the persecution, I was taken to a police station. Since I refused to provide my name, they sent me to a detention center. 

Several days passed and two guards took me to a separate room for blood sampling. I did not yield. Seeing this room had a security camera, they took me to another room, which looked spooky, like an operating room. 

“There is no security camera here,” one guard said, “No one will hear you even if you call out.”

“Why did you take me here? I don’t need any examination. Is it for blood and tissue matching for organ harvesting?” I asked. “You know, after every political campaign, the CCP would execute some perpetrators as scapegoats. Please don’t do bad things. It is not worth it!” 

The guards looked at each other and came up to me, each one holding one of my arms trying to forcibly take my blood sample. At that time, I had gone on a hunger strike for a few days and was very weak. Nonetheless, in my heart I begged Master Li for help and regained energy. I was able to struggle and get both arms free. In the end, they had no choice but to take me back. 

Upon returning to the cell, I asked if others had blood sampling. None of them did. 

The following day, my parents came to the detention center requesting my release. When seeing them in the meeting room, I burst into tears and cried hard. “If you did not come here today, you probably wouldn’t see me again. The guards tried to forcibly take my blood sample yesterday!” I said. 

The guard watching us heard me and promised they’d no longer draw my blood. 

Sooner or later, the dark secret of organ harvesting will be revealed to the entire world. 

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