(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa cultivator from Sweden and began practicing Dafa in 2016. I was recently inspired to write down an experience I had at the beginning of 2017, as I feel this was a unique experience and something that could hopefully inspire others to be more diligent in cultivation.

I had only been practicing Dafa for a few months. In that time, I went through massive changes in my mind and body. I felt I was uplifted to very high levels, and my body was purified many times. I often woke up in the middle of the night, sweating heavily. I met karmic creditors in others dimensions who tried to harm me because they could see I was elevating, but none of them could touch me.

My heart was put back into harmony, and my wisdom was unlocked through Master’s teachings. I could start my cultivation journey to find my true self and go back to my real home.

However, after several months of intense cultivation, I could sense some strange doubts arising deep inside me. There were thoughts circulating in my mind that told me, “You haven’t changed anything” and “You are only a bit more kind now, but what else has happened really?” I knew these thoughts were in stark contrast to what I had gone through after starting to practice Dafa, but I still couldn’t separate them and stop them from entering my mind. These thoughts went on for almost two weeks, day in and day out, and I started to feel a bit exhausted at being stuck.

After almost two weeks of having these powerful thoughts of doubt, I heard a voice in my dream that snapped me out of my muddleheadedness. As a response to my doubts, it said loudly and clearly, “So do you want to see then?” Without hesitation I said, “Yes, show me!” I firmly believed this voice came from Master.

Right after I said yes, I was thrown into a tunnel and started to travel at an incredible speed. I saw many lights and colors to the sides, and it was a really bumpy ride. I became a bit scared and wondered what I had said yes to.

After going through this tunnel of time and space, I suddenly woke up in my old room in my family home where I grew up. My mind was completely clear and lucid. I thought it was strange to be back there and got out of bed. As soon as I stood up, I knew somehow that this was the year 2007. I was back in my room as a 17-year-old confused teenager, but I still brought with me the mind of a cultivator.

An extremely odd feeling arose: on one side, I could sense how my mind was back in 2007, and on the other side I saw how it was after I started practicing Dafa in 2016. The difference was so huge! This was a complete shock!

I looked outside my room and saw a building collapse. I thought this was very strange. I had wanted to see if something had happened to me after obtaining the Fa, and it could not be more clear. But it was also frightening to be back in 2007! I thought about how I should act towards my parents since I had already lived through this period and came back from the future. Who would believe me? I went upstairs, and Mom was watching TV as usual. I slowly walked by into the kitchen, nervous and tense, not knowing what to tell her.

Then I had a thought: I need to reach out to the practitioner who inspired me to take up cultivation in Dafa; he would believe me! Even if I said that I came from the future and had been sent back ten years in time, he would believe me. I planned to tell him that he would meet my brother at his workplace in the future and that he would also start cultivating in Dafa. I was a bit relieved that there were Dafa cultivators I could talk to.

After turning it over in my mind many times, I realized I did so many bad things between ages 17 and 27 and that it would actually be best to re-live those years. Now that I brought with me the mind of a Dafa cultivator, I could redo all those years, avoid many mistakes, and base it all on the Fa.

As soon as this thought emerged from my soul and I accepted the prospect of reliving those years while basing all my actions on the Fa, in the blink of an eye, I was brought back to my bed in 2017 and woke up with my heart pounding. I flew out of bed and couldn’t believe what I had just been through. I ran out of my room to tell my roommate what had happened. I didn’t know if she could believe me, but I just had to talk to someone about it.

I believe Master brought me back after seeing that I had enlightened to the fact that I had changed so much since obtaining the Fa that there was no room left for doubts in my mind.

I had so much energy that day, so at my workplace I forgot to eat. I was reminded because my stomach started to hurt from emptiness, not because I thought about eating.

After this experience, my doubts about Master and Dafa completely vanished. I realized Master had to put me through this to make me enlighten to the power of the Fa. 

Thank you, Master, for your boundless compassion!

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