(Minghui.org) I’ve encountered many touching stories while talking to people about Dafa and would like to share some of them with everyone.

Finally Understanding Falun Gong after Meeting Eight Times in Four Years

In 2016 I ran into Aya, who was my high school classmate 40 years ago. We exchanged phone numbers and chatted for a little while.

I headed to Aya’s house a couple of days later and brought some gifts, informational materials and Dafa amulets. I told Aya how my health improved after I started practicing Falun Dafa and told her about the benefits Dafa can bring to one’s family. Though on the surface she agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations and accepted my information materials and amulets, I could tell that she did not truly agree with Dafa.

I met Aya a second time at a class reunion. Before I could even say anything, Aya said, “You can chat about anything, but please don’t mention anything about Dafa. You can still practice it, but I just don’t agree with you.” I was stunned, and we parted ways.

We later met at another class reunion. Aya said, “We are good friends and classmates. Please don’t have me believe what you believe in.” I told her that one day she would believe what I told her.

We met again for the fourth, fifth and sixth times, and each time Aya had the same attitude about Dafa. I never gave up. I thought that Dafa would definitely save her and our compassionate Master would not give up on her.

During our class reunions over these four years, many of my friends and classmates learned about Dafa, and six of my friends even started to practice Dafa. Each time we met, I would tell Aya about the changes I saw in my friends and classmates. Gradually, I felt that Aya was changing too. She would no longer stop me when I told her things about Dafa. I started to tell her more about the wonders of Dafa.

We met again for the seventh time last October. I told her, “You’re the only one among all of my friends who hasn’t come to agree with Dafa. When a disaster happens, I will regret having been unable to save you.” This time Aya stayed silent and quietly listened as I told her how to stay safe during the pandemic.

We met for the eighth time on April 14, 2021. After greeting each other and before I was able to say anything, she took out her amulet and said in front of everyone, “Look what I’m wearing! When something is good for me, I’ll believe it.”

I was very surprised and almost in tears. I thought: “Master is very compassionate! My friend is finally saved!”

Over the next two hours, Aya took her amulet out three times to show it to everyone. When people truly understand and awaken to the truth from the bottom of their hearts, it is a truly touching scene to witness.

After our meal, I took out a flash drive and asked Aya, “This contains information you have never seen. Will you like to see it? It would benefit you quite a bit.”

She said she definitely wanted a copy of the flash drive and that she still kept the booklet about Dafa that I gave her four years ago.

I said, “Do you also want some Dafa flyers and amulets to protect yourself from the pandemic? I have three copies of them left. Do you also want to give a copy to your sister?”

She took all of them and said, “Don’t forget about me next time you have something as good as this.” I told her I definitely would not forget about her.

I gave each of my other friends a copy of the flyer and amulet. They happily accepted them and went home.

After persisting for four years and encountering Aya eight times, I was finally able to save her. Thank you, compassionate Master!

Predestined To Receive Dafa’s Blessings

I went to my sister-in-law’s house recently, and two of her relatives happened to be there. I told the couple about Dafa, and they were both very receptive when I told them how to stay safe during the pandemic.

The wife said, “We’ll believe in anything that’ll save our lives. We’re very frightened seeing how bad the pandemic was on television last year. We will keep the amulet close to us and sincerely recite, ‘Falun Dafa is good’ and ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ We hope Master Li will protect us.”

I told them that as long as they are sincere while reciting those two phrases, Master would protect them.

I continued, “When you have a chance to read through the flyer and the ancient prophecy from Liu Bowen, you’ll find that the Heavens have already told us to abide by Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to be blessed. You can scan the QR code on your phone to read more about Falun Dafa.”

She told me that she had just started to learn how to use QR codes and that she would definitely scan it once she got home. She also said that she might be predestined to received Dafa’s blessings and might even become a practitioner.

I said, “I’ll request Dafa books for you when my farm work slows down.” She told me that she’ll read the book carefully and receive blessings from Dafa. I agreed and told her that her whole family would be blessed.

I gave the couple each an alias and helped them quit the CCP and its youth organizations. They took the amulets and happily went home.

“Meeting You Today Is a Blessing”

I was startled last week when I heard someone calling my name. I looked at the lady and asked who she was. She told me that we hadn't seen each other in 40 years, and I suddenly recalled that she was Xiao Liu.

I took her to a quieter place and told her about Dafa. She agreed with what I described and said she regretted not learning about Dafa earlier. I told her it was never too late and that as long as she sincerely recited, “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” Master would protect her and she would be blessed. She was so happy that I was touched. It seemed as if she had just received something very precious after learning about Dafa.

I told her, “I only have two flyers left. You can take both of them.” She said she would take both copies and give one to her younger sister. I asked for her address so that I could deliver more flyers to her personally. She was very happy to get more flyers.

I helped her quit the CCP and its youth organizations. She hugged me and said, “Meeting you today is a blessing. I am now saved.”

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