(Minghui.org) My family member named Qing, who is a practitioner, has been doing the three things required of a Falun Dafa practitioner. However, after a while, I found that she did not pay attention to the cultivation of her every thought and she was slow to improve her xinxing. She could not distinguish stray thoughts from her own, true thoughts. 

For example, when doing the exercises, she might feel hot suddenly and would take off her jacket in the middle of doing the movements. After a while, she would suddenly feel cold again and put the jacket back on. Sometimes she had a runny nose and had to use tissues in the middle of the movements. This could happen multiple times during the standing exercises. Sometimes she felt itchy somewhere and had to scratch it. I reminded her that all these were forms of interference, which came to damage the energy inside her body and mechanisms outside of her body during the practice. She argued and said, “I felt hot. I had a runny nose. I cannot stand it. What should I do?”

I had to patiently communicate with Qing: “When you are doing the exercises, the idea that made you do this or that is not yours. In your mind, you are asked to get a tissue to wipe your nose, put on your jacket, etc. You mistakenly think that they are your own thoughts, but they are not. These thoughts are definitely not from your pure nature, not from your main soul. They are interference to your practice created by your thought karma or demons.

“The book Zhuan Falun has a section entitled, ‘Demonic Interference in Cultivation.’ Don’t you think that this is another form of interference? Can you do other things while you are doing the exercises? Hasn’t this interferred with your practice? You can’t go along with these disturbing thoughts. You have to resist or reject them, or, as some fellow practitioners have said, send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil beings that throw these thoughts into your dimensional field.” 

Qing asked what she could do and I told her that I also had a runny nose when doing the exercises. I learned that when I insisted on doing the exercises, not caring about the runny nose, even letting the mucus run on my legs or clothes, it would stop after a while. Why not give it a try?

I talked with Qing about how I paid attention to rejecting bad thoughts in my cultivation. Since the beginning of my practice, I’ve paid great attention to every single thought I have. I always have two thoughts in mind: one is identification: looking out for those thoughts that don’t align with the Fa; the second is rejection: rejecting those thoughts that are not aligned with the Fa. Later, I added sending righteous thoughts to eliminate those thoughts. I felt that I improved quickly after doing this every day. Qing agreed to give it a try and she improved a lot when doing the exercises the next day. 

This experience led me to think that there could be other practitioners like Qing, who don’t pay attention to their own thoughts. Even though they have been doing the three things, could they pass the xinxing test? I read some experience-sharing articles on the Minghui website. One practitioner did all three things very well, and I admired him a lot, but the same practitioner’s xinxing was not good enough to pass some tests that I didn’t think were particularly challenging.

We should always look inward and examine our thoughts, not just when we encounter a big test or conflict. It is recommended that fellow practitioners pay close attention to their own thoughts, and cultivate and control their thoughts. If they can do this persistently, maybe they could improve much quicker. 

The above are my personal suggestions for fellow practitioners’ reference.

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