(Minghui.org) Recently many practitioners in my area have been harassed by law enforcement as a part of the “zero-out” campaign. They were told to sign the three statements agreeing to renounce Falun Dafa, but many of them have steadfastly resisted these efforts.

Mr. Xu Clarified the Truth About Dafa

One day, a woman called Mr. Xu, introducing herself as an official from the community management committee. She told Mr. Xu that she and another official would visit him the next morning. Mr. Xu saved her number. The next morning, they came. Mr. Xu made the arrangement, offering fruits and tea to treat them. Mr. Xu believes that a practitioner should pay attention to details. Whoever visits him must have a predetermined relationship with him, so he should let him or her know the truth, and demonstrate a cultivator’s compassion and grace to the visitor.

Three officials entered the room. Mr. Xu politely asked for an explanation. He knew the reason they came, but he needed a starting point to clarify the truth. A male official said he works for the subdivision’s security team, and the reason for their visit was to ask him to sign three statements, promising not to cultivate in Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa) anymore. Meanwhile, a female official took out the three statements.

Mr. Xu first told them that the freedom of belief is a citizen’s constitutional right, and cultivating in Falun Gong does not break any laws. Falun Gong practitioners follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, treating everybody nicely and not committing bad deeds.

He then told them how he behaves at his workplace. All of his co-workers know that he is a Falun Gong practitioner, and they all respect him. Many years in a row, he was the only one in his team who won the title of “model worker.” One year, after winning the title again, he himself asked to give the title to another staff.

The deputy general manager of his company once said publicly: “If Mr. Xu were a bad person, then you cannot find any good ones in the world.” On July 20, 1999, when the persecution first started, he was taken to a local police station. A policeman, whom he had never met, called his name and said, “We know that you are a good citizen.” Later Mr. Xu learned that the policeman was the local police department chief.

Mr. Xu also showed them a picture, which was taken after he was hit by a car. The driver who caused the accident knew that he should take full responsibility. Mr. Xu was injured and his bike was damaged, but he let the driver go without asking for any compensation. The driver called him the next day, thanking him, and said he never thought such a good person would exist in today’s society.

Mr. Xu told the officials that he wouldn’t have done so if he were not a Falun Gong practitioner. Falun Gong teaches Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and always thinks of others' needs first.

The male official interrupted him and said, “I knew that the Falun Gong group consists of good people with high morals, but you are involved in politics.”

Mr. Xu replied, “I have experienced many political movements. I have my own standard for judgment. I can tell good from bad, and will not be controlled by others. A cultivator is not interested in politics. All we want is a free environment for cultivation.”

He then told them that Falun Gong has spread to more than 100 countries, and won more than 3,000 awards and proclamations from foreign governments.

Finally, Mr. Xu told the officials explicitly that he would definitely not sign the statements. He said, “I am telling you this for your own good. I hope you understand. If you continue, you will take the responsibility when Falun Gong is rehabilitated.”

He asked them to consider why so many practitioners still refuse to give up their belief after 20 some years of persecution, and why so many people from different countries and cultures cultivate Falun Gong.

During the whole process, the two women quietly listened and never said anything. Mr. Xu hoped that they would learn something and recognize the evilness, and hoped the male would have a chance to learn more about the truth and wake up.

A week later, a police officer called Mr. Xu and asked him to have a DNA test at the police station. Mr. Xu asked if the examination was for everybody in the subdivision or just for him, and why the police station, not the hospital. The police said that he had a list, which had Mr. Xu’s name on it, and he didn’t know anything else.

Mr. Xu knew that it was another form of persecution. The Minghui website has mentioned that in some areas, police forced practitioners to draw blood and test their DNA.

He reminded himself that he is a Dafa disciple, protected by Master. He knew that benevolent Master gave him a second life. He told himself: “No matter how dangerous the situation, no matter how great the tribulation, I must walk on the righteous path.”

He recalled the past. At the beginning of the persecution, the local police pressured him to renounce Falun Gong on television. He has been harassed by the police many times. Every time, he overcame the tribulation with Master’s protection. He reminded himself that nobody can touch a practitioner who holds righteous thoughts and has righteous actions.

He studied the Fa, which enhanced his righteous thoughts. He realized that while facing persecution, a Dafa disciple should not just passively endure it; he must face it with righteous thoughts.

He recited Master’s teachings:

“...When disciples have ample righteous thoughts,Master has the power to turn back the tide” (“The Master-Disciple Bond,” Hong Yin II)

“But you should always remember one thing: No matter who is interfering, it’s all temporary, all illusions, not the main body, and it’s all just like air flowing through.” (Teachings Given on Lantern Festival Day, 2003)

“No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil’s demands, orders, or what it instigates. If everyone does this the environment won’t be this way.” (“Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts are Powerful,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

The next day, he made two phone calls and found the police who called him. Mr. Xu said, “According to the law, I have the right to ask you for your name and police identification (ID) number. Please provide the information to me.” The police said that he needed permission from his boss. Later, the police officer told Mr. Xu: “Come if you want to, but you don’t have to come.”

Through this experience, Mr. Xu realized that after 20 some years of persecution, many policemen and government officials at the local level are still blindly following their authorities and getting involved in the persecution. They don’t even know that their behaviors are unlawful.

This means that Dafa practitioners need to put down their fears, develop compassion, and tell those officials the facts, tell them the laws and why their behaviors break the law, and tell them what consequences they will have to face. We should help them avoid the disasters in the future, because this is our responsibility—we must help Master save people, otherwise we will have great regrets.

This is my personal understanding. Please correct me with compassion if there is anything wrong. Heshi.

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