(Minghui.org) My father-in-law is a veteran practitioner, who began practicing Dafa before 1999. He was harassed, arrested, and detained by the evil Party many times, but he managed to overcome all that was persecuting him.

However now he has developed sickness karma due to being persecuted by the old forces. He has been bedridden since the end of last year.

When I went back to my hometown to visit him, I found that he had stopped studying or listening to the Fa. I saw the small audio player that a fellow practitioner had given to him next to his quilt.

He had liked listening to it. I discovered that it was out of charge, so I got a charger to charge it, and found that the battery no longer held a charge.

I found an MP3 audio player for him later. I dropped it accidentally before giving it to him, which broke its face plate and distorted the charging hole. I pried the charging hole back, but the plug could still not be inserted.

I thought, “This will not do. It must be the interference by the old forces, as they do not want him to listen to the Fa.”

So I asked Master for help. As soon as I had the thought, the charging hole restored itself and the plug went in. I felt immensely grateful to Master.

I mentioned the incident to a fellow practitioner. She said her auntie used to study the Fa, then stopped for a long time.

She urged her to pick it up again, but when she played her MP3 audio to listen to the Fa, it played only commercials for medicine.

The fellow practitioner asked her if she was secretly taking medicine. She embarrassingly admitted that she was.

The fellow practitioner sent forth righteous thoughts with her auntie and asked Master for help. The MP3 audio player then worked normally again.

The fellow practitioner enlightened that it was the old forces interfering; they used the practitioner’s attachment to medicine to persecute her and not let her listen to the Fa.

A fellow practitioner in a farm village has not been diligent for some time. She only thought about picking cotton with ordinary people to make money.

She seldom studied the Fa and did not do the three things. She turned on the MP3 audio player on one day to listen to the Fa, but heard only the team broadcasting about picking cotton.

She was shocked, wondering what was going on. A fellow practitioner reminded her, “Master is hinting that you are indulging in ordinary people’s life and thinking about picking cotton all day.”

She enlightened immediately, sent forth righteous thoughts, and asked Master for help. The MP3 audio player then returned to normal and she could listen to Master’s lecture again.

I enlightened that the old forces are watching every practitioner at every moment. When one slacks off and acts not according to the Fa, they will drag them down, not caring what evil they have to do.

As long as we are steadfast in believing in Master and the Fa, Master will be by our sides and help us.

The purpose of writing this is to share with fellow practitioners, and hope that those with similar situations pay attention and avoid unnecessary losses affecting their cultivation.

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