(Minghui.org) Many practitioners I have shared with are concerned about their children playing video games. I would like to share how I helped my son quit playing video games. 

I took my daughter Jenny, who was five at the time, to work with me one day. She looked up at the sky and asked: “What flies up in the sky?” I told her that birds and divine beings can fly in the sky. She asked me how someone can become a divine being. 

I said: “There is a book I can show you when we get home. This book can guide you to be a divine being.” She was really happy to hear that. 

I later forgot all about the conversation I had had with Jenny in the morning. At bedtime Jenny sat on my bed and said: “You said there was a book for me to read.” I smiled and took out the book Zhuan Falun. She knelt down on her knees and paid her respect to Master when she saw Master’s picture. 

She said: “When my little brother comes back, we should have him pay respect to Master too.” My son, George, was four at the time. Ever since 2005, three people in my family have cultivated Falun Dafa.

Jenny and George were both able to meditate for one hour from the very beginning. They were also able to read the traditional version of Zhuan Falun, for the most part, unless they came across a really complicated word. 

Master Bestows Miracles and Blessings on My Children

Miracles often happened to my children after they started cultivation. We were in China once, and Jenny rubbed her head after practicing the fifth set exercise. She said: “How is my hair is growing so fast?” The first day we were back in Hong Kong was George’s birthday. He kept smiling and looking up into the sky, “Yes, keep drumming. The heavenly soldiers are wishing me a happy birthday by drumming their drums.”

My children would sometimes display the symptoms of fever. The school would then call me and ask me to come get my child. If I was clarifying the truth at a tourist site, I would have the teacher pass the phone to my child and say: “Recite the two phrases ‘Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion is good.’ Your body temperature will return to normal. I am unable to pick you up because I am clarifying the truth outside.” After a while, I would be notified that I did not have to pick my child up since his or her temperature had returned to normal. 

George had a stomachache once after getting home from school. I took a notebook out and told him to write the two phrases. After writing the words several times, he felt fine and started playing again. 

Another time, when George had a very high fever, his face became red and he had difficulty speaking. I sent righteous thoughts for him and persisted in going to the tourist site to clarify the truth. When George went to school the next day, a teacher asked if he’d seen a doctor. George said he had not. After learning that we were Falun Dafa practitioners, the faculty and staff at the school all had a good impression of George. 

My Son Strays from Dafa

My husband came back from China and was spending more time with our children. I was exhausted after coming home from clarifying the truth at the tourist site, so I had less time to study the Fa and practice the exercises with my children. The Fa study that we used to do at home would sometimes even be canceled. 

I put all of my attention into clarifying the truth and barely had any time for my children. I started to notice that George was always sitting in front of a computer and refused to Fa study with Jenny and me. In the past, he would always join us for Fa study when I called him, but now, he would not even budge. 

More than 30 Falun Dafa practitioners in Hong Kong filed a lawsuit against Jiang Zemin and Leung Chun-ying, Hong Kong’s former chief executive, in 2015. Unfortunately, George refused to sign his name on the lawsuit.

It was hard for me to explain everything to George and I started to fear that George would stray from Dafa. I did not quite understand the concept of video games back then, and thought they were something peaceful. It was different when I saw George playing video games on his bed with beams of blue light everywhere, and I would sometimes hear George yelling. 

We later moved in with my mother-in-law. I then saw many scary and terrible scenes in George's video games, because they were all about killing people. I became determined to bring him back to cultivation and help him quit playing video games. 

My Son Returns to Dafa

I asked Master to bestow me with the wisdom to help George. I started to send righteous thoughts toward the computer and eliminate all of the evil that was directing him to play video games. I also thought to use divine thunder and lightning to destroy all of the evil interference in his computer. 

One day I was able to finally communicate with George. I had a really strong compassionate field and said: “I hope to share my insights with you, because I’ve seen you playing those video games.”

He sat down and we started to share our experiences. I asked: “Do you harm or kill any lives?” He said no. I asked again: “Then why do I see you killing people and harming lives till your opponent bleeds in your video games?” 

He said: “Those people won’t die and will just come back to life.” I said: “It’s not that those people won’t die, they just want you to keep fighting them.” 

I continued: “Are they bad people? Do you have to kill them? I remember that you and Jenny were both crying a couple of years ago when Dad killed a cockroach. You were very compassionate back then. But now in order to satisfy your desires, you are harming the lives of many. How can you cultivate if you harm and owe lives?”

George cried and said: “I understand now.” He promised that he would never play video games again. 

From then on George became very diligent. In addition to becoming more amicable, George also started to study the Fa and practice the exercises by himself. He was aware that he’d missed many cultivation opportunities, such as the lawsuit filed against Jiang Zemin. 

To make up for what he had missed, he started clarifying the truth to his teachers, principal, and classmates by bringing them Dafa books to read and writing truth-clarification letters. 

He also started to do more household chores and went to the group practice site every Saturday and Sunday. After group practice, he would distribute Minghui Weekly, clarify the truth, and help people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. 

A Predestined Relationship with Two Men at the Park

The park was a good place to clarify the truth because practitioners were all trying to save sentient beings, and we created a good atmosphere. A policeman once objected to us distributing truth-clarification newspapers and amulets

I heard a practitioner tell the policeman: “I am not from any organization. I regard these people as my friends and I want them to take a look at the newspaper.”

We encountered two men chatting on a stone bench one day. I stepped forward and offered them a newspaper. One of the men said: “No one can say anything bad about the CCP. I will beat anyone who does.” 

The man was about to swing his fist but took it back after seeing that I did not move at all. After hearing that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner, he lifted his fist again and said: “I just want to hit Falun Dafa practitioners.” Once again, he restrained himself.

George and I were very determined, and Jenny was sending righteous thoughts at our side. The second man was nicer, he told us to leave since they were Christians. George and I each started to clarify the truth to the two men. Gradually, the first man’s attitude started to change for the better. 

I stepped aside for a few minutes, since I had to take an important phone call. After speaking for a few minutes on my phone, I saw George bending over in front of the men. I was anxious and ran over to them. It so happened that George was wiping bird droppings off the shoes of the man who had previously wanted to hit us.

The man changed his attitude and apologized for wanting to hit me a few moments earlier. He told us that he was once in the mafia and would always get into a fight when he was at odds with someone. 

We told him that we would not take his actions to heart and had already forgotten what had happened. The man said: “From now on, I will respect every Falun Dafa practitioner.” I also helped the man quit the CCP and its youth organizations. 

As we were leaving the park, we were very moved. I asked George if he’d helped the other man quit the CCP and its youth organizations. George said he did not have a chance to talk to him about the topic and asked me if I’d helped the other man quit the CCP and its youth organizations. 

I told him that I did and George praised me for doing well. I also praised George for cleaning the bird droppings off the man’s shoes. George's actions touched the man and the man changed for the better. We joked and said that the bird was very impressive too, since it changed the man’s attitude with its droppings. We all laughed. 

We wish to cultivate well with other practitioners on this last part of the path of cultivation and save more sentient beings. We wish to be more diligent and return home with Master. 

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