(Minghui.org) It feels like time is passing quickly and so Falun Dafa practitioners need to be more diligent in saving people and doing the three things well before time runs out. Countless extraordinary and miraculous things have happened to me and other practitioners. I want to share some of my experiences.

One day, Master let me see a scene in another dimension where a giant battle between good and evil was taking place. The scene unfolded before my eyes like a landscape painting and it was so magnificent that it can’t be described using any language in this world. Countless Buddhas, Taos, and Gods were watching this battle from the sky. Some of them were holding Fa implements. 

I saw many Falun Dafa practitioners surrounding and eliminating deformed evil beings. There were other messy creatures, such as worms, that gathered together trembling in fright, with nowhere to hide.

Every practitioner held a magic weapon gifted by Master Li. At this time, a God’s horn started sounding and I heard a drumbeat marking time. The scene was solemn and holy. 

The sky was full of colorful and auspicious clouds. Heavenly soldiers and generals stood on both sides waving their battle flags. At this time, Master’s compassionate and solemn voice came from the sky accompanied by a beam of light. Master exploded and destroyed the most evil being during the battle. All practitioners cheered. The remaining evil beings were scared and tried to flee, but they could not escape.

I joined other practitioners in eliminating the evil beings. Countless Taos and Gods were also helping to destroy those evil lives. Few were left now.

Master did not let me see more than that because my level in cultivation is limited. I understood that He was encouraging me to continue to do well on my spiritual path. In addition, since we cultivate amidst delusion, there were many things I needed to enlighten to without relying on Him.

I understand that everything wonderful was given by Master. I couldn't have walked steadfastly without Master’s protection and my gratitude is beyond words. I will continue to do the three things well and clarify the truth to more people. Meanwhile, I will recognize the strengths of practitioners and look within to find where I am lacking. Only by doing so can I live up to the sacred title of Dafa disciple.

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