(Minghui.org) Minghui.org has published many articles on cell phone security. There are even some booklets about it, but problems still exist, especially among elderly female practitioners. 

A fellow practitioner told me that a policeman, who was sympathetic toward practitioners, warned her not to hang out with the elderly ladies. 

“We tap their phones and hear everything they say on the phone,” the policeman said. “We understand all the code words they use, such as, ‘Your cake is delicious. Please give me some more,’ means they need more Falun Gong materials, so they ask the people who produce materials to send more to them. We know everything—we are not morons. We have learned what Falun Gong really is, so we don’t want to harass you. Otherwise, we have all the evidence to arrest you guys.”

This practitioner thought about moving abroad. An elderly woman asked her about her plan on the phone and the police heard it and took away this practitioner’s passport. The police even knew when and where this practitioner studies the Fa every day because the elderly ladies asked about those things on the phone.

This practitioner told me about something that happened in another town. Four young practitioners set up a large-scale materials production site for practitioners in the city. They minded their security and never took cell phones there. Practitioners who go there were not allowed to take cell phones, either. 

The site ran smoothly for a few years but was searched by the police one day. Those four practitioners happened to be there and were all sentenced to jail. 

A policeman later told the practitioners that they overheard a few elderly ladies talking about the site on the phone. Those ladies talked about everything on the phone. The police tapped their phones for a few years and learned all the details of the site—where they stored the materials, who made them and when they met. So, they attacked the site when those four practitioners were there. 

The loss was enormous and the lesson was profound. Shouldn’t the elderly ladies be responsible? I don’t know if they ever thought about it. 

I witnessed similar things, too. Many practitioners have set up workshops at home to produce materials. The materials production sites are often the place for group Fa-study. After studying the Fa, practitioners usually talk about the site business. Although we have repeatedly asked practitioners not to bring cell phones, some still do. We didn’t know it until one day the phones rang. We already talked about a lot of things with the phones around us. 

If they silenced their phones, we would not even know that there were any in the room. 

Some practitioners take the phones with them everywhere they go: passing out materials, making materials, and clarifying the truth in public. They believe that their righteous thoughts can protect them and refuse to heed other practitioners’ suggestions. I don’t know if they have read articles on Minghui.org which have made the point very clear. But some practitioners still ask for materials on the phone. 

I don’t want to blame them, but fellow practitioners, aren’t we cultivators? Shouldn’t we be responsible for other practitioners and sentient beings? We want to “...attain the righteous Enlightenment of selflessness and altruism.” (“Non-Omission in Buddha-Nature,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

If you don’t pay attention to security and leak information on the phone, isn’t it your fault if fellow practitioners get arrested, the material sites get destroyed, and sentient beings cannot be saved? 

“...Dafa disciples are suffering, But who is ruined are sentient beings....” (“Every Lifetime Was For This Life,” Hong Yin, Vol. III)

Every practitioner living in mainland China knows how hard it is to maintain the family environment if some family members are not practitioners. When a practitioner is arrested, the family environment is severely disrupted. Even the family members who know the truth about Falun Gong may interfere with practitioners due to the pressure. 

Master has clearly told us: 

“All of the mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices that you carry on you that are connected to the Internet, act as listening devices.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference”) 

Why don’t you listen? Why do you have to provide the evil with information voluntarily? Are you beyond the Fa?

I believe that there are two major reasons why elderly practitioners cannot live without cell phones. The first is that they feel lonely. The second is that they have strong attachments to their children; they need to talk to them. But aren’t these what a cultivator needs to get rid of? Don’t we want to go home with Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa? Why can’t we put down such attachments? Will we go to heaven with our cell phones?

Many incidents have happened and we have lost a lot since some practitioners didn’t pay attention to cellphone security. Yet some of us still fail to recognize how serious it is. That is why I felt that I have to write this article. 

Please forgive me if my tone is too harsh.

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