(Minghui.org) I am 77 years old and started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. Before I practiced Dafa, I was deeply influenced by the wicked Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) culture and had a very strong personality. My mantra was: “As long as I am alive, I have to win. No one can take advantage of me.” Even my burly husband had to yield me. 

After cultivating Falun Dafa, I did my best to strictly discipline myself in accordance with Master’s requirements. Many miracles from Falun Dafa manifested on my body. Here are some short stories I would like to share with fellow practitioners. 

A Stranger Stands Up Against InjusticeI was distributing truth-clarification brochures at a farmer’s market when an older man rushed over to me and slapped me in the face twice. He yelled at me and threatened to call the police so I would be arrested. I was very calm. 

I remembered what Master told us about the humiliation Han Xin endured of being forced to crawl between the bully's legs. I was slapped by this man in front of so many people. I thought that it could be a debt owed from a previous life, so I should pay it off today. In the meantime, I asked Master for help to dissolve this dilemma. 

Just as I was not sure about what to do next, a lady came over and spoke to the older man like she was my relative. She spoke loudly to the older man and said Falun Gong is legal outside of China. 

She mentioned that when she traveled to Hong Kong, Falun Gong practitioners openly spread the Fa, clarified the truth, and openly held activities to help people quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. 

She rebuked the older man for hitting me. “How dare you do such thing to someone who is doing the right thing and trying to help you?” she said. The older man was shocked and became quiet. I left safely. I was so grateful to Master. 

Walking Out of a Police Station with Righteous Thoughts

I was distributing truth-clarification brochures along the riverside when I was caught on video by a surveillance camera. Several police officers were sent to arrest me. They were very fierce and after my arrest ordered me to sit in the police station and not move at all. I ignored their demands and walked around. 

I knew very well in my heart that I could not stay there. I had to find a way to get out. I looked around but was disappointed. You needed to pass through several metal gates to get out. No one could get out unless they could transform into a butterfly. I didn’t give up and firmly believed that Master could help me. I kept sending righteous thoughts. 

A large group of people suddenly arrived at the police station and there was a lot of commotion. They made a fuss and turned the quiet police station into a busy place like a downtown market. 

It turned out a couple had lost hundreds of thousands of yuan of gift money from their wedding ceremony. The two families had rushed to the police station to report the crime. They kept several police officers very busy. I mingled in with the crowd and walked out of the police station. 

Caregiver Helps Clarify the Truth and Is Blessed

My husband was in poor health a few years ago, so we hired a caregiver. She was a very unusual person. She did not practice Dafa, but she believed that Falun Dafa was an upright cultivation practice. Not only did she believe it, she took the initiative to spread truth-clarification brochures and ask people to withdraw from CCP and its affiliated organizations. 

She was very good at clarifying the truth and very brave. She helped many people quit the Party and was well-known in our neighborhood. The police thus started following her. She was arrested on one occasion and taken to a detention center. However, she did not care at all. 

She saw [with her celestial eye] Master wearing a suit several times in the detention center. She asked why Master came to the detention center. Master told her that he came to protect her. 

The kind actions of the caregiver brought blessings to her family. I witnessed some of her relatives receive promotions, and some made large fortunes. Everything went smoothly for her family and they received many blessings. 

I have been cultivating for more than 20 years, and I’ve never seen anything in other dimensions. The caregiver could see Master’s law bodies, even without practicing Falun Dafa. Instead of being jealous, I am even more grateful. I am grateful to Master for encouraging disciples to be more diligent. 

Recovering Quickly After a Near Fatal Accident

During the first half of 2020, I was returning home from Fa study at a fellow practitioner’s home. I walked alone on an empty road. No one was around. Out of nowhere, a motorcycle suddenly struck me. The motorcycle flew up and landed far away, and the rider was pinned under it and could not move. 

I lost consciousness. The first thing I thought after I woke up was that I was a practitioner and I should not bring trouble to others. I silently asked Master for help. I could not trouble my children to take care of me; I must be independent. 

My legs were so swollen afterward that it was difficult for me to take my pants off. However, I didn’t tell my children. I was afraid that they would worry about me and I also didn’t want them to bother the motorcycle driver. That’s not what I wanted to see happen. As a result, everything went smoothly. In just two weeks, I was able to go upstairs and downstairs normally and walk just like before. 

I am really happy. It's difficult to express the miracles of Dafa and Master’s compassion using human language, so I decided to share some of my experiences with fellow practitioners, as a particle of Dafa. I wanted to reflect the greatness of the Fa and the grandeur of Master, which should be the greatest glory of every being in heaven and on earth.

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