(Minghui.org) The second Sound of Hope Experience Sharing Conference took place on May 22, 2021. Eleven practitioners who work for the media talked about their cultivation journeys. From following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in their daily lives, to telling the public the facts related to Falun Dafa, they shared their story of eliminating attachments and improving together.

The second Sound of Hope Experience Sharing Conference was held on May 22, 2021.

Improving Mind Nature

Song Yue, a chief editor of the Taiwan News Center, explained how she started working on the project and her understandings.

Song volunteered for another news media outlet for several years. She knew it required full time dedication and simply working on it in one’s spare time was not enough. At that time, her family’s financial situation had some issues and she needed to find a paid job.

When Song went online and began searching for a job, she received a phone call from Sound of Hope (SOH) asking if she could work as a paid full-time reporter to cover news in China. “I was very touched by this,” she recalled, “Master is so compassionate that he makes the best arrangement for every practitioner based on their situation.”

Since then Song has taken different roles at SOH’s news center, from dubbing broadcasts to writing scripts, from front line reporting to post-splicing of audio files. She learned several techniques and covered broad areas, from China to North America, from the economy to international affairs.

For Song, this was a process of stepping out of her comfort zone. She used to be quiet and shy, which made it challenging for her to ask questions during interviews. “So I often took a moment to calm down and recite ‘Falun Dafa is good’ or send forth righteous thoughts,” she said, “I found that as long as my heart was pure, or I passed the test, things would go smoothly.” Very often the interviewees were very supportive and upright. But when she was too attached to results or had impure thoughts, she had difficulty finding the right person or staying on topic during interviews.

What touched and motivated her the most are these interviews – opportunities for her to directly communicate with everyday people. After practitioners were arrested in Heilongjiang Province, their family members and lawyers gathered outside the Qinglongshan Brainwashing Center and called out, “Stop the crimes now! Release the detained practitioners now!” The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials were scared. They shut the door tightly and did not dare turn on the lights.

Song said before she began working for the media, most of her xinxing tests came from her family. After she began working for the news media, there were many challenges related to work. For example, they include whether she is able to let go of her attachment to comfort, and overcoming various difficulties.

Song later understood that everything she encounters is related to her karma and cultivation. They could be areas for her to improve, or opportunities she needs to pay attention to certain aspects of her cultivation.

Working as One Body

Fang Zhenyu from Taiwan has practiced Falun Dafa for 20 years. She realizes that many things she encounters point out where she needs to improve. As a news editor, for example, she has some attachments to time and how much she is able to sacrifice for the project.

Participating in the SOH project also helped her understand her role in the team environment. “This entire project is like a machine that operates at a high speed and I’m merely one component in it,” she explained. “That means I need to collaborate well with others and fulfill my responsibilities.” With this understanding, she is clear on what she needs to do on a daily basis to support the project.

Many people have died during this global pandemic. Fang said this helps her to cherish her cultivation practice even more. “Master has purified our bodies and installed many cultivation mechanisms,” she said. She came to understand that one’s mind as well as parts of one’s body could be Fa implements that can be used to validate the Fa and save people.

Looking Within During Video Editing

When Yue and his wife joined SOH two years ago, few team members were good at video editing. Yue learned the technique himself and then worked with his wife on it. To his surprise, his wife was very picky. Any problem, even minor issues with video, needed to be reworked. Sometimes he had to spend a few more days on a video. Because of this, the couple sometimes argued with each other.

After this happened repeatedly, Yue was very upset. He thought, “It's easy for my wife to make comments, but does she know how much effort it takes to get it done? Plus, even revised work could face another rejection.” With all these negative thoughts, Yue contemplated quitting.

“Then I calmed down and tried to understand this from a different angle,” Yue said. “If this was an ordinary job and the person who reviewed the video was not my wife, would I still complain and refuse to make changes? Probably not.” He understood collaborating with his wife was an opportunity for him to improve.

Through looking within, Yue found many hidden thoughts behind the negative feelings of complaints and resentment. For example, he had a strong ego and was unwilling to take criticism. “This is rooted in my selfishness,” he said. “When I looked at the video again, I found most of the places my wife pointed out did need adjustment. I should work hard and achieve the best results. Why not just go ahead and make the revision?”

Thinking this way, Yue was able to calm down and handle the situation well. He was also able to cooperate better with other practitioners as well as his wife. “Gradually I realized that it is the Fa that saves people, not our opinions,” he explained. “Rather than focusing on whose ideas are better, I should just improve xinxing and do my best to work with the entire team. Only then will the video or the article be most effective.”

The meeting started at 7 a.m. and continued till 11 o’clock. Practitioners who attended the event said they benefited a lot. “All the sharing articles are modest and touching,” one attendee said. “It helps me to understand news media is a great platform for us to save people and fulfill our mission.”

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