Composed and performed by Chen GuohuaArranged and accompanied by Bastian Kaemmerer


Walking a Righteous Path

By Tang Jing

Part 1: Descending to the Human World

Layer after layer we descended to this human world,with rain and storm tempering our will along the way;Making up our minds to cultivate and fulfill our vows,we follow Master closely on the path back to the divine. 

Part 2: An Arduous Journey

Generation after generation, we are trapped by karma and attachments in this human world;Time and time again, we overcome difficulty, staying on track on the journey of returning to our origin. 

Part 3: Fulfilling Vows

Lost in the earthly world, people are suffering and sinking with little hope;Assisting Master with Fa-rectification, we practitioners diligently save people fulfilling our vows.