(Minghui.org) I would like to share my experiences of installing satellite receivers for the New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD) station. While doing this work, I have let go of my attachment to “self,” collaborated with other practitioners, and had my xinxing (character) tested.

I have been installing receivers for many years. I know how important NTD programs are because I have seen the changes in my relatives and friends after they watched them. One relative who lives in a rural area had a satellite receiver installed. A lot of people who went to their house to play mahjong also started to watch the NTD programs.

One person had a serious addiction to mahjong; he would rather play all day and not even stop to eat. One day, he was drawn to one of the NTD programs. Soon afterward, he would stop playing the board game when the program was on and resume when the program ended.

Another person, known for his aggressive personality, also played mahjong with my relatives. After watching NTD programs, he wanted to get a receiver in his own home. He is fearless and started to reach out to many people and tell them the facts about Falun Dafa and the persecution. I could not believe that people changed so dramatically after watching NTD programs!

A Stubborn Husband Lends Support

A fellow practitioner had been trying to tell her husband about Falun Dafa but he didn't want to listen. After watching the shows on NTD, he began to change his attitude about Dafa and also realized just how evil the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was. When the practitioner went out to give people information about Falun Dafa, he helped her. When she went to post posters, he offered to drive. He said that he would take up Falun Dafa but he just couldn’t quit drinking and smoking. I thought that perhaps the time wasn't right for him to start cultivation.

One day, the husband’s boss arranged for a group of soldiers to take a break in their home. So he turned on NTD, and they all learned about Dafa. The boss asked what the program was, and the practitioner said it was explaining the truth about the persecution. The boss looked frightened and said, “We can’t watch that anymore. We have strict rules.” I could tell that he understood the facts about Falun Dafa but his job required him to follow company guidelines.

After watching the NTD programs, practitioners' family members have learned how many innocent lives have been lost due to the CCP. Some of them remarked, “Down goes the CCP!” or asked when the CCP would fall.

An Antidote to the Poison

I know it has been a tough journey for NTD. It started off as a small enterprise but has grown and now broadcasts a wide variety of TV programs. Falun Dafa practitioners had to overcome many hardships to get the station to where it is today. I feel happy to know that I have helped more people start watching NTD programs.

In 2019, when two million Hong Kong people protested the extradition bill, I spoke to my colleagues about what was happening. They had been deceived by the CCP propaganda and believed that the people were rioting. I felt sad because I was unable to fully explain the facts to them. A lot of people knew the facts about Falun Dafa. If only they could also understand what was happening in Hong Kong!

I shared my thoughts during a group Fa study session and discussed how the CCP-owned news media are a brainwashing medium. NTD, however, is an antidote to the poison of the state propaganda campaign. In order to help the station enlarge the audience base in China, I suggested that we should all make promoting it a higher priority.

Tests in the Battle Between Good and Evil

One practitioner with friends and relatives decided to promote NTD and explain the facts about Falun Dafa to them at the same time. If they were interested in installing NTD, she would help them get it done for free. If they didn’t, she would help them quit their memberships in the CCP organizations.

On our way to one of her relatives, the police pulled us over to give the practitioner's husband a breathalyzer test. The test showed that his blood alcohol level was above the acceptable limit. Even though he is not a Falun Dafa adherent, he doesn't drink, so the test results were incorrect.

We realized we were experiencing interference from another dimension, so we started sending righteous thoughts. A second test showed there was no alcohol in his system.

When we arrived at the relatives’ house, we saw Mao Zedong’s portrait on the wall. After we talked about Falun Dafa and convinced her to take the portrait down, she removed it but didn't dispose of it.

It usually takes less than an hour to install a satellite receiver, but there was interference, and it took us two hours to complete the job. When the practitioner came back from talking about Falun Dafa with the surrounding neighbors, she insisted that her relative get rid of Mao's portrait.

As we drove home, I recalled one of Master Li's poems.

“Ten thousand miles I gallop, breaking demons’ battle arrayCutting down all dark minions, eliminating wicked deitiesI heed not their thick fog or the gale winds they whip aboutMountain rains en route wash off dust from the expedition”(“Expedition,” Hong Yin Vol. II, Translation A)

I realized that we had just experienced a battle between Good and Evil.

Finding My Own Shortcomings

A practitioner asked me to install a satellite dish, but a few days later he did not reply to my message. When I started looking within to see if some attachment was keeping me from doing the work, Master helped me realize that I had many attachments, such as competitiveness, jealousy, fear of difficult situations, an inability to accept criticism, and a love of being praised.

I was surprised to find the attachments to self and ego. I had been helping many people install satellite receivers, and my skills had improved significantly. A lot of practitioners relied on me to do this work for them. As a result, my ego had grown bigger and bigger. I forgot that it was Master who was doing everything; I just ran errands on his behalf. How could I be so selfish? When I found the attachments, I felt much better, and the practitioner who asked me to help came to see me that evening.

Another practitioner wanted me to install a satellite dish for his sister. We tried twice but failed both times. We sent righteous thoughts and asked Master for help but still didn't succeed. The practitioner wanted to give up, but I said we should look inward. I told him that I had attachments to saving face, showing off, fame, and vanity. The practitioner then disclosed his attachments to me. We tried installing the dish again and this time, the signal was very strong. We finally got a signal after we looked within!

On my way home, I thought about my experiences installing satellite dishes and I almost cried because I realized that a lot of people haven't learned the facts because of Dafa practitioners’ attachments.

One practitioner wanted to learn how to install dishes and watched me do a few installations. He was very hardworking, honest, and kind. However, when I saw he wasn’t doing it the way I explained, I got angry and thought I should show him how much better I was.

When he couldn’t get a signal, I got annoyed and took over due to time constraints. Actually, it was due to my lack of patience, selfishness, and unwillingness to cooperate. Even though we didn't argue, I had harmed him and wanted to apologize and thank him for being tolerant. Behind each successful installation is the hard work and contributions of many practitioners. I thank them for their efforts!

One time, a Falun Dafa adherent from another city wanted me to help with the installation because he couldn’t get a signal. I didn’t want to go because it was very far, and I had to work in the morning. So I asked another practitioner to go instead. But he didn't get a signal, either.

Looking back, I realized that I had the attachments of fear, laziness, protecting myself, and not putting others first. All these attachments originate from the attachment to self.

A few days later when I went to help with the installation, we discovered that it was a hardware issue. We finished, and I got home at midnight. My wife was waiting for me in the living room and we talked a little. Due to the persecution, I understood how my wife has worried about me and tolerated me for so many years.

Thank you, Master, for protecting me during my cultivation. At this critical time in history, I will not let Master down. I will cultivate myself well and save more people.

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