(Minghui.org) Ling and Mei (alias) often go out to clarify the truth together. Once, when distributing the book The Ultimate Goal of Communism, they ran into a plainclothes police officer. The practitioners were arrested. and taken to the police station.

Many practitioners tried to get Ling’s husband to go to the police station to request that his wife be released, but he said he was afraid to go. I asked him if Ling treated him better before or after she started cultivation. He said of course she treated him better after stepping onto the cultivation path. I said, “If you don’t ask for her release, she will be persecuted more severely. Your going will lessen the persecution against her. Don’t be afraid! It’s okay, I’ll go with you.”

I went to the police station with Ling’s husband, and the police said that Ling had been handed over to the Domestic Security Branch. On the way back, I told Ling’s husband to go back to work and call me whenever he is available; I would go with him to the Domestic Security office to ask for Ling’s release.

Within a few days, Ling was actually released unconditionally and went home. She said when she was first arrested, she felt very depressed, but later her righteous thoughts became stronger. She thought, “I don’t want the wicked police to see Dafa things in my home. And I don't want the evil to interfere with the practitioners who live next door!” When the police came to her home, they didn’t see or find anything related to Falun Dafa.

Mei’s son and daughter both work in governmental departments. They did not allow practitioners to participate in the rescue of their mother. In the end, Mei was illegally sentenced to two years in prison.

Ling’s family cooperated with fellow practitioners. With firm belief in Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, and the Fa and the efforts of practitioners as one body, Ling was unconditionally released. On the other hand, Mei’s family was rich and powerful and believed in the evil party. But not only did they fail to solve the problem of her arrest, Mei was also sentenced to prison. Whether one addresses these things with righteous thoughts or human thoughts really makes a world of difference.

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