(Minghui.org) The sharing article “Paying Attention to Cell Phone Security” reminds me of an incident in 2020 when Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province, was on lockdown due to the pandemic.  

A family member of mine went to Beijing to take care of a business matter. He left the night before and passed through Shijiazhuang, about 190 miles from Beijing, as he returned home the next afternoon.

Several days later, Shijiazhuang's Epidemic Prevention and Control Center Office called him and asked if he’d gone to Shijiazhuang on such and such a day. When he said he had not and why were they asking, they said, “We were notified that you went to Shijiazhuang.”

“Where did you get that information?” he asked. “I really did not go there.”

“Oh, we have your cellphone record,” they replied.

When he said he’d gone to Beijing and passed through Shijiazhuang on his way home, they asked, “Did you drive?”

“No, I took the train,” he said. Then they hung up.

Based on their questions, it seems obvious to me that our mobile phones are monitored as long as we carry them with us. There are records of wherever we go, no matter what mode of transportation we use.

My family member, who does not practice Falun Gong, was also monitored. For the practitioners who are on the government’s blacklist, the monitoring of their daily lives could be worse. Some practitioners attend Fa studies or gatherings with their cellphones in their pockets. This will not only bring danger to themselves but also fellow practitioners they are meeting with.

Master said more than once in his teachings that our cellphone is a listening device. Fellow practitioners, let’s all take extra precautions regarding cellphone security. We do need to have righteous thoughts, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for us to neglect the cellphone security issue. Nor should we give it a pass just because we have an old-fashioned phone.

This is my understanding. Please kindly point out shortcomings.

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