(Minghui.org) After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched the Zero-out Campaign in early 2020 to force every Falun Dafa practitioner on their blacklists to give up their faith, the persecution intensified in our area in October 2020.

Because I refused to give up practicing Falun Dafa, I was suddenly informed by my employer that I was suspended from my position because I failed the “political background check.” A few days later, the company fired me over the phone. 

Knowing that I couldn’t just acknowledge the persecution and do nothing, I decided to take legal actions to seek justice and counteract the persecution. 

I filed a complaint with a labor arbitrator and accused my company of “wrongful termination” and “failing to provide a contract of employment.” My employer refused to provide written statements in response and I took it to court. I practically prepared all of the litigation materials. After downloading information and arguments from online forums and legal websites, I sorted them out and edited them before having my lawyer polish them into professional formats. Because I have done most of the work myself, the legal fee only cost me 300 yuan. 

I won the lawsuit after five months of tireless work and with practitioners’ help. The Court of First Instance ruled in April 2021 that the termination of my employment was illegal. The judge also ordered my employer to compensate me for my damages to the maximum legally permissible amount.

The local practitioners reacted differently when the Zero-out campaign started. The good news of my lawsuit brought great repercussions to my fellow practitioners. We understood that we can dissolve the evil persecution once we let go of human notions and fear, follow Master’s guidance and the Fa, and act swiftly and confidently. We, Falun Dafa practitioners, play the leading roles in this historical event.

Many practitioners are not aware of their legal rights because they grew up in the CCP’s brainwashing propaganda. Often I read the news on Minghui and see practitioners take the CCP’s persecution passively. I hope my case can encourage fellow practitioners. 

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